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What Antihistamine Can I Take With High Blood Pressure

Can I Take Antihistamines If Im Pregnant Or Breastfeeding

Can you take Loratadine with High Blood Pressure

Its safest to talk to your healthcare provider if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or are breastfeeding. Animal studies have shown that some antihistamines can cause birth defects. Small amounts of antihistamines pass on to your baby if you breastfeed. For these reasons your healthcare provider will want to talk with you and make careful choices if there is any concern for your or your childs safety.

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How Do You Lower Blood Pressure Fast

Here are some simple recommendations:

  • Exercise most days of the week. Exercise is the most effective way to lower your blood pressure.
  • Consume a low-sodium diet. Too much sodium causes blood pressure to rise.
  • Limit alcohol intake to no more than 1 to 2 drinks per day.
  • Make stress reduction a priority.
  • Shopping Smart For The Heart

    The next time youre staring down the long shelves of the cough and cold aisle, look past the list of symptoms in bold letters and make sure you consider the active ingredients in the smaller print.

    If you suffer from hypertension, your heart will thank you.

    And dont forget, theres more to decongesting than taking medication: drink more liquids, try using a humidifier, consider rinsing your sinuses with a saline solution and get lots of rest.

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    How To Take Antihistamines

    Take your medicine as advised by the pharmacist or doctor, or as described in the leaflet that comes with it.

    Before taking an antihistamine, you should know:

    • how to take it including whether it needs to be taken with water or food, or how to use it correctly
    • how much to take this can vary depending on things such as your age and weight
    • when to take it including how many times a day you can take it and when to take it
    • how long to take it for some types can be used for a long time, but some are only recommended for a few days
    • what to do if you miss a dose or take too much

    The advice varies depending on the exact medicine you’re taking. If you’re not sure how to take your medicine, ask a pharmacist.

    So What Can Older Adults Safely Take For Allergy Relief

    Equate Suphedrine PE Sinus &  Allergy, Maximum Strength, Tablets

    Wozniak: Newer antihistamines such as Claritin® and Allegra® tend to be safer and better tolerated. Theyre effective for symptoms such as itching, sneezing and runny nose, and they minimize those sedating side effects more so than Benadryl®.

    But we want to make sure your doctor or pharmacist is helping you choose. You may need a lower starting dose or close monitoring. While these newer medications are safer, there are differences. For example, Zyrtec® can sometimes be a bit more sedating than Claritin®.

    Some antihistamines are also available in prescription nasal sprays, such as Astepro® or Patanase® . These can be good options, too. The thought is that the nasal sprays typically arent absorbed as much as the oral antihistamines and may have fewer side effects.

    Olopatadine comes in eye drop form as well, which can really help with itchy, watery eyes. If you prefer an over-the-counter option, theres Zaditor® .

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    Which Type Is Best

    There’s not much evidence to suggest any particular antihistamine is better than any other at relieving allergy symptoms.

    Some people find certain types work well for them and others do not. You may need to try several types to find one that works for you.

    Non-drowsy antihistamines are generally the best option, as they’re less likely to make you feel sleepy. But types that make you feel sleepy may be better if your symptoms stop you sleeping.

    Ask a pharmacist for advice if you’re unsure which medicine to try as not all antihistamines are suitable for everyone.

    Crucial Questions To Ask Before Taking Blood Pressure Medication According To A Pharmacist

    You probably already know that blood pressure medications can keep your blood pressure at a healthy levelbut do you know how they do that? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains that relaxing your blood vessels, decreasing the levels of water and salt in your blood, and regulating the force of your heartbeat are just a few of the ways blood pressure drugs help keep hypertension under control.

    It’s always a good idea to ask questions before starting any new prescription drug, and pharmacists “are always happy to address any medication-related questions or concerns you may have, to make sure your medications are effective and to reduce the risk of side effects,” says Katlyn Holt, PharmD, a clinical pharmacist and assistant lecturer in The University of Toledo College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

    Read on for four crucial questions to ask your pharmacist before you fill your prescription for blood pressure medication.

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    Why Is Benadryl Not Recommended For Older Adults

    Because age-related changes occur in the cholinergic system, there is concern that strong anticholinergic effects may lead to a in cognitive function or even precipitate delirium in older adults. Diphenhydramine can have significant cognitive and performance-related adverse effects even in younger patients.

    Is Diphenhydramine Safe To Take If Im Pregnant Or Breastfeeding

    Why doctors are advising against Benadryl

    Diphenhydramine has not been adequately evaluated in pregnant women. It should be used only if the benefit outweighs the potential but unknown risks.

    NURSING MOTHERS: Diphenhydramine is secreted in breast milk. Because of the risk of stimulation and seizures in infants, especially newborns and premature infants, antihistamines should not be used by nursing mothers.

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    Fda Recalls Blood Pressure Medicine Due To Cancer Risk

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    Benadryl Interactions With Supplements

    Its possible for drugs to interact with supplements such as vitamins and herbs.

    Benadryl interactions with herbs

    There were no specific reports of herbs interacting with Benadryl. However, its still important to check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any of these products during Benadryl treatment.

    Benadryl interactions with vitamins

    Vitamins have not been reported to interact with Benadryl. Keep in mind that you should still talk with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any vitamins during your Benadryl treatment.

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    Are Antihistamines Safe For Dogs

    Diphenhydramine is a common medication used to treat allergies, hives, food allergies, anxiety and other conditions in dogs. However, you should consult your veterinarian about the use of diphenhydramine in your pet. The dosage in dogs is based on their weight plus your veterinarian will want to examine your dog to be sure an antihistamine is the correct drug for the correct diagnosis. If an antihistamine is needed, your veterinarian will want to prescribe a brand that is specific to animals and at a dosage correct for your pet.

    What Are Different Types Of Allergy Medicines

    Cold Medicine For Person With High Blood Pressure

    Today, multiple products are available to treat several allergy symptoms. Antihistamines are used for relief of runny nose, sneezing, itching, and watery eyes. Second-generation antihistamines are used more often for seasonal allergies because they do not cause as much drowsiness as older antihistamines, and their effects last longer. Medications in this category include the following:

    Oral decongestants, such as the following, are available for relief of congestion or stuffy nose:

    Steroid nasal sprays, such as the following, are also effective at relieving nasal congestion:

    Antihistamine nasal sprays, such as the following, can target allergy symptoms directly in the nose and sinuses:

    Saline nasal sprays and rinses are also effective at clearing nasal passages and relieving congestion. Common names for saline nasal sprays and rinses include the following:

    Antihistamine eye drops can be beneficial for treating itchy and watery eyes. The following products are commonly used for long-lasting relief:

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    Interaction With The Blood Pressure Medications Metoprolol Succinate And Metoprolol Tartrate

    Benadryl can interact with metoprolol succinate and metoprolol tartrate , as described below. Metoprolol succinate and metoprolol tartrate are used to treat high blood pressure and certain other conditions.

    What could happen What you can do
    Benadryl may cause an increase in the amount of metoprolol in your body. This in turn can increase the risk of side effects from metoprolol, including slow heart rate and low blood pressure. If youre going to use Benadryl during treatment for high blood pressure, tell your doctor. They may recommend that you take a lower dose of metoprolol tartrate or metopolol succinate to prevent possible side effects.

    The Allergy Meds To Avoid If You Have High Blood Pressure

    About one in three adults in the U.S. has high blood pressure, or hypertension a disease in which pressure in the bodys arteries is higher than it should be.

    Many people with high blood pressure also suffer from allergies, which occur when the bodys immune system has a hypersensitive response to a usually benign substance and releases chemicals that trigger inflammation. This results in common allergic symptoms like runny nose, watery eyes, and congestion.

    Allergies generally dont directly affect blood pressure, although congestion can cause or worsen sleep apnea, which can increase hypertension.

    Before starting any medication, including allergy medication, its a good idea to talk with your doctor about your symptoms and concerns, particularly if you have a known history of high blood pressure.

    If you have high blood pressure, decongestants shouldnt be used as an allergy medication, as they may increase blood pressure and heart rate.

    Antihistamines are considered a safer choice for those with high blood pressure. Second-generation options like Zyrtec have fewer side effects.

    Combination allergy drugs that combine antihistamines and decongestants should not be used by those with hypertension.

    Anti-inflammatories, or corticosteroids, use steroids to treat inflammation or irritation caused by allergies.

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    Allergy Medications That Will Not Raise Blood Pressure

    Hypertension patients dont have to forgo remedies for hay fever or perennial allergy symptoms in order to maintain a safe blood pressure. Bouts of allergic rhinitis compromise respiratory health and comfort. Treating allergy symptoms removes this physical stress that may add to hypertensive conditions. Patients can select from prescription and over-the-counter drugs that wont interfere with their heart medications or overwhelm their dosing schedules. While some allergy medicines pose risks to people with heart problems, several classes of drugs offer relief and will not raise blood pressure.

    If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately.

    Can I Take Other Over

    Safest BLOOD PRESSURE Medications in 2022

    It depends on the over-the-counter medication that youd like to take. You should not take any other antihistamines, including other forms of Benadryl, while youre using Benadryl.

    But other OTC medications may be safe to take with Benadryl. Examples of OTC drugs that dont have known interactions with Benadryl include:

    If youd like to take an OTC medication with Benadryl, talk with your doctor or pharmacist. They can discuss with you whether the combination is safe.

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    Does Classical Music Lower Blood Pressure

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    Can I Take My Prescription Antihistamine With Other Medicines

    You shouldnt take prescription antihistamines if you also are taking certain other prescription medicines. These include erythromycin or certain medicines used to treat fungal infections. These include itraconazole or ketoconazole. When your doctor gives you a prescription, always ask if its safe to use with the other medicines youre taking. Your pharmacist can also tell you what is safe to take. If you arent sure, ask the pharmacist or your doctor before taking another medicine.

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    Why High Blood Pressure And Cold Meds Dont Mix

    Cold medicines are not off-limits if you have heart disease, but patients with high blood pressure, or hypertension, should check the label carefully when choosing a cold or allergy medicine.

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    Thats because decongestants such as pseudoephedrine, ephedrine, phenylephrine, naphazoline and oxymetazoline can increase your blood pressure and heart rate. Make sure the cold or allergy medication you plan to take is free of those ingredients.

    For allergy sufferers with heart disease, medicines such as Allegra, Zyrtec or Claritin should be safe. However, medicines containing decongestants including Allegra-D, Zyrtec-D and Claritin-D could increase your blood pressure and heart rate or interfere with your heart medication.

    What Is High Blood Pressure

    Top 10 Best cold medicine for high blood pressure Reviews

    Blood pressure is reported using two figures, the top number and the bottom number . A normal blood pressure is considered to be 120/80 . Readings of 120 to 139 or 80 to 89 are referred to as prehypertension. If your systolic blood pressure is consistently above 140 or your diastolic pressure is consistently above 90, you are considered to have hypertension .

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    Talk With Your Doctor Or Pharmacist Before Allergy Season Gets The Best Of You

    Taking a proactive approach to allergies with a medication thats right for your needs especially if you have blood pressure issues can make seasonal allergies much less disruptive. Talk with your health care provider and check the Optum Perks website to see how you might be able to save on your prescriptions.

    Does Histamine Cause Increase Blood Pressure

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    Does Flax Oil Lower Blood Pressure

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