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Is Celery Good For Blood Pressure

Celery And Celery Seed Extract Are Powerful Proven Healers

Celery Juice & Blood Pressure – Good for High or Low Blood Pressure?

Celery is a member of the umbelliferous family, along with carrots, parsley and fennel. The celery we see today originated from wild celery native to the Mediterranean, where its seeds were once highly valued as a medicine. As with many other folk remedies, modern research is upholding the medicinal value of this common vegetable. In particular, scientists are evaluating the most powerful healing factor of celerya compound known as 3-nbutylphthalide, or 3nB.

Is Celery Good For High Blood Pressure

I got an email from one of my YouTube subscribers the other day. She wanted to know if celery was good for high blood pressure.

I get lots of questions like that. Because my You Tube subscribers are an inquisitive lot. These are people who really want to promote their health naturally.

And they will seek every opportunity out there to achieve their objective. Being a subscriber to my channel is just one way of achieving that, by the way.

And I owe my subscribers and readers of this blog a duty of care to uncover the truth as a result. So, I did what every responsible channel owner will do.

Serve her the truth regarding celery as a high blood pressure reducing remedy. Whats the truth?

Lets hear it

Is Celery Good For Digestion

Fiber is well known for its digestive benefits. It helps keep your bowel movements regular, thereby reducing constipation; helps keep your bowels healthy, and aids in weight maintenance, according to the Mayo Clinic. Two medium stalks of celery provide about 8% of your daily fiber needs, according to the FDA.;

Some recent research suggests that the antioxidants in celery could also help protect the stomach lining and reduce the risk of gastric ulcers. A study published in 2010 in the journal Pharmaceutical Biology found that laboratory rats consuming celery extract had fewer ulcers and more protected stomach linings. It is hypothesized that this success was caused by apiuman, a pectin-based polysaccharide found in celery. Still, it’s unclear whether the results would translate to people.;

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Celery Juice And Blood Pressure Medication

Eating celery or drinking celery juice should not cause problems for most people, even on medication. However, prior to changing your nutrition or adding something new, you should always consult and be guided by your physician.;

Drinking celery juice should not be a replacement for any medication. In addition, if you are on blood pressure lowering medication, youll want to monitor your blood pressure at home between physician visits.

Health And Healthy Living

Celery for High Blood Pressure

According to researchers, only 2 celery stalks a day will help you decrease cholesterol for up to seven times. Celery also stimulates the secretion of bile acid that is responsible for the elimination of cholesterol from the body.

Celery juice is rich in nutrients and it is one of the healthiest drinks you can have. It balances your bodys pH value that is usually acidic as a result of the excessive consumption of processed foods. In this article we have covered some of the benefits provided by celery juice.

Celery leaves are rich in vitamin A, and the stem is an excellent source of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C; it is packed with potassium, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sodium and essential amino acids.

Celery also contains powerful plant hormones and essential oils that give celery its distinctive aroma. smell. These oils protect and soothe your nervous system.

Surprisingly, celery is rich in sodium that differs from the salt you normally use when cooking. Specifically, table salt consists of insoluble inorganic compounds that cause varicose veins, artery damage and other diseases. On the other hand, sodium from celery is water-soluble and human body can use it much better to moisturize cells and tissues.

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Selection Preparation & Storage

Celery seed and celery seed extract are sold in capsule form in many natural-foods stores and other shops specializing in natural remedies. You can also purchase celery seed supplements online.

Celery seed for medicinal use is packaged and sold with a supplement label that states the amount of celery seed provided in each dose. Typically suggested doses range from 600 to 1,000 milligrams . However, there is not enough evidence to determine a safe or effective dose of this remedy.

Celery seed that you buy in the spice aisle of the grocery does not contain dosing information. If you cook with celery seed, store it with your other spices in a cabinet or drawer away from heat and light.

Keep in mind that according to guidelines from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration , it is illegal to market a dietary supplement product as a treatment or cure for a specific disease or to alleviate the symptoms of one.

Beyond that, however, dietary supplements are largely unregulated overall. In some cases,;a product may deliver doses that differ from the specified amount for each herb. In others, a product may be contaminated with other substances.

While consumers face such risks when purchasing any dietary supplement, these risks may be of greater magnitude in the purchase of Ayurvedic products .

How Celery Lowers Blood Pressure

Celery contains potassium which helps to lower blood pressure by flushing sodium from the body, via the kidneys. The main blood pressure-lowering effect of celery comes from its high content of natural nitrites, however, similar to those found in beet root. These dilate blood vessels to help lower blood pressure.

Celery stalks also contain antioxidant polyphenols that can lower blood pressure, including apigenin, luteolin, quercetin, kaempferol and lignans. Celery stalks provide 14mg per 100g of these polyphenols, while celery leaves provide 130mg per 100g. The real treasure house is in celery seeds, however, which contain 2,100mg polyphenols per 100g weight although they are only eaten in small quantities. One teaspoon of celery seed provides around 10mg polyphenols.

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Celery Lowers Blood Pressure Naturally And Effectively

While most doctors prescribe powerful hypertension drugs that cause numerous side effects, there is a simple way to reduce blood pressure and balance cholesterol levels, and it doesnt come in a bottle. Celery has been used for centuries to treat everything from urinary tract infections to skin conditions, but it is most profoundly useful as a treatment for hypertension. This is due to its high concentrations of a substance called 3-butylphthalide, described by researchers at the University of Chicago Medical Center as a chemical that both reduces blood pressure by relaxing the smooth muscle lining of blood vessels, and purifying the blood of toxins.

The study abstract concluded with:

Conclusions: The results from this pilot study suggest that celery seed extract may have clinically relevant blood pressurelowering effects, indicating that additional clinical research is warranted.

Eating or juicing just four stalks of celery a day prompts a decrease in both blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In addition to this health-giving benefit, celery is also full of vitamin C, fiber, and potassium, so it is a great post-workout replenishment. Celery is also 90% water so it is a very alkalizing food. During the Roman Empire, celery was fed to livestock to help de-acidify their diets. It also helped to cure the effects of feasting heavily, and was eaten the morning after a glutenous night of binging.

Beet Celery Ginger Apple Juice To Lower Blood Pressure

Is CELERY Good for High Blood Pressure? Doctor discusses role of Celery in High Blood Pressure

Beet juice and celery juice have been used for decades to lower hypertension the natural way. I myself am living proof of this. ; Last year I was diagnosed with hypertension and was put on lisinopril. I dislike taking drugs and try to avoid them as much as I can, so I persuaded the doctor to let me try natural ways &diet therapy; to lower my blood pressure. I was given a month and during that time apart from cutting salty foods out of my diet I drank fresh celery juice almost every day and my blood pressure was fine. ;Celery apple ginger juice is now a regular part of my routine. I sometimes add beets to it, but I avoid it for the most part since I am also borderline diabetic . I am not suggesting that you throw away your pills oh no!! But just try this therapy and then over time you may find the need to take pills for hypertension may become less or ;like in my case be under good control the natural way. Since this juice combo is all natural, no harm really in drinking it ;for general health. ;The real hypertension lowering ingredients are beets & celery, but the apple adds sweetness to it and makes it refreshing and tasty. ;Feel free to omit the apple or the beets ;if you have diabetes. Just celery juice will work too! Even if you dont have hypertension this juice is loaded with antioxidants and raw enzymes that will rejuvenate and recharge your system. It s a blood purifying juice that cleanses the system.;

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How Does 3nb Lower Blood Pressure

The blood pressurelowering effect of 3nB appears to be a result of several factors.

Blood pressure refers to the force with which your blood flows through your vessels. High blood pressure is usually the result of too much fluid in your blood and inflexible or resistant blood vessels. Sodium retention leads to increased fluid volume in the blood, while hardening of the arteries and the hormones released during stress lead to loss of flexibility or constriction of blood vessels. If you put your thumb over a garden hose, the pressure against your thumb and the resultant pressure of the flow of water out of the hose can be reduced by either turning down the faucet or by letting more water flow out of the hose .

To treat high blood pressure, doctors usually prescribe diuretics to reduce the fluid volume; and vasodilators to relax the arteries to reduce the resistance of blood flow, or beta-blockers to turn down the pumping action of the heart. 3nB appears to help lower blood pressure by acting both as a diuretic and vasodilator, as well as working in a manner similar to drugs known as calcium-channel blockers. 3nB has also been shown in animal and test-tube studies to lower cholesterol levels and reduce the formation of arterial plaque. This effect may increase the elasticity of the blood vessels and thus lead to lower blood pressure readings. In addition, 3nB appears to have some effect on areas and systems of the brain that control vascular resistance.

Speeds Up Weight Loss

Since it is low in calories, people who are on a diet love consuming celery in their salads. It is also a delicious component of many soups, broths, and stews. It is a great snack to munch on whenever you are having hunger pangs.

Celery is loaded with important vitamins and minerals. Hence, it acts as a valuable part of a nutritious diet, particularly when you are on a weight loss diet.

It is also popularly used in preparing different scrumptious homemade sauces to eat it along with other crunchy vegetables such as carrots.

You can also cut it into strips to eat it as a guilt-free snack.

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Spinach And Celery Juice Recipe

Step 1 Wash six leaves of spinach and boil them till they are cooked.

Step 2- Take two to three stalks of celery and chop them roughly into small pieces.

Step 3 When the spinach cools down, put it in juicer/mixer/grinder along with celery stalks. Add one teaspoon of lime juice or few cucumber cubes to neutralise the strong pungent flavours of spinach and celery.

Step 4 Avoid adding salt as it only gives rise to blood pressure and aggravates the problem.

Step 5 Blend the ingredients together with a glass of water. Add more water if required.

Drink this healthful juice regularly and feel the difference in your overall health as well as see your blood pressure level stabilising.

Celery Dosage For High Blood Pressure

Celery helps reduce Blood Pressure !!  The CARE24 BLOG

To reduce the risk of heart disease and lowering high blood pressure, a dose of four stalks of Celery and one cup chopped celery daily, would be a good dose.

A plant-based diet is ideal for preventing high blood pressure and heart disease; along with a proper diet, you should also avoid eating sweets, high sugar beverages, and red meat because diet and lifestyle play an important role in blood pressure levels.

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Top 10 Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

Top 10 foods that lower blood pressure list is provided here because the water cures protocol will not lower blood pressure for everyone. Many of these top 10 foods are either rich in salt, minerals or even laden with water as is watermelon.

When certain health conditions are present, the water cures may increase blood pressure in the short term until the body acclimates and attains balance or homeostasis. In some cases, users of the water cures may note increased blood pressure. When this happens, Dr. Batmanghelidj recommends just drinking water at first. In the mean time, there are foods that can help lower blood pressure. Ironically, water and sometimes salt in the foods that lower blood pressure.

In addition to unprocessed salt and filtered water, these are the top 10 foods that lower blood pressure. Please note that these foods for high blood pressure may not work for everyone, depending on the underlying cause of high blood pressure. Studies have also shown that foods may or may not work based on ethnicity.

Here is how much to eat of the foods that lower blood pressure for adults.

For Best Results make sure and read the last word at the bottom. This will not only help you have the best results, it will be the most affordable way to lower your blood pressure using foods in the long run.

Can Celery Prevent Heartburn

Celery is an old folk remedy for heartburn, as it contains a lot of water that can dilute stomach acid, according to Johns Hopkins University. A study published in 2011 in the journal Annals of Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology included celery in a “low acid” diet prescribed to patients suffering from acid reflux. While their diet was beneficial, further studies are needed to determine celery’s specific role.;

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Myth: I Have High Blood Pressure And My Doctor Checks It For Me This Means I Dont Need To Check It At Home

Because blood pressure can fluctuate, home monitoring;and recording of blood pressure readings can provide your healthcare provider with valuable information to determine whether you really have high blood pressure and, if you do, whether your treatment plan is working. Its important to take the readings at the same time each day, such as morning and evening, or as your healthcare professional recommends.

Beets Beet Juice And Greens

Is Celery Good For High Blood Pressure (Celery Juice for Hugh Blood Pressure?)

Beets, beet juices and beet greens are both nutritious and potential. The exceptional nutritious allows in eating making them feel promote and eating them may help promote healthy blood pressure levels.

It is better to design a custom weight loss program to highly put the body under the control of the professional. Adding a few more names to the list, as mentioned above, can also strengthen the quality of the body and muscles.

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What Is The Proper Dosage

More than 100,000 people in Australia have now used this proprietary celery seed extract standardized at 85 percent 3nB without any reports of side effects. The current dosage recommendations, based on the information available from trials as well as clinical experience, are:

For the relief of joint and muscle pain : One tablet two to three times daily.

For gout: Two tablets twice daily. NOTE: Initial blood uric acid measurements may increase in people with gout as uric acid crystals begin to dissolve.

Study results indicate that as long as the celery seed extract is used, it keeps pain at bay. But if it is stopped, the pain tends to recur.

Side Effects Of Celery Juice

Celery juice has become increasingly popular among health-conscious consumers. Its often used to promote hydration, reduce inflammation, and support overall health (

However, drinking too much celery juice may cause several negative side effects.

Here are 5 potential side effects of celery juice.

2 ).

Mannitol acts as an osmotic agent, meaning that it pulls water into your digestive tract and loosens stools .

For this reason, many people report experiencing digestive side effects like diarrhea after drinking celery juice.

Although these side effects typically subside over time, they may be more pronounced among those with underlying conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome (

5 ).

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends that adults limit their sodium intake to 2,300 mg per day. As such, drinking several servings of celery juice per day may make it challenging to stay under this amount .

Moreover, some studies suggest that high sodium intake contributes to increased blood pressure levels, especially among those who are sensitive to the effects of salt .

Thus, those with high blood pressure may need to moderate their intake of celery juice and other sodium-rich foods.


Celery juice is relatively high in sodium and may increase blood pressure levels among salt-sensitive individuals if consumed in large amounts.

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