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What Smart Watch Monitors Blood Pressure

Help Control Your Blood Pressure Through Exercise

Omron HeartGuide Smartwatch with Built-in Blood Pressure Monitor Demo

It’s well known that regular exercise can help your heart stay strong and healthy. You can use your Apple Watch to count your steps so you know if you’re hitting your goal. Your watch can also track your heart rate with the sensor on the back to help you get fit — you’ll know you’re reaching your goals when your resting heart rate is getting lower.

With the Apple Watch, you can track your workouts — the watch offers 12 workouts you can choose from, or you can begin any workout and the watch will automatically detect it. While working out, you can easily monitor your heart rate and set up heart-rate thresholds that notify you in case your heart rate is too high or low.

Key Features Of Heartguide

  • Battery life from 2 to 4 days.
  • Compatibility: iOS.
  • Connection: Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Features: Measurement of heart rate, blood pressure, counting steps, calories and distance, notification of calls and messages, sleep monitoring.
  • Weight: 115g.
  • Dimensions: diameter 48 mm thickness 14 mm.
  • Price: from $499.

Best Lifesaving Blood Pressure Monitoring Smartwatches

The creator of this post has chosen the Omron HeartGuide smartwatch as the best smartwatch for measuring your blood pressure accurately.

The functionalities that smartwatches have to offer are increasing rapidly.

There are even smartwatches that can measure your blood pressure everywhere you are.

These measurements can give you valuable insights, if you, for example, are somebody that has to check his/her blood pressure frequently because it can become too high.

To provide you with great models to choose from, Ive done research and checked several reviews regarding different watches.

These are the best 11 blood pressure monitoring smartwatches I could find and Ill be updating the list because there will for sure be more great ones to come out shortly.

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Also To Seriously Consider: Yhe Bp Doctor Smartwatch

The YHE BP Doctor is a newcomer on the market of the blood pressure smartwatch, but we are convinced that it will quickly become famous. The watch relies on an inflatable cuff, like the HeartGuide, and delivers very accurate results. Stylish and comfortable, it also comes with numerous applications to track your heart rate, calories consumption, and sleep quality. Most of all, it comes at a fraction of the price of the HeartGuide. A new wearable that needs to be considered very seriously.

BP Doctor by YHE Techs

Price when reviewed: $399.00

We extensively reviewed the YHE BPDoctor and can not say enough good things about it. The BPDoctor watch relies on the same principles as the Omron HeartGuiode and includes an inflatable cuff. We compared the results of the readings using an Omron standard blood pressure monitor and were very impressed. The results of this watch were very close to a standard medical device.

This new wearable started initially as an Indigogo project and has very recently hit the market. We do not doubt that it will become a great success even though the market is still not as renowned as the more established brand.

We appreciated the design of the watch, which makes it elegant and comfortable to wear. Nobody will suspect that you are wearing a blood pressure watch. The cuff inflates very silently, and the measurement takes only a couple of seconds.


Kimnix Smartwatch 172 Hd Touchscreen

L11 Bracelet Smart Watch Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitor ...

This is a new model for this year, latest screen size and potentially better sensors. One of the smartwatches with the largest screens available today, equivalent in size to the 44mm Apple Watch. However, in terms of actual look and fit, it does not feel too chunky or big. Nice set of features and app compatibility. It will measure your heart rate, blood pressure* and blood oxygen levels. Furthermore, the Kimnix smartwatch is IPX4 life waterproof which means it is resistant to water splashes from any direction.

However, the biggest problem with this watch is its size. So, if you have slim wrists, the Heart Guide may feel heavy and obstructive. But hey, its probably the most accurate blood pressure watch out there from a brand you can trust, and its now available on Amazon, which means you can get it by tomorrow most likely

How Does the Omron Heart Guide Work?

Remember we said that traditional BP monitoring uses an inflatable cuff? Likewise, Omron have incorporated an inflatable cuff into the wrist band of their watch.

So, how does it work? Well, the cuff inflates and places pressure on two arteries in the wrist. As the cuff deflates, BP can be measured.

However, its important to say that the BP tracking is not automatic. Instead, you have to tell the device that you want to measure your blood pressure. Once you do this, the watch asks you to place your wrist in front of your heart for 20-30 seconds.

Then, the device syncs your BP readings to the HeartAdvisor App.


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Dosmarter Smart Fitness Watch

The three-axis accelerometer inside the DoSmarter Smart Fitness Watch allows it to accurately record your activity in 10 sport modes, including swimming. It has an all-day heart rate and blood pressure monitor, too, so you can review your health data and see your progress over time. Extra features include a sedentary alarm, sleep quality assessment, and womens health tracking.

Is There A Smartwatch Available That Can Measure Blood Pressure Accurately

Most of the smartwatches that have the ability to measure blood pressure will make use of the PPG and ECG sensors.

With these sensors, the watch can give you a good estimation but its not going to be exactly on point.

A smartwatch like the Omron HeartGuide has an inflatable wristband, which is able to give you the most accurate measurements in this day and age.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has many features that are similar to Galaxy Watch 3. It also now includes a body composition measurement feature that can help you know how much fat you have on your body.

In addition to blood pressure, this smartwatch also includes an FDA Approved ECG monitor. ECG is a test that will measure your heart rhythm to see if there are any abnormal rhythms.

Samsung offers the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 in two different designs and four distinct sizes. The 40mm and 44mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and the 42mm and 46mm Galaxy Watch 4 Classic are available. Because of size variations, these models range in price from $300 to $450.

Other Features of Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

  • Sleek and nice design
  • Music streaming and music storage feature

What we do not like

  • Expensive
  • No Blood sugar monitoring as expected

Our Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the best smartwatch to buy if you are looking for a way to monitor your blood pressure. Even if it cant be used as medical equipment, it can measure several vital signals from your wrist, such as an ECG, heart rate, sleep quality, etc.

Yamay Smart Watch: Cheap Smartwatch For Blood Pressure

Omron HeartGuide Smart Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor at CES 2019!

Yamay is another at-home blood pressure monitor that you can buy for under 50. It can measure your blood pressure right from your wrist and give you an overall idea about your blood pressure trend.

In addition to blood pressure, it can also check other important health metrics such as heart rate and blood oxygen level. With that said, it can not be used as medical-grade equipment, but still, it can give you a bird view of your B.P. and Blood oxygen level.

Sleep tracking is another excellent feature incorporated into this fitness tracker. It tracks your sleep time and sleep stage automatically.

If you are looking for a smartwatch like a fitness tracker for blood pressure monitoring under 50, it is the right smartwatch with BP monitor for you.


What is Blood pressure?

Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by the blood on the walls of the arteries. The higher blood pressure occurred because of many reasons. High cholesterol levels and blockage in the blood vessels are the main reason for high blood pressure.

When the blood pressure increase, your heart has to work harder to pump blood into the vessels. It can cause extra workload on the heart, and eventually, it can lead to a heart attack or blood pressure.

How to Prevent Blood pressure?

Prevention is better than cure! To avoid increasing increased blood pressure, you have to eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, lose weight, quit smoking, and manage your stress level.

Why do you monitor Blood pressure?

Final Words

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Our Picks: Top 10 Best Blood Pressure Watches Reviews

Fitfort fitness tracker comes in a luxurious design featuring some cool features for unbeatable performance. The battery life is phenomenal, though not the best out there. It lasts up to 4 days on a single charge, even with extended use.

For sometimes now, the Fitfort fitness tracker has dominated the smartwatch market. The series has been the industry bestseller for a while now. That is indicative of the unbeatable quality of this Blood Pressure and Heart Rate monitor.

Fitfort Fitness tracker has very cool features, an improvement of the previous versions aforementioned. It is compatible with Android and iOS platforms. As such, it supports a wide ranges of applications. No wonder it is used as a fitness tracker, blood pressure monitor, as well as a heart rate monitor.

That implies that you can add a couple of handy apps from the Apple store of Google Play Store for convenience. It comes with an onboard storage of up to 4GB for keeping your favorite music. It supports WiFi, Bluetooth, and LTE connectivity for the pairing and sharing of files between devices.

The latest blood pressure watch from Yamay technologies. Because it supports iOS and Android, it pairs seamlessly with all iPhones for smooth operability. That is attributable to its Watch OS 6 which is compatible with iOS. The blood pressure watch comes with a massive display of 1.78 LED screen. So you wont have to strain your eyes while reading the screen.

How Accurate Are Blood Pressure Measurements On Smartwatches

Unfortunately, there are no official statistics on the accuracy of measuring blood pressure. According to unofficial data, the average error is in the range of 20% or about 10 20 mm Hg. However, as we have seen from experience, the same smartwatch, when measuring the different users, can show different errors. Perhaps this is influenced by various physiological characteristics, for example, the depth of blood vessels, skin color, etc.

We figured out the theory, lets move on to the smartwatches themselves. We tried to collect only the best smartwatches with blood pressure monitor. The smartwatches in this article are selected by online reviews and first-hand experience. However, you should understand that almost all of these smartwatches do not claim to be medical devices, so the data obtained with their help can be used solely for educational purposes.

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Finding The Best Blood Pressure Watch

While there are many blood pressure watches on the market that claim to accurately track ones blood pressure, very few are FDA-approved. Fans of the Apple Watch will be pleased to know that there are medically-approved devices you can use in conjunction with apps to accurately monitor your blood pressure.

Weve picked out seven of the best for you to choose from. Keep scrolling to shop Womans Worlds picks for the best blood pressure watch for women over 50.

Are These Really The Best Blood Pressure Watches

Buy Smart Watch X9 Automatic Heart Rate Blood Pressure ...

The best blood pressure monitor will always be an FDA-approved or cleared medical device. A smartwatch will always be an alternative. When considering all the fitness watches offer, a balance needs to be found between your budget and expectations.

Wearable blood pressure watches have a lot to offer. However, always consider them to quickly obtain information about your blood pressure and not as a clinical device.

In case of doubts, the data will still have to be taken with a grain of salt. Always consult your doctor, pharmacist, or other healthcare professionals if your blood pressure needs extra monitoring.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch : Latest Smartwatch With Blood Pressure

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a fantastic smartwatch that can monitor your blood pressure from your arm. It is not a medical device, but still, it can be used to detect hypertension, i.e., high blood pressure, which, if left undetected or uncontrolled might lead to heart attack or stroke.

Please be noted that to get accurate results, and you need to calibrate the smartwatch with a medically approved blood pressure monitor.

The Galaxy Watch 4 also has built-in sensors that measure your heart rate and blood oxygen level without the need for an external device. The device also includes a built-in electrocardiogram to monitor your heart rhythm so you can easily detect abnormal rhythms or atrial fibrillation. It even alerts you when it detects an irregular heartbeat.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in South Korea has certified the B.P monitoring function in the new Galaxy Watch 4, as it did with the Galaxy Watch 3. The device is not approved by the Federal Drug Agency .


Best Blood Pressure Monitor Fitness Tracker/smartband Of 2021

We all know that regular checking of your blood pressure has a huge benefits, people with hypertension who regularly check their blood pressure is able to manage or seek treatment, before it leads to a more serious situation like heart disease or stroke.

With the advent of technology, home electronic blood pressure monitors is becoming popular, a blood pressure monitor with long cords and doesnt require a stethoscope. They are portable with its digital screen, it is easy also for a non medical person to read the data. But even if these are amazing devices, sometimes users with high blood pressures dont carry it with them as they think that they are still bulky and will not fit in their pocket or pouch.

Its a good thing that as technologies improve, blood pressure monitor can now be fit in a small form factor with these, several blood pressure monitor is intergrated in wearables such as smartwatch and smartband. It is a new technology but as technology improves we are going to see it more often in wearables. So far heart rate monitor is the trend for fitness trackers and smartwatches, but Im pretty sure BPM will soon going to be a common feature in wearables.

Benefits of Blood Pressure Monitor Fitness Tracker

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Best Smartwatch To Monitor Blood Pressure For 2021

What are the best smartwatches to monitor blood pressure? Discover our recommendations to take control of your heart health.

We updated our selection of the best blood pressure smartwatches for 2021. We removed the Asus Vivowatch from it as it proves difficult to get in the US. When measuring your blood pressure with a watch, keep a critical thing in mind! Most of the watches will estimate your blood pressure using algorithms based on the Heart Rate Variability. Omron Heartguide is FDA cleared and relies on technology very close to the one used in a medical-grade blood pressure monitor. Always check your blood pressure with an FDA-cleared device or with your pharmacist or doctor.

Blood pressure is often referred to as the silent killer. Why? Because even when suffering from high blood pressure, you usually do not feel it. According to the American Heart Association, high blood pressure can lead to heart attack, stroke, vision loss, heart failure, kidney failure, and sexual dysfunction.

Bingofit Fitness Tracker With Blood Pressure Monitor

Smartwatch Omron HeartGuide takes your blood pressure

For a watch that tracks blood pressure but has an array of other features too, reviewers say this fitness tracker is a great choice. Wrote one fan, I really like this smart watch. Its easy to use, has good quality and also stylish. Can track my steps, sleep quality, heart rate, exercises data and my PERIOD data. And its WATERPROOF Its also like other smart phones that sync to my iPhone such as message, call Facebook message, mail. I wear it every day.

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Monitor Blood Pressure Fluctuations

Over the course of any normal day, your blood pressure fluctuates. Monitor these fluctuations with clinical accuracy with HeartGuide. Collect, review and store your fluctuations as detailed, usable data, and develop a more thorough understanding of how your lifestyle directly impacts your heart health.

How Does Blood Pressure Monitor Work In Smartwatch

The principle of measuring pressure with a smartwatch is significantly different from measuring with a conventional sphygmomanometer. The smartwatch determines the pressure by mathematical analysis of the information received from the sensors. This is the velocity of the heart rate wave, its length, ECG, etc. After receiving the necessary data, it is transferred to a special mobile app. It automatically analyzes the information received, and displays the finished result on the screen of a smartphone or smartwatch.

The method was invented in the middle of the last century by the French scientist Etienne Jules Marey, and therefore received the name Marey Method. Now it is also called photoplethysmographic measurement of blood pressure. But, unfortunately, this measurement method cannot provide high accuracy and replace the classical one.

To obtain more accurate values using photoplethysmographic measurement, it is desirable to follow a series of recommendations:

  • Before the measurement, indicate your physiological data: gender, height, weight and date of birth. This data will allow the software to more accurately calculate the data.
  • In the process of measuring, try not to move, not to talk and not to laugh.
  • Measurement is best done while sitting with your hand at heart level.
  • Before measuring, exclude from the diet any pacemakers .
  • For accuracy, repeat the measurement several times.

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