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How Much Cinnamon To Lower Blood Pressure

Ideal Type Of Cinnamon For The Treatment

Nancy Dell: Using cinnamon to lower blood sugar

If youre planning on using Cinnamon and Honey to help you regulate cholesterol and blood pressure in your body, its highly recommended that you dont take more than a teaspoonful of Cinnamon Daily. In addition to that, you should also be wary of the type of Cinnamon to use in your treatment. Make sure that you use Ceylon Cinnamon and not Cassia as this Cinnamon contains Coumarin, a compound that can be toxic to your body if taken in high amount and dosage.

Another important thing is that, if youre currently taking a blood-thinning pill or treatment, you should first consult your doctor as Cinnamon also has a blood-thinning agent.


Cinnamon is not your ordinary kitchen spice which sole purpose is to add flavor to your meals. It can do so much more than just that. It can lower down the Cholesterol in your body, regulate your blood pressure, as well as reduce the risk of heart disease. However, you should make sure that youre using the True Cinnamon which Ceylon as this particular Cinnamon will not be able to harm our body, unlike Cassia.

Cinnamon Helps Fight Bacterial And Fungal Infections

Cinnamaldehyde, one of the main active components of cinnamon, may help fight various kinds of infection.

Cinnamon oil has been shown to effectively treat respiratory tract infections caused by fungi.

It can also inhibit the growth of certain bacteria, including Listeria and Salmonella .

However, the evidence is limited and so far cinnamon has not been shown to reduce infections elsewhere in the body.

The antimicrobial effects of cinnamon may also help prevent tooth decay and reduce bad breath .


Cinnamaldehyde has antifungal and antibacterial properties, which may reduce infections and help fight tooth decay and bad breath.

What Can I Take To Lower My Blood Pressure That Will Not Hurt My Kidneys

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How Does Cinnamon Reduce Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a common condition. In fact, blood pressure statistics show 1 out of every 3 adults in the U.S. has hypertension, which can lead to a heart attack, stroke, kidney disease and other health problems.

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Hypertension is managed by a combination of medications and lifestyle changes — such as decreasing dietary sodium and improving food choices. The addition of cinnamon to the diet has also been suggested as a means to lower blood pressure, although research is mixed on the benefits, and how cinnamon fights hypertension is not fully understood.

It May Lower The Risk Of Common Diabetes Complications

Cinnamon Reduces Blood Pressure while Balancing Blood Glucose

This spice does more than lower fasting blood sugar and decrease blood sugar spikes following meals.

It may also lower the risk of common diabetes complications.

People with diabetes have twice the risk of heart disease as people without it. Cinnamon may help lower this risk by improving established risk factors for heart disease .

A review of controlled studies in people with type 2 diabetes found that taking cinnamon was associated with an average decrease in bad LDL cholesterol of 9.4 mg/dL and a decrease in triglycerides of 29.6 mg/dL (

22 ).

However, this research has only been completed in test tubes and animals. Further studies in humans are needed to confirm these findings.


Cinnamon may help lower the risk of diseases related to diabetes, such as heart disease and Alzheimers disease.

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How To Lower Systolic Blood Pressure With Medication

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What Are Some Common High Blood Pressure Meds

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Types Of Cinnamon Thats Good For High Blood Pressure

Cinnamon Sticks for Blood Pressure

If you want to use Cinnamon Sticks for your blood pressure, you can add them to your baked and cooked dishes. Not only will you be reducing your blood pressure, but youll also be adding more spice and aroma to your dishes.

Cinnamon Powder for Blood Pressure

Cinnamon Powder is much easier to incorporate into your baked and cooked dishes. You can even sprinkle Cinnamon Powder on your drinks, and it will still have the same effect on your blood pressure.

Cinnamon Tea for Blood Pressure

You can also drink Cinnamon Tea daily to help you reduce your blood pressure.

Creating a Cinnamon Tea out of a Cinnamon Stick is fairly easy.

For this, you need the following.

1 Ceylon Cinnamon Stick

1 Cup of water

Step 1: Add your cinnamon stick in a mug

Step 2: Pour boiling water on the mug and let the cinnamon stick steep for 10 minutes.

Step 3: Add your tea bag and let it steep for 2 more minutes

Step 4: Remove the cinnamon stick and teabag

Step 5: Add your preferred sweetener and serve!

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Took Medicine And Bp Is Still Too High What Can Be Done To Lower Blood Pressure

Cinnamon helps lower blood sugar, improves circulation, and more

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When Is Cinnamon Spice Not So Nice The Great Danish Debate

Well, as we recently reported in The Salt, cassia cinnamon is the variety you are most likely to encounter in a grocery store. But cassia can contain high levels of coumarin, a naturally occurring ingredient that, when eaten in large enough amounts, can cause reversible liver toxicity in a small group of individuals sensitive to it.

So the warning is, for cinnamon lovers, is to beware of excessive intake of cassia, says diabetes educator Angela Ginn.

And Ikhlas Khan, a researcher at the University of Mississippis School of Pharmacy who recently looked at the amounts of coumarin in cinnamon-flavored foods in the U.S., recently told The Salt that people who do want to use cinnamon for medicinal purposes should consult their doctor before taking large amounts.

Some experts suggest investing instead in Ceylon cinnamon, a milder and pricier variety of the spice that comes from a tree distinct from but related to cassia.

How much cassia is too much? For an adult who is sensitive to coumarin, the limit is about a teaspoon a day, according to the daily tolerable intake set by the European Food Safety Authority.

So if youre a cinnamon lover and your goal is to increase your daily intake, using Ceylon cinnamon can reduce the risk of consuming too much coumarin.

Can I Take Extenze With Blood Pressure Medication

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Cinnamon And Magnesium May Lower Blood Pressure More Than Medication

Supplementation with cinnamon has been found to lower blood pressure in pre-diabetic and diabetic people. Cinnamon combined with magnesium, diet and lifestyle changes may lead to overall reductions in blood pressure. Data from 22 trials with magnesium supplements revealed that the mineral may reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure, researchers from the University of Hertfordshire report in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Combined with diet and lifestyle changes, magnesium and cinnamon supplementation may lead to an overall reduction of up to 25mm Hg more than any hypertension medication in the world with the advantage of no adverse effects.

How To Naturally Lower Your Blood Pressure Fast

How to Lower Blood Pressure With Cinnamon

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Dr Axe On How To Lower Blood Pressure

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How Much Does Cartia Lower Blood Pressure

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