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Does Decaf Coffee Raise Blood Pressure

Can Decaf Coffee Cause High Blood Pressure

Caffeine and Your Blood Pressure

Most experts agree that caffeine of coffee can cause a temporary increase in blood pressure . Though the effect is temporary, but it may be dangerous for those with hypertension. How about with decaf coffee ? Does it also have the same effect?

In an effort to avoid and limit caffeine due to certain health conditions such as hypertension, heart arrhythmia , or if you are taking medicines that are advised to limit /avoid caffeine you may turn to decaf coffee. As the label decaf implies, it refers to decaffeinated which means the coffee has been processed to contain less caffeine.

The good news, the process to make decaffeinated coffee is now safe. Several years ago, some people doubted about the safety issue of making decaf coffee that might cause negative health impact! Today, a few different techniques in production are available.

In the past, the use of solvents was needed to make decaffeination. Nowadays, a new modified machine is designed to use carbon dioxide as a solvent for a direct decaffeination.

How much caffeine in a cup of coffee and a cup of decaf coffee?

A cup of coffee may contain about 95 mg of caffeine. How about with decaffeinated coffee?

How does caffeine affect both systolic and diastolic pressure?

While many studies have confirmed that caffeine can cause a temporary increase in both systolic and diastolic pressures, but there is still no a satisfied answer to explain this.

So, will decaf coffee cause high blood pressure?

Harmful To Heart Health

Per the American Heart Association, decaffeinated coffee may cause an increase in harmful LDL cholesterol. Read more about side effects of coffee here. It increases a particular type of blood fat linked to metabolic syndrome. In this study, the researchers gave participants caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee brands and coffee makers. To standardize the procedure, they gave preparation instructions. All participants drank only black coffee.

After drinking decaffeinated coffee for three months, the participants experienced a rise in ApoB a protein associated with LDL or bad cholesterol. The ApoB is the only protein attached to LDL. Research studies say that ApoB might be a better estimator of cardiovascular disease risk than ones LDL level. This protein level did not change in the other two groups.

The non-esterified fatty acids NEFA rose an average of 18 percent in the decaffeinated group, while it did not change in the other two groups. NEFA is the fuel that can drive the increase in ApoB and LDL, says H. Robert Superko, M.D., lead author of the study and chairman of molecular, genetic, and preventive cardiology at the Fuqua Heart Center and the Piedmont-Mercer Center for Health and Learning in Atlanta, Ga.

What To Eat To Lower Your Blood Pressure

Rolled oats

A review with five research trials included tested the impact of oats on systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure in about 400 healthy adults.

The researchers found that systolic blood pressure was 2.7 mmHg lower and diastolic blood pressure was 1.5 mmHg lower when participants ate around 60 grams of rolled oats or 25 grams of oat bran per day.

This quantity of oats or oat bran contains around four grams of a type of fibre called beta-glucan.

For each extra one gram of total daily fibre, there was an extra 0.11 mmHg reduction in diastolic blood pressure.

Recommended minimum daily adult fibre intakes are 30 grams for men and 25 grams for women.

While some of fibres effect is due to weight loss, soluble fibres produce bioactive products when theyre fermented in the large bowel. These work directly to lower blood pressure.

To improve your blood pressure, eat rolled oats or oat bran for breakfast, add to meat patties, or mix with breadcrumbs in recipes that call for crumbing.


Beetroot is extremely rich in a compound called inorganic nitrate. During digestion, this gets converted into nitric oxide, which causes arteries to dilate. This directly lowers the pressure in them.

A review of 16 trials of mostly healthy young men found drinking beetroot juice was associated with a 4.4 mmHg reduction in systolic blood pressure. But it found no change in diastolic blood pressure.

Vitamin C

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How To Lower High Blood Pressure Medication

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Caffeine Blood Pressure And The Heart

Does coffee raise blood pressure, and should I drink it ...

Evidence has repeatedly shown that consumption of caffeine does not increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, or heart attack. One very well-known study examined more than 85,000 women over a ten-year period and found that there was no increased risk of these diseases, even in women who drank more than six cups of coffee per day. The Joint National Committee on Hypertension has specifically stated that there is no evidence linking coffee/tea and high blood pressure.

While some studies have shown a weak link between caffeine and elevations in blood pressure, the results are complicated and only consider short-term effects.

For example, one widely quoted study found that blood pressure rose slightly in subjects almost immediately after consuming a caffeinated beverage and that this blood pressure rise was more pronounced in people with pre-existing high blood pressure. However, these elevations were not very large and only lasted a short time. The study also showed that in about 15 percent of people with existing high blood pressure, drinking a caffeinated beverage actually caused a decrease in blood pressure.

Two important studies published in 2007 further supported the existing body of evidence by again demonstrating that:

  • Caffeine-induced blood pressure changes were small and short-lived
  • Caffeine does not contribute to disorders of the blood vessels associated with high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease

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Food To Lower Blood Pressure

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Coffee And Your Blood Pressure

Coffee has been part of the human diet for about 1,000 years. During much of that time, it has stimulated controversy and in the age of Starbucks, the dispute has blossomed from a tempest in a coffee pot to grounds for serious debate. Some of coffee’s negative press seems to depend on the widespread belief that anything that tastes so good must be bad for you.

But there is a serious side to the argument: Coffee stimulates the nervous system, increasing alertness. But many people are sensitive to even one cup of coffee, making them feel jittery or interfering with sleep.

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What Else To Consider

Caffeine heart palpitations are benign palpitations, with no potential risk to the health. They do not last long, and leave no consequences after they are gone. But, there are some things that must be taken into consideration.

But because of the fact that palpitations can be associated with some serious health problems, having them must be considered a serious condition until proven otherwise.

The first thing to be excluded is hyperthyroidism. This can be done by measuring TSH levels in the blood. If TSH is within normal ranges, hyperthyroidism is excluded.

Other cause of heart palpitations are organic diseases of the heart. They can me diagnosed by making some tests like ECG, Holter, cardiac-ECHO, stress test etc.

If the results of these tests are normal, than the palpitations are benign and are surely caused by the excess intake of caffeine.

Caffeine heart palpitations may be very risky in a person with prior heart arrhythmias. In this case, an urgent visit do the doctor is necessary.

Fatty Acids Rise In Decaf Drinkers

Does Coffee Raise Blood Pressure? Time To Clarify The Confusion

After three months, there were no significant changes among the three groups in levels of blood insulin, glucose, and blood pressure, which are major risk factors for heart disease.

Levels of apolipoprotein B were up significantly in the decaffeinated group while staying relatively unchanged in the other two groups. The amount of ApoB has been suggested in other studies to be a better predictor of cardiovascular disease risk than one’s LDL “bad” cholesterol level. This follows the notion that ApoB levels reflect the amount of smaller LDL particles, which are thought to be more sinister.

There was one group for whom decaf appeared to be heart healthy: the overweight. For those who had body mass indexes of more than 25, drinking decaffeinated coffee boosted levels of HDL “good” cholesterol by about 50%. Among those with lower BMIs , HDL dropped 30%. Elevated HDL is known to protect the heart.

“This illustrates to the public that this is not a simple story of one coffee is good, one coffee is bad,” Superko says.

Robert Eckel, MD, president of the American Heart Association and a cardiologist at the University of Colorado College of Medicine in Denver, tells WebMD that he admires the researchers for putting coffee drinking to such a rigorous scientific test. But based on this one finding, “we should not change our coffee drinking habits in America,” he says.

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Who Should Choose Decaf Over Regular Coffee

Theres a lot of individual variability when it comes to tolerance for caffeine. For some people, one cup of coffee can be excessive, while others may feel fine with more.

While individual tolerance may vary, healthy adults should avoid over 400 mg of caffeine per day. This is roughly the equivalent of four cups of coffee.

Increased consumption can lead to increased blood pressure and lack of sleep, which can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke .

Excess caffeine may also overwhelm the central nervous system, cause restlessness, anxiety, digestive problems, heart arrhythmia, or trouble sleeping in sensitive individuals.

People who are very sensitive to caffeine may want to limit their intake of regular coffee or switch over to decaf or tea.

Those with certain medical conditions may also require caffeine-restricted diets. This includes people who are taking prescription medications that can interact with caffeine .

Additionally, pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised to limit their caffeine intake. Children, adolescents, and individuals diagnosed with anxiety or who have trouble sleeping are advised to do so as well (

Coffee Tips To Consider For Blood Pressure

  • Always check with your physician first in regards to coffee consumption.
  • Never drink coffee prior to checking your blood pressure in the morning because it will raise it.
  • If you have a doctors appointment, dont drink coffee prior to your visit.
  • Its best to wait about 6 hours or more before checking your blood pressure later in the day or evening.
  • Take notes, along with your BP readings, about when you consumed coffee last and how much was drunk.
  • Before exercise avoid drinking coffee. Exercise by itself can raise your BP, adding coffee at the same time may increase it more.
  • As an experiment, check your blood pressure prior to drinking coffee and after. This can inform you how much it affects your BP short-term.

If you want to update your home blood pressure monitor or purchase an affordable one of high quality, check out my blog post for the ones I recommend, Home Blood Pressure Monitors I Recommend.

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Two Cups May Be The Magic Number

In the third study, known as the National Institute of Health’s Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study, the risk for heart failure did not change for participants who drank between zero or one cup of coffee per day. However, those who drank two cups a day saw around a 30% lower risk.

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Harmful Effects Of Chemical Solvents Used In Decaf Coffee

How Caffeine Affects Blood Pressure

The most common method for decaffeinating the coffee beans uses chemical solvents that may leave a residue on the coffee seeds. Soaking the coffee seeds in several chemical solvents such as methylene chloride and ethyl acetate for about 10 hours may be the reason for this. The beans are steamed again to remove most of the solvents. Be known that the FDA allows residues of these solvents to remain on the decaf coffee beans even after roasting.

Its up to you to decide whether the trace elements of these chemicals should be inside your morning coffee or not. Consuming methylene chloride and ethyl acetate on a regular basis will vastly increase a persons chances of getting a serious disease such as cancer. The industrys marketers never mention this, and they know what happens when the knowledge is made public.

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Does Coffee Increase Blood Pressure When Decaffeinated

Decaf is the process by which Coffee has its caffeine content removed. People choose it for various reasons, including being worried about caffeines influence on their health and wellbeing. Does Decaf Coffee constrict blood vessels, even just over a short period, the same way that regular Coffee does? The preliminary evidence could surprise you.

Swiss researchers have recently found that people experience elevated blood pressure and increased nervous system activity when drinking a triple espresso – regardless of whether it contains caffeine. The result suggests that some unknown constituent in Coffee Beans, rather than the caffeine itself, is responsible for cardiovascular activation. But there is one other option worth considering.

Which Foods Should I Avoid If I Have High Blood Pressure

Sugary and food high in saturated fat should be avoided if you have high blood pressure because can surely elevate it.

Here is a helpful list of food to avoid that can raise your blood pressure:

  • salt
  • canned food
  • processed food with transfat

Salt is one of the leading causes of heart disease and high blood pressure because it affects fluid balance in the blood.

The majority of sodium in the American diet comes from processed foods but it can also be found in other food we eat.

I have bad news for deli meat fans: processed deli meats are high in sodium. Manufacturers use salt to cure, preserve, and season their meat products.

lts also best to avoid sour pickles because they contain a high amount of salt. The longer it stays in its can or bottle, the more sodium it releases.

Canned foods appear to be a blessing especially for those who are always on the go. However, its better to stop eating anything thats canned as its also loaded with a high amount of sodium.

For instance, canned tomato soup contains approximately 1110 mg of sodium. Though the amount is still within the daily recommended sodium intake, its way high when you consider consuming this much sodium from just 1 kind of food.

As a result, you should eliminate as much sodium from your diet as possible because it has the potential to harm your health in the long run.

For more information about food that raises blood pressure, watch the video below.

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May Cause Headache And Drowsiness


These could be more of withdrawal symptoms. Individuals who consume coffee regularly may often experience headaches, drowsiness, and even fatigue when given decaf coffee .

Another possible concern could be the use of methylene chloride in the decaffeination process. Some research says the chemical can temporarily slow down the central nervous system, leading to headache, drowsiness, and nausea .

Does Decaf Coffee Raise Blood Pressure

Does Coffee Increase Blood Pressure?

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  • Does Decaf Diagnosis code for high blood pressure does decaf coffee raise blood pressure Coffee Raise Blood Pressure.
  • Diastolic Definition Blood Pressure.
  • Regular blood sugar.

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