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How Much Is High Blood Pressure

What Are The Different Blood Pressure Categories

High Blood Pressure Warning (7 Foods to STOP Eating Now)

Blood pressure can be categorized into five different types, namely:

Normal: Blood pressure below 120/80 mm Hg is considered to be normal.

Elevated: When blood pressure readings consistently range from 120 to 129 systolic and less than 80 mm Hg diastolic, it is known as elevated blood pressure. People with elevated blood pressure are at risk of high blood pressure unless steps are taken to control it.

Hypertension stage I: In this condition, blood pressure readings consistently range from 130 to 139 systolic or 80 to 89 mm Hg diastolic. Doctors may prescribe blood pressure medications and some lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of heart diseases and stroke.

Hypertension stage II: In this condition, blood pressure readings consistently range from 140/90 mm Hg or higher. The doctors may prescribe a combination of both medications and lifestyle changes.

Hypertensive crisis: This is the most critical condition and requires emergency medical attention. In this condition, the blood pressure suddenly exceeds 180/120 mm Hg. Contact the physician immediately if the following symptoms are experienced:

  • Difficulty speaking

Why Do I Need A Blood Pressure Chart

Older persons, those with a hereditary predisposition, heart problems, or systemic diseases are all especially prone to high blood pressure. A blood pressure chart helps a person to monitor their individual values, to identify abnormalities early on, and to treat unhealthy blood pressure values at an early stage.

What If Just The First Blood Pressure Number Is High

For older people, often the first number is 130 or higher, but the second number is less than 80. This problem is called isolated systolic hypertension, which is due to age-related stiffening of the major arteries. It is the most common form of high blood pressure in older people and can lead to serious health problems in addition to shortness of breath during light physical activity, lightheadedness upon standing too fast, and falls. Isolated systolic hypertension is treated in the same way as regular high blood pressure but may require more than one type of blood pressure medication. If your doctor determines that your systolic pressure is above a normal level for your age, ask how you can lower it.

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Regular Blood Pressure Checks For Over Over 40’s

The only way to find out whether you have high blood pressure is to have your blood pressure checked regularly. Ask your GP when you are next due for yours to be checked.

Blood pressure checks are usually available on request at most GP surgeries and health clinics. Some surgeries have home monitoring devices available, which you may be able to use at the time of blood pressure medication start up or change. Many also have a policy of arranging regular checks for you.

Adults who are over 40 and have not been diagnosed with high blood pressure should have their blood pressure checked at least once every five years. However, your blood pressure should ideally be checked more frequently, particularly if you have any contributory risk factors.

Risk Factors Of High Blood Pressure

Nuts and Seeds: How much is Too much?

If we talk about risk factors of high blood pressure, then the biggest factor is lifestyle. There have not been any physical activities if we do everything sitting down, then due to this many times, there is a problem of obesity. Hypertension can also occur due to obesity.

People who eat high cholesterol food and eat high-fat food can also have hypertension because people who eat high cholesterol food with more fried are more likely to have astroclases in their arteries that increase the blood pressure in the arteries. And there is a possibility of hypertension. Many people are more sensitive and are going through a lot of anxiety or have taken too much stress, even then blood pressure becomes high.

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Study Finds Many Young People Have High Blood Pressure

CDC analyzed data from more than 12,000 participants ages 12 to 19 who responded to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from 2001 to 2016. CDC used these data to find out how the 2017 AAP Clinical Practice Guideline affects hypertension trends in youth over time.

Using the new guidelines criteria, CDC found that more than 1 in 7 U.S. youth ages 12 to 19 had high blood pressure or elevated blood pressure during 2013 to 2016.

Ask your doctor to measure your childs blood pressure starting at age 3.

Key findings from the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report include:

  • Read the 2017 AAP Clinical Practice Guidelineexternal icon for Screening and Management of High Blood Pressure in Children and Adolescents.

    Listen to a CDC podcast about hypertension among youth.

    An estimated 1.3 million youth ages 12 to 19 would have high blood pressure according to the new guidelines, or about 1 in 25 children. In a classroom of 30 youth, 1 person would have hypertension, and about 3 more would have elevated blood pressure.

  • Risks for cardiovascular disease that start in childhood are more likely to carry over into adulthood. Youth who have cardiovascular disease risk factors, such as high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes, are more likely to have these risk factors as adults, putting them at greater risk for heart disease and stroke.
  • How Can I Be More Active

    • Check first with your healthcare provider before increasing your physical activity. Ask your provider what type and amount of exercise is right for you.
    • Choose aerobic activities such as walking, biking or swimming.
    • Start slowly and increase activity gradually. Aim for a regular routine of activity 5 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes each session.

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    Should I Take A Potassium Supplement

    A cup of cantaloupe contains about 400 mg of potassium.Image: Arisara_Tongdonnoi / Thinkstock

    Q. I have high blood pressure, and a friend recommended that I take a potassium supplement. Is that a good idea, and if so, how much should I take?

    A. This is a great question that comes up all the timeand with good reason, because potassium can be tricky. The short answer is no, you should not take potassium supplements unless your doctor prescribes them. Let me outline why below.

    To start with, you’re much better off getting potassium from foods instead of potassium supplements. Many fruits and vegetables are rich in potassium, including spinach, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, bananas, and avocado. Potassium-rich diets help control blood pressure and have been linked to a lower risk of stroke. But such diets also tend to be lower in sodium and contain other healthful nutrients, which may contribute to the observed blood pressure benefit.

    Here’s where it gets a little confusing. Many blood pressure medicationsespecially the commonly prescribed class known as diureticscan affect your potassium level. But while some diuretics tend to lower potassium levels, others have the opposite effect. And certain ACE inhibitors, such as lisinopril or ramipril , may also raise potassium levels. So can common painkillers such as ibuprofen or naproxen .

    — Deepak Bhatt, MD, MPHEditor in Chief, Harvard Heart Letter

    Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

    Lowering Blood Pressure in 5 Minutes

    Some people buy their own blood pressure monitor to use at home. This means you can measure your blood pressure on an ongoing basis.

    The blood pressure readings you do at home are as good as those done by your doctor.

    If you decide to buy one, it’s important to get the correct cuff size. If the cuff is too big or too small, it can give an inaccurate reading.

    If you take your own blood pressure and get an unusually high reading, take it a second time after at least five minutes. If it’s still high and you’re worried, contact your nurse or GP.

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    Whats Your Va Disability Rating For High Blood Pressure

    Veterans with high blood pressure may be surprised to find out their disability might be service-connected and be eligible for VA compensation.

    Has your health provider diagnosed you with high blood pressure? This is not something to ignore. High blood pressure is often called the silent killer.

    Are you a veteran who completed your service in the past year? If so, you may be eligible for a VA disability rating for high blood pressure. This article will explain everything you need to know about this rating.

    The rules are different for service members that are less than a year out. Lets explore the details and call us for free if you need help.

  • Do You Need Help with a VA Disability Claim?
  • High Blood Pressure Treatment

    The best way to lower blood pressure begins with changes you can make to your lifestyle to help lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease. Additionally, your doctor may prescribe medicine to lower your blood pressure. These are called antihypertensive medicines.

    The goal of treatment is to reduce your blood pressure to normal levels. Your doctor may prescribe medicine thats easy to take and has few, if any, side effects. This treatment is highly successful. If your blood pressure can only be controlled with medicine, youll need to take the medicine for the rest of your life. It is common to need more than one medicine to help control your blood pressure. Dont stop taking the medicine without talking with your doctor. Otherwise, you may increase your risk of having a stroke or heart attack.

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    Treatment Options For High Blood Pressure

    A doctor may diagnose high blood pressure if your blood pressure average readings are consistently high on two or more separate appointments. Some people get white coat hypertension, meaning their blood pressure increases at doctor appointments because of nervousness. Let your doctor know if this is the case for you.

    You can record your blood pressure at home over several days. If your results are consistently high, meaning over 120/80, schedule a follow-up appointment.

    Medications are often prescribed to treat high blood pressure. These include:

    If an underlying medical condition causes hypertension, youll need to treat this condition to maintain a healthy blood pressure. For example, people with sleep apnea tend to develop high blood pressure. Treatment of sleep apnea with a CPAP machine can help to lower your high blood pressure due to sleep apnea. Another example is high blood pressure associated with obesity that improves after weight loss.

    Appealing Your Va Disability Rating

    High blood pressure: Doing this much exercise in the ...

    If you disagree with the VAs disability rating or compensation, you have the right to an appeal. Its recommended that you seek help from a VA disability attorney at the start of this process. We have experience helping veterans navigate the appeals process every day.

    If you feel that your rating is too low or you were denied, its important to file an appeal as soon as possible. You only have one year to make this type of appeal. You can also file an appeal if your mental or physical condition has become worse since your last rating.

    If you were rated too low or denied benefits and then win your appeal, you may have back-pay due. If this is the case, you will receive a lump-sum payment.

    A behind the scenes look at who works for you at Woods and Woods, The Veterans Firm

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    What Is Normal Blood Pressure According To Age

    Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood within the arteries. It is produced primarily by the contraction of the heart muscle. Its measurement is recorded by two numbers. The first is measured after the heart contracts and is highest. The second is measured before the heart contracts and the lowest. A blood pressure cuff is used to measure the pressure. Elevation of blood pressure is called “hypertension“.

    The chart shows normal blood pressure according to age both male and female. Diastolic blood pressure and Systolic Blood Pressure are included in the chart.

    Normal Blood Pressure By Age


    Keep Copies And Receipts

    Always keep a copy of your entire application packet including additional documentation. If you choose to file your application by mail, you should receive a VA letter within a few weeks. For eBenefits applications, youll receive a digital confirmation within hours.

    Add these letters or confirmations and any other correspondence to your file. This will prove invaluable when checking on the claim and if you decide to appeal the decision.

    Here one of our VA disability lawyers talks about one of the most important parts of a winning veterans disability claim: the nexus letter.

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    When Is My Blood Pressure Too High

    Whether a persons individual blood pressure is so high that lowering it is necessary to prevent the development of pathological conditions does not merely depend on the blood pressure value. A persons individual medical history is the determining factor: for instance, persons at a greater risk of cardiovascular disease may already require treatment even for levels falling within the elevated-normal range.

    If a case of high blood pressure goes untreated, the risk of cardiac insufficiency, heart attack, circulatory disorders, stroke, or kidney damage increase considerably. This is why blood pressure should be checked regularly at-risk groups are recommended to keep a blood pressure chart.

    Primary High Blood Pressure

    VIDEO: High Blood Pressure and Salt |

    While the specific cause of primary high blood pressure remains unknown, there is compelling evidence to suggest that a number of risk factors increase your chances of developing the condition.

    These risk factors include:

    • age – the risk of developing high blood pressure increases as you get older
    • a family history of high blood pressure – the condition seems to run in families
    • being of Afro-Caribbean or South Asian origin
    • high-fat diet
    • high amount of salt in your diet
    • lack of exercise
    • excessive alcohol consumption
    • stress

    A number of health conditions, such as diabetes and kidney disease, have also been linked to an increase risk of developing primary high blood pressure.

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    Va Disability High Triglycerides Or Hypercholesterolemia

    The VA doesnt grant a disability rating for high triglycerides or cholesterol . Yet, there are several other conditions that meet the service-connected criteria. Heart injuries, diabetes, hypertension, and circulatory problems can all involve high cholesterol.

    While high cholesterol, by itself, isnt a disability, it may signal a bigger problem. Its important to see your provider and have them check for other diseases. Ask them to fully document their findings.

    Receiving a diagnosis of one of these related conditions may qualify you for VA benefits.

    Here one of our VA disability compensation lawyers talks about the benefits available to 100% rated disabled veterans.

    Can High Blood Pressure Be Prevented Or Avoided

    If your high blood pressure is caused by lifestyle factors, you can take steps to reduce your risk:

    • Lose weight.
    • Reduce your alcohol consumption.
    • Learn relaxation methods.

    If your high blood pressure is caused by disease or the medicine you take, talk to your doctor. He or she may be able to prescribe a different medicine. Additionally, treating any underlying disease can help reduce your high blood pressure.

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    Appealing Your Va Benefits Decision

    If your condition worsened and prevents you from working, youre eligible to file an appeal. A VA benefits attorney can help you apply for the Total Disability Individual Unemployability benefit.

    If you disagree with the VA disability rating, you may file a Clear and Unmistakable Error claim. This states that the rating is incorrect and should be set aside. Its the veterans duty to show that the C file facts and regulations or the VAs decision at the time of the ruling were wrong.

    Its important to understand that CUE claims arent often approved. Thus, many veterans choose other legal approaches for appealing VA disability claims.

    Incorrect back pay may present another reason for an appeal. All back payments should be from the effective date. Sometimes, the VA has an incorrect effective date which impacts the payment amount.

    Whether you choose to file a VA disability appeal or a CUE VA appeal, you must begin within one year. This clock starts when you received the VA decision about your rating. Filing a CUE claim is a long process and may jeopardize your ability to later file a disability appeal.

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