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How To Control Morning Hypertension

The Early Morning Hypertension Surge

What are “White Coat,” “Masked,” & “Morning” Hypertension?

Morning hypertension is a condition characterized by high blood pressure in the morning and controlled levels throughout the day. Heart attacks and stroke usually occur in the morning because of morning hypertension. Treatment for morning hypertension differs from treatments for other types of high blood pressure.

Morning hypertension is a condition characterized by high blood pressure in the morning and controlled levels throughout the rest of the day. Blood pressure is at its lowest during sleeping hours. Between 4:00AM and noon, the body releases certain hormones that boost energy and increase morning alertness, but this also results in a sharp increase in blood pressure.

According to a study published by Americas National Institutes of Health, if ones blood pressure is average throughout most of the day but there is a 20 mmHg difference in blood pressure between the morning and evening, morning hypertension is present. People most at risk of developing morning hypertension are those who already have hypertension, diabetes, smokers and heavy drinkers.

The risks for morning hypertension are the same as any other variation of high blood pressure. It could result in stroke, heart attack, and kidney damage. Heart attacks and stroke are most likely to occur in the morning partly because of the risk posed by morning hypertension.

Home Remedies For Managing High Blood Pressure

What is high blood pressure?

Blood pressure is the force at which blood pumps from the heart into the arteries. A normal blood pressure reading is less than 120/80 mm Hg.

When blood pressure is high, the blood moves through the arteries more forcefully. This puts increased pressure on the delicate tissues in the arteries and damages the blood vessels.

High blood pressure, or hypertension, affects about half of American adults, estimates the American College of Cardiology.

Known as a silent killer, it usually doesnt cause symptoms until theres significant damage done to the heart. Without visible symptoms, most people are unaware that they have high blood pressure.

Try Meditation Or Yoga

Mindfulness and meditation, including transcendental meditation, have long been used and studied as methods to reduce stress. A 2012 study notes that one university program in Massachusetts has had more than 19,000 people participate in a meditation and mindfulness program to reduce stress .

Yoga, which commonly involves breathing control, posture, and meditation techniques, can also be effective in reducing stress and blood pressure.

A 2013 review on yoga and blood pressure found an average blood pressure decrease of 3.62 mm Hg diastolic and 4.17 mm Hg systolic when compared to those who didnt exercise. Studies of yoga practices that included breath control, postures, and meditation were nearly twice as effective as yoga practices that didnt include all three of these elements .

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Tested And Then Proven

Originally, Christian tested dozens of different methods on more than a hundred people over an extended period.

Real blood pressure patients volunteered to try them out. Some exercise protocols worked well. Others didnt.

But from the first trials over ten years ago this program has since been literally a life-saver for tens of thousands of people.

The brain resets, stress falls away, blood pressure goes into free-fall.

Im one of those thousands by the way. 16 straight months of regular blood pressure tests and I havent been out of the safe zone even once.

So, despite its apparent simplicity I know first-hand just how effectively this works.

Eat Some Dark Chocolate

(PDF) Morning Hypertension: A Pitfall of Current ...

Yes, chocolate lovers: Dark chocolate has been shown to lower blood pressure.

But the dark chocolate should be 60 to 70 percent cacao. A review of studies on dark chocolate has found that eating one to two squares of dark chocolate per day may help lower the risk of heart disease by lowering blood pressure and inflammation. The benefits are thought to come from the flavonoids present in chocolate with more cocoa solids. The flavonoids help dilate, or widen, your blood vessels .

A 2010 study of 14,310 people found that individuals without hypertension who ate more dark chocolate had lower blood pressure overall than those who ate less dark chocolate (

28 ).

For some people, getting a good nights sleep isnt easy. There are many ways to help you get restful sleep. Try setting a regular sleep schedule, spend time relaxing at night, exercise during the day, avoid daytime naps, and make your bedroom comfortable .

The national Sleep Heart Health Study found that regularly sleeping less than 7 hours a night and more than 9 hours a night was associated with an increased prevalence of hypertension. Regularly sleeping less than 5 hours a night was linked to a significant risk of hypertension long term .

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What We Properly Treat Heals

It was clear that standard treatments were never going to make me well.

Meds messed with my body but never properly tackled why I was ill.

Whereas The Blood Pressure Program went straight to the root cause of my blood pressure problems.

It hit the problem head-on, removing its causes. and leaving the illness with no way of sustaining itself.

Which is why Im now healthy. Without a cause how can I be ill?

Treat your high blood pressure the way I did and see the difference it makes

Choose A Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. A healthy fibre rich breakfast with protein is healthy for your overall health. Fibre and protein will also keep you full for longer and help in weight loss as well as in controlling blood pressure.

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Healthy Morning Food And Drinks Can Lower Blood Pressure

Although some will need to control their high blood pressure with medicines, changing your lifestyle, such as consuming healthy foods and drinks alongside a regular exercise program, can help control and lower blood pressure.

Mornings are when we might often look for food and drink to kick start our day, often calorie-loaded cereals and sugary drinks, so it can be a challenge finding a replacement for sugar-packed drinks.

Clinicians have long since understood that salt is bad for high blood pressure but what about sugar?

Lets discover why sugary drinks might be best to avoid as a morning drink.

Morning Drink For High Blood Pressure The Simple List And Guide

What’s Causing My Low Blood Pressure? | This Morning

Are you looking for ways to manage your high blood pressure naturally? What if a morning drink for high blood pressure was the solution?

Its a fact that high blood pressure, or hypertension, can lead to life-threatening situations and can even be fatal.

But what about mornings and what kind of drinks are suitable for helping you start your day when youre suffering from high blood pressure? This article, addressing your morning drink for high blood pressure, will provide the options, starting with this quick reference list.

Morning drink for high blood pressure? Here are the best options:

  • Plain water
  • Berry juice
  • Kombucha

This serious disease affects about 45% of Americans and contributes to diseases such as stroke, heart attacks, and even kidney disease.

According to the American Heart Association, you can lower your blood pressure with a healthy diet. So, by making a few changes in your diet its possible to control blood pressure.

So we can understand a little easier why the selection of morning drinks outlined above can help those suffering from high blood pressure, lets explore further by looking into the background of high blood pressure.

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In Todays Article We Will Discuss How To Control High Blood Pressure Naturally

  • Hypertension usually is diagnosed when a person has a sustained high reading over a specified period.
  • Common causes and factors lead to hypertension is heavy alcohol drinking, obesity, genetic factors, maximum salt intake, lack of aerobic exercise, Kidney disease, stress, birth control pills, and adrenal disease.
  • Medication also prescribed for hypertension.

You can also take help to control it with simple natural home remedies which are normally available in your kitchen and home

So Why Wasnt My Doctor Happy With My Transformation

A visit to my doctor the following week with blood pressure now comfortably in the safe zone was met with disbelief. And, I must say, a little annoyance.

I think she was exasperated and embarrassed, perhaps? that I had chosen my own path. And that it had worked so astonishingly well.

She asked me more than once if Id increased my meds without consulting her.

I told her that I hadnt and that I wanted to come off my meds. A request that she refused.

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Daily Blood Pressure Pattern

Blood pressure follows a daily pattern. It is normally lower at night while you are sleeping and starts to rise a few hours before you wake up. This rise in BP continues during the day, usually peaking in the middle of the afternoon. By late afternoon or evening, your BP would begin to drop again.

Some people experience abnormality in their BP pattern. One of it is a morning surge in BP , which results in increased risk of damage to the brain, heart and kidneys. Morning hypertension could also happen in those with well-controlled BP.

Association Between Morning Hypertension And Target Organ Damage


According to univariate analysis, both morning hypertension and nocturnal hypertension were shown to be associated with higher level of LVMI and UPCR, lower eGFR , and LVH , whereas only higher level of UPCR was found to correlate with elevated morning surge in blood pressure .

According to multivariate linear and logistic regression analysis, morning hypertension correlated strongly with lower level of eGFR , higher level of LVMI , UPCR , and LVH when nocturnal hypertension and elevated morning surge in blood pressure were considered . After further adjustments of baseline features , biochemical indices, and office BP control, the significance did not change. When morning hypertension was considered, TOD was not shown to be associated with nocturnal hypertension and elevated morning surge in blood pressure, except for UPCR, which was higher in patients with nocturnal hypertension . However, the difference was not significant after adjustment of biochemical indices and office BP.

Table 4. Multivariate linear regression and binary logistic regression analysis of BP indexes and target organ damage.

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High Blood Pressure Ruins Lives

You know this. I know this. Without an effective remedy we run serious risks of heart disease, heart failure, strokes, kidney disease, vascular dementia

High blood pressure had been the death of my father and my grandfather before him.

Popping pills didnt do anything for either of them. Same for me. And undoubtedly the same for you.

Pills did not lower the chances of me contracting serious fatal illnesses.

And pills didnt do anything for the thousands of people who, in the end, turned to Christians The Blood Pressure Program for relief.

For me, for them and for you too using chemical drugs that arent solving this health problem is a one-way ticket to serious illness.

Continuing to rely on treatments that have been shown to let patients grow steadily more ill is a recipe for worry, ill-health and disaster.

Dont do this to yourself.

Today, you have choices. Either chemical treatments with nasty side-effects and a very poor record for success.

Or a natural approach that addresses your high blood pressure at its cause and sends blood pressure into freefall.

Can You Help Control Your Blood Pressure

Yes, you can help. There are three things you can do: have a more active lifestyle, make healthy food choices, and, if needed, take your medicine every day as it is prescribed. With prehypertension, some people can bring blood pressure down to normal through weight loss, exercise and other changes for a healthy lifestyle. Medications are used to control high blood pressure. Medicines may be recommended for some people with prehypertension who also have other diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, chronic kidney disease and coronary artery disease.

If you have slightly high blood pressure, your doctor may suggest these steps:

  • lose weight if you are overweight,
  • get regular physical activity,
  • cut down on alcohol, and
  • change your food choices to those with less salt and fat

A special eating plan called DASH can help you lower your blood pressure. DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. The DASH eating plan emphasizes fruits, vegetables, fatfree or lowfat milk and milk products, wholegrain products, fish, poultry, beans, seeds, and nuts. The DASH eating plan also contains less salt/sodium, sweets, added sugars, sugar containing beverages, fats, and red meats than the typical American diet.

COVID-19 patients can become kidney patients.

You can provide lifesaving support today with a special monthly gift.

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What Happens If You Have Morning Hypertension

If you have hypertension, specifically morning hypertension, you have a stronger risk of stroke compared to others with hypertension but not in the morning.

is able to cause a stroke, or a sudden loss of brain function because of a lack of supply of blood to the brain. Morning hypertension can also raise your risk of other blood vessel and heart problems. Changes in your heartys size and rhythm have been associated with it, and this can lead to heart failure or a heart attack. Speak with your doctor right away if you go through any symptoms such as chest pain, severe headache or numbness in your arms or face.

How Is Resistant Hypertension Diagnosed

What Is High Blood Pressure In The Morning?
  • Full history and physical exam, which includes letting your doctor know about all medications and supplements, whether they are prescription, over-the-counter, herbal or recreational. Its important to mention if you skip doses of daily medicines.
  • True measurement of your blood pressure using correct technique and calibrated equipment.
  • Home blood pressure measurement during the day and 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring to record your blood pressure throughout a regular day. It may be used if your physician suspects your blood pressure readings in the office dont tell the whole story.
  • Tests for secondary conditions, which may include special blood work and imaging studies. Identifying and treating these conditions may eliminate hypertension or at least make it more treatable.
  • Tests for organ damage caused by hypertension, which may include:
  • Electrocardiogram to measure your hearts size and rhythm
  • Echocardiogram to measure your hearts size and function
  • Fundoscopic eye exam to check for damaged blood vessels inside the eye these tiny blood vessels come in from the brain and are a unique opportunity for your doctor to judge the health of similar blood vessels in your brain, heart and kidneys
  • Urinalysis to check for kidney damage
  • Other blood tests
  • Chest X-ray

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Isolated Uncontrolled Morning Hypertension Versus Sustained Uncontrolled Hypertension

The results of univariate analysis regarding the difference between patients with isolated uncontrolled morning hypertension and those with sustained uncontrolled hypertension are shown in and . On the basis of multivariate analysis, the presence of diabetes mellitus and renal disease , and lower prevalence of measurement of evening home BP after drinking alcohol or bathing were found to be significant and independent factors associated with sustained uncontrolled hypertension.

Symptoms And Signs Of High Blood Pressure

  • In most cases, a person may not feel increased pressure at all .
  • It is one of the main dangers of this miracle.
  • This can seriously impair the health of the patient and even threaten his life in the matter of a stroke or heart attack.
  • Most often, high pressure is known in the form of anxiety, nausea, heart failure, pain in the heart, dizziness, headache.
  • With the regular occurrence of these symptoms should consult a doctor.

Regular preventive checks play a critical role in pressure control.

High Blood Pressure Is Considered:- in children over 130, in adults over 150 mm Hg. Moreover, high pressure can cause a headache, dizziness, darkening of the eyes. There may be a pain in the heart, as well as interruptions in his work.

Increased pressure may also be accompanied by fever, flushing of the face and extreme sweating. At the equal time, the hands, on the opposite, become colder.

If the increased pressure has been troubling for a long time, then the symptoms may be already weak blood circulation, swelling, shortness of breath during active work, and later even at rest.

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I Know This From Experience

I would never have accepted that I was a stressed person.

Yet it was only when I found a clear, peaceful mind that I realized just how tense I had been before.

It was, to be honest, an incredible feeling, that sense of mental release

And it was once Id found that calm that my blood pressure plummeted.

Eat More Potassium And Less Sodium

Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure that Really Works ...

Increasing your potassium intake and cutting back on salt can also lower your blood pressure .

Potassium is a double winner: It lessens the effects of salt in your system, and also eases tension in your blood vessels. However, diets rich in potassium may be harmful to individuals with kidney disease, so talk to your doctor before increasing your potassium intake.

Its easy to eat more potassium so many foods are naturally high in potassium. Here are a few:

17 ). Popular high-salt items include deli meats, canned soup, pizza, chips, and other processed snacks.

Foods labeled low-fat are usually high in salt and sugar to compensate for the loss of fat. Fat is what gives food taste and makes you feel full.

Cutting down on or even better, cutting out processed food will help you eat less salt, less sugar, and fewer refined carbohydrates. All of this can result in lower blood pressure.

Make it a practice to check labels. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration , a sodium listing of 5 percent or less on a food label is considered low, while 20 percent or more is considered high (

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