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Where To Buy Blood Pressure Cuff

Our Pick: Greater Goods Blood Pressure Monitor + Kit 0602

SmartHeart Digital Arm Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor

If you dont need or want a Bluetooth monitor, the Greater Goods Blood Pressure Monitor + Kit 0602 has the same cuff, minimal noise levels, two-user maximum, irregular heartbeat detection, and dual-power options as its Bluetooth-enabled counterpart, with a slightly different display. Like the 0604, this blood pressure monitor is usable immediately out of the box, and switching between userswhile not as easy as with the 0604requires only a couple of button pushes.

Like the 0604, the 0602 runs quietly and displays results for about a minute after delivering your reading. Unlike the 0604, the 0602 is unable to average any measurements, though;it can store up to 60 entries per user, if you want to calculate your averages manually. There is no way to export your readings via email, USB, Bluetooth, or any other meansyoull need to write them down or log them digitally on your own.

While the 0602 can work on either battery power or with an AC adapter, unless there are working batteries installed, it resets the date and time every time its unplugged. When this happens, previous readings stay in the machine, but its possible to jumble dates and times if a user is rushed and simply clicks through without properly selecting the month, year, day, hour, and minute.

When set up correctly, the 0602 requires two clicks to start, even when theres only one user on the device, versus the 0604s single click.

Blood Pressure Companion Apps

Make the most out of your devices with OMRON apps. They make it easy to track your health and include features that allow you to view your blood pressure at any time, track your log history and check for patterns, and email data to your family or physicians.

Avalailable on the App Store® or Google Playâ¢

Only available in the United States. Not supported in other countries.

Vital Information

Simple guides to understand and maintain your blood pressure while getting the most out of your OMRON device.

How To Take Blood Pressure At Home

Before you use your monitor, make sure you have not recently consumed any caffeine, as this can raise your blood pressure unexpectedly. Sit still with your feet flat on the floor and be sure to place the arm you’re using on a table or pillow. Make sure the cuff of your monitor is wrapped tightly around your upper arm before you begin. Follow the instructions that came with your monitor and allow the test to complete before recording your numbers. It’s always a good idea to write down or log your blood pressure daily if it’s a concern so you can talk to your doctor and give them accurate information.

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Monitor Blood Pressure Fluctuations

Over the course of any normal day, your blood pressure fluctuates. Monitor these fluctuations with clinical accuracy with HeartGuide. Collect, review and store your fluctuations as detailed, usable data, and develop a more thorough understanding of how your lifestyle directly impacts your heart health.

Choose Arm Cuffs Over Wrist Cuffs

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You can purchase a blood pressure monitor at any drugstore or online.;No matter where you buy yours, Dr. Laffin recommends getting a monitor with an automatic cuff that wraps around your upper arm. Its called a brachial blood pressure monitor.

Dont get one where you need a stethoscope, he says. An automatic cuff is best. And if youre over age 50, avoid cuffs that go around your wrist.

Wrist cuffs are likely fine if youre under 50, he says.

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Get Accurate Measurements At Home And On

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts; youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Verywell Health / Chloe Jeong

Maintaining a healthy blood pressure is key to staying healthy. Therefore, monitoring yours on a regular basis can be a life-saver, according to Joyce M. Oen-Hsiao, MD, director of the cardiac rehabilitation program and medical director of the cardiac telemetry unit at the Yale New Haven Hospitals Heart and Vascular Center. Long-standing high blood pressure can cause damage to the small vessels in your body and also cause the heart to thicken and stiffen, she explains. Checking your blood pressure can help you and your doctor figure out if you need medications or that your medications are working.”

Here are the best blood pressure monitors on the market today.

Who This Is For

Nearly half of Americans have high blood pressure , according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. High blood pressure forces your heart to work harder, putting a burden on the rest of your body. A home blood pressure monitor is not a diagnostic device, but a tool to help you keep track of your blood pressure between checkups.

The American Heart Association defines hypertension as having either a systolic reading over 130, or a diastolic reading over 80 mm Hg for adults over the age of 20, and prehypertension as 120/80 mm Hg or above. These numbers refer to the pressure of blood against your blood-vessel walls. The first number is the systolic pressure, measured when the heart beats; the second number is the diastolic pressure, measured when the heart rests between beats.

The American Heart Association;and many doctors recommend a blood pressure monitor for home use to help people with high blood pressure manage the condition. The daily use of a monitor can help a person track their blood pressure and prompt them to seek emergency care. At-home monitoring is also useful for patients who experience white coat syndrome, where the stress of visiting the doctors office causes blood pressure to spike. Still, keep in mind that home monitoring is meant to accompanynot replaceregular monitoring by a physician.

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What To Look For In A Blood Pressure Monitor

Fit: The AHA recommends an automatic, cuff-style, bicep monitor. Wrist and finger monitors are not recommended because they yield less reliable readings, they explain on their website. However, we did include a few wrist monitors, which can be a better fit for someone with larger arms. Most importantly, make sure your cuff is well-fitting. Measure around your upper arm and choose a monitor that comes with the correct size cuff, advises the AHA.;

Features: Like any gadget, blood pressure monitors offer varying bells and whistles. If you are tech-savvy, you might want to consider going with a model that includes features like Bluetooth, app connectivity, and ample storage for readings. However, for others, it isnt worth paying for a state-of-the-art gadget and you are better off sticking with something that is efficient and easy to use.;;

Budget: High quality blood pressure monitors vary dramatically in price, from around $25 to well over $100. Keep in mind that a good monitor is a great investment, and that you will be using it daily for several years.;

Other Considerations: The AHA notes that when selecting a blood pressure monitor for a senior, pregnant woman or child, to make sure it is validated for these conditions.

Also Great: Omron Evolv

SmartHeart Digital Arm Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor

Of the Bluetooth-capable smart monitors we tested, Omrons Evolv emerged as a panel favorite in 2019 and, after our 2021 testing, remains our favorite all-in-one device. While some all-in-one smart blood pressure monitors require syncing to your phone to view readings, the Evolv can be used with or without the Omron Connect app. That is, you dont need to have your phone nearby to get your blood pressure readingit is displayed directly on the screen, as well. The Evolv is included in both the US Blood Pressure Validated Device Listing and Stride BP Validated Devices List; its also been;validated for home use by the British and Irish Hypertension Society, meaning it has either met the standards established by three separate international protocols or achieved a minimum B grade for both systolic and diastolic measurements based on other criteria.

The cuff and the monitor of the Evolv are one conjoined unit, but its still lightweight and easy to put on thanks to a preformed ring you slip your arm through before tightening the Velcro closure. Unfortunately, this preformed ring made it uncomfortable for some testers with arms measuring on the higher end of the cuffs circumference range ; you can stretch that ring as you put your arm through to avoid this discomfort, but its not ideal.

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Beurer Bluetooth Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor


Beurer is a highly respected name in blood pressure monitors, and the companys BM67 is a great mid-priced model that works easily and reliably, with enough extra features to justify stepping up from a very basic budget monitor. Its clinically validated and displays the results on an oversized display. In fact, the handful of controls are all large and well markeda reassuring interface for someone who might be nervous about conducting at-home blood pressure tests.

Your results are easy to interpret thanks to a color-coded system that lets you quickly assess if your blood pressure is outside the nominal range without needing to interpret the systolic and diastolic values. And in addition to reporting the usual heart rate data, it also monitors for heart rhythm disturbances and displays a warning if detected.

While some monitors allow you to separately test up to two people, the BM67 allows for as many as four users and records a history of the last 30 test results for eachin most cases, enough for the entire family. You can optionally connect to your smartphone and sync the results with the iOS or Android Beuer HealthCoach app. Its not the most full-featured blood pressure monitor app, but it does help integrate your results with other daily fitness and health data.

Ihealth Track Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor


One of the least expensive FDA-cleared blood pressure monitors on the market, you can get this accurate and easy-to-use device for under $40. Its simple and straightforward; the monitor has a large color display and color-codes your results as red, yellow, or green to signal if your results are nominal or a potential cause for extra attention. It also monitors for heart rhythm disturbances, something that not many blood pressure monitors do, and certainly not many in this price range.

The device itself can record and store up to 99 readings, but you can optionally connect to the iHealth app, which supports unlimited readings, on your iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth.

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Omron Complete With Ekg

If youre looking for more in-depth information about your heart health than just your blood pressure, Omrons Complete blood pressure monitor has the ability to record your EKG too. You probably dont need EKG results unless your cardiologist recommends doing at-home testing, but if you doctor does ask for this, getting an EKG from Omron Complete is about as easy as getting your blood pressure taken .

Traditionally, an EKG requires attaching electrodes, but to use the Omron Complete, you just touch your thumbs to a pair of sensors. The results are displayed right on your smartphone and can be saved or shared.

Its worth pointing out that the first time you perform an EKG with the Omron Complete, you can’t see your EKG until it is automatically uploaded to a board-certified cardiologist, analyzed, and you are then sent a free medical interpretation. After you get the report on your EKGa day or so lateryou are cleared to perform additional EKGs and see your results in real time.

For blood pressure readings, the monitor comes medically validated so its calibrated right from the start. A smartphone is required for the EKG display, but you can see the blood pressure data right on the monitor if your phone isnt handy. Youll also want to use the app to check your heart data history and to share information with your doctor.

Common Sources Of Error In Blood Pressure Monitoring

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The American Heart Association recommends that a cuff bladder width be 40% of the arm circumference and that a cuff bladder length be 80% of the arm circumference.¹

  • Pickering, T., et al. Recommendations for Blood Pressure Measurement in Humans: An AHA Scientific Statement from the Council on High Blood Pressure Research Professional and Public Education Subcommittee. Hypertension45, 142-161 .
  • Manning, D.M., et al. Miscuffing: Inappropriate blood pressure cuff application. Circulation68, 763-6 .
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    Use Care And Maintenance

    For the most accurate blood pressure readings, you need to test consistently using a properly fitting cuff. It should be snug but not tight; according to our physician sources, a poorly fitting cuff can distort your reading. Many blood pressure monitors come with cuffs of different sizes, so choose the one that fits the circumference of your arm.

    Its also important to test under controlled conditions, ideally around the same time each day. Sit upright with your back supported and both feet on the floor. Dont cross your legs. Ideally, before taking a reading, you should keep the cuff on the arm for five minutes without moving or talking.

    When you unpack a monitor, you generally have to insert the batteries and connect the cuff to the monitor. If you dont use batteries, youll need an AC adapter; only some models come with one .

    Avoid pulling on the tube, dropping the monitor, or banging it around. These devices arent fragile, but they are calibrated machines that can get out of whack. Inside each cuff is a bladder that inflates and deflates to take your blood pressure. If the bladder is punctured or doesnt work, you need to replace the cuff. The Velcro holding the cuff together will wear over time, so when it no longer maintains a good hold, you should replace it, even if the bladder is fine. If the cuff is slipping off of your arm, it is not a good fit, said Dr. Veronica Gillispie-Bell, the ob-gyn.

    Withings Bpm Connect With Carrying Case


    A lot of heart rate monitors are fairly portable, especially smart monitors like the Withings BPM Connect that arent attached to a display via hoses or cables. But the Withings BPM Connect comes ready for the road thanks to the included hard-shell case. The whole thing is a compact 6.5 x 3.5 x 2.9 inches, easily tossed into any bag, case or backpack.

    No matter where you choose to use it, the Withings is especially easy to set up. Yes, this is a smart cuff that works with an excellent app for both iPhone and Android, but you dont need the phone to be nearby to take a reading. Just press the button on the cuff, then see the results, color coded for clarity. If your phone isnt nearby, no worries: it can upload your results to the cloud via Wi-Fi. That said, the app provides useful additional context for your results, integrates with the iPhones Apple Health service, and lets you check your history and share data with your doctor or others. It also comes FDA cleared and validated right out of the box.

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    Omron Evolv Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor


    You might not usually think about the aesthetics of blood pressure monitors, but the Omron Evolv is a gorgeous device. Its an all-in-one unit with the display and control mounted on the cuff. Not only are there no tubes or wires, but you can see your results without reaching for a phone. That said, the Evolv sync with your phone via Bluetooth, giving you access to a wealth of additional features via the Omron app for iOS or Android.

    If you are sharing this monitor with others, the app is at the ready with the ability to accommodate any number of users and an unlimited history of readings for each user. Omron goes above and beyond here, because most blood pressure monitors, if they support saving data for multiple users at all, generally allow for just two users; some can handle four. With the Evolv, theres no limit.

    The Evolv is clinically validated, and Omron claims to achieve better accuracy than most other monitors by assessing more data points, which allows it to eliminate the routine interference that occurs through incidental arm movements.

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    SmartHeart Digital Arm Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor

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    Heartguide Blood Pressure Anytime Anywhere

    Designed to fit your lifestyle, HeartGuide is a clinically accurate, wearable blood pressure monitor available in the U.S. Now, track your heart data and learn how your behaviors impact your heart health.

    Designed to fit your lifestyle, HeartGuide is a clinically accurate, wearable blood pressure monitor available in the U.S. Now, track your heart data and learn how your behaviors impact your heart health.

    Blood Pressure Cuffs At Walgreens

    To get an accurate blood pressure reading, it’s important to use a blood pressure cuff in the right size for you. Sometimes the standard cuff that comes with a blood pressure monitor just isn’t a good fit. We carry an assortment of blood pressure cuff sizes from brands Zewa, LifeSource and others to help you find a great fit.

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