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Where To Get Blood Pressure Checked

Lloydsdirect By Lloydspharmacy Can Help With Your Nhs Repeat Prescriptions

In California, Men Can Get Their Blood Pressure Checked in Barbershops

If you are prescribed repeat medication, LloydsDirect by LloydsPharmacy can help to manage your prescriptions online by ordering them directly with your GP on your behalf. With simple online and in-app ordering your medication will be available when you need it, benefit from free delivery and free reminders when to re-order your medication. We can deliver to a UK address of your choice your home, work, a carer or neighbour for free.

Holiday Stress Take Time To Get Blood Pressure Checked And Reduce Risk Of A Heart Attack

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Salt Lake City, UT 12/14/2021 The holidays can be a busy time with family gatherings, parties, shopping, traveling, and other extra events and activities that can add stress. And all those things can make it difficult to eat healthy. Parties often include indulgent, fatty, salty, and sugary foods and alcoholic drinks, so it can be hard to eat or drink in moderation or get enough sleep.

Busy schedules, winter weather and being away from home can make it harder to get regular exercise or get to the doctor for either a check-up or to seek care for subtle medical symptoms, according to Eileen Jackson, MD, a family medicine physician with the Intermountain Healthcare Medical Group.

So, it’s not surprising that doctors report seeing an increase in “holiday heart syndrome” with patients coming into the emergency room with heart symptoms around the holidays, or that studies show, heart attacks peak in December and January.

Heart attacks occur when one or more of the coronary arteries becomes blocked. And one of the causes of heart attacks is high blood pressure.

Here is information from Intermountain Healthcare:

Over time, high blood pressure causes the coronary arteries serving the heart to slowly become narrowed from a buildup of fat, cholesterol, and other substances that together are called plaque. This slow process of hardening the arteries is known as atherosclerosis.

What Happens At A Blood Pressure Screening Test

A blood pressure test only takes a matter of minutes and your doctor can easily carry it out.

To do this, theyll use a blood pressure monitor. These can either be manual or electronic.

A blood pressure monitor features a cuff, which they will place around your upper arm. This then inflates, making it tighten around your arm.

Once the cuff has tightened around your arm, the doctor or nurse will let the air out of the cuff gradually. This doesnt take long at all.

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When Should You Get Help For An Abnormal Blood Pressure Reading

One high or low blood pressure reading by itself may not mean you need to call for help. If you take your blood pressure and it is out of the normal range, wait a few minutes and take it again. If its still high or low, use the following guidance.

911 anytime you think you may need emergency care. For example, call if:

  • You passed out .

or seek immediate medical care if:

  • Your blood pressure is much higher than normal .
  • You think high blood pressure is causing symptoms such as:
  • Severe headache.
  • Your blood pressure is 140/90 or higher on two or more occasions.
  • Your blood pressure is usually normal and well controlled, but it goes above the normal range on more than one occasion.
  • Your blood pressure is lower than usual and you are dizzy or light-headed.
  • You think you may be having side effects from your blood pressure medicine.

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Do I Need To Use A Blood Pressure Checker

I Am Checking Your Blood Pressure Stock Photo

You may not need a blood pressure checker for every reading, but it will help manage blood pressure health. As you become familiar with your readings, using a blood pressure checker will advise how to improve and maintain healthy blood pressure.

The blood pressure calculator can be accessed via desktop, tablet or mobile.

If you have questions about taking blood pressure or using the blood pressure checker, contact us. If you are concerned about your reading after using this blood pressure calculator or any other blood pressure checker, seek medical advice.

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Why Is Blood Pressure Screening Important

As weve already mentioned, high blood pressure is a common condition for people all over America. This can have serious implications for your health if left untreated.

Your blood pressure measures how hard your blood pushes its way through the body. Specifically, it looks at how hard the blood pushes against your artery walls as it travels.

If your blood pressure is normal then this wont put any strain on your arteries. However, high blood pressure can put a lot of strain on your body and this can be very dangerous. High blood pressure, otherwise known as hypertension, can lead to any of the following:

  • heart disease
  • vascular dementia
  • aortic aneurysms

Having low blood pressure can also have an effect on your health although this is often less dangerous than high blood pressure. Having low blood pressure can make you feel dizzy or even lead to fainting. This can be dangerous as fainting could lead to more serious injuries, such as head injuries.

Fortunately, its possible to treat high or low blood pressure easily if you catch them early. You can do this in a number of ways, such as using medication or by changing your diet!

But if you dont know about your condition theres very little you can do about it. Thats why getting a regular blood pressure check can make all the difference to your long-term health.

What Affects The Test

It is normal for blood pressure to go up and down from day to day and even from moment to moment. Stress, smoking, eating, exercise, cold, pain, noise, medicines, and even talking can affect it.

One high reading does not mean you have high blood pressure. And one normal reading may not mean you do not have high blood pressure. It is more accurate to take the average of several readings made throughout the day than to rely on a single reading.

Some people have high blood pressure only when they go to their doctors office. This is called white-coat hypertension. It may be caused by stress about seeing your doctor. There are also people who appear to have normal blood pressure when measured in the doctors office, but they have high blood pressure in other situations. This is called masked hypertension. When you regularly check your blood pressure at home, you may find that your blood pressure is lower when you are not at the doctors office. A home blood pressure reading of systolic 135 or more and diastolic 85 or more means high blood pressure .

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A Blood Pressure Reading Gives Two Numbers

The top systolic reading gives the pressure of your blood on your arteries at it travels around your body.

The bottom diastolic reading is the lowest pressure on your arteries when your heart rests between beats.

Enter these numbers into the blood pressure calculator and Submit. The blood pressure calculator will instantly summarise your reading and give recommendations.

Record readings entered into the blood pressure checker to monitor changes and seek medical advice if you are concerned about any results using the blood pressure calculator.

Nhs Hypertension Screening Service

Get free blood pressure checks at HealthFair 11

Our community pharmacies in England are now offering a free NHS hypertension screening service to all adults over 40.

An estimated 5.5 million people in England are living with undiagnosed high blood pressure . If left untreated, hypertension can lead to serious heart and circulatory diseases such as heart attack and stroke.

Hypertension rarely has any noticeable symptoms. The only way to find out if your blood pressure is high is to have your blood pressure checked.

A pharmacist will measure your blood pressure in a private consultation room. If the reading is high, they may offer you an ambulatory blood pressure monitoring device to wear. This can automatically measure your blood pressure at regular intervals over a 24 hour period, allowing for a more detailed view of your blood pressure.

You donât need to make an appointment for this service, simply visit your nearest Well pharmacy and speak to the pharmacist.

Please note, this service is for people who have not previously been diagnosed with hypertension. If you have hypertension and would like some information please speak to a pharmacist or read our advice on managing high blood pressure.

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Exercise Can Improve Cardiovascular Health

If you are concerned about your blood pressure levels, it is essential to talk with a doctor. However, you can change your life by incorporating exercise into your daily routine. Some ways of improving cardiovascular health through exercise include starting an aerobic workout program or weightlifting routine at the gym!

Where To Get Your Blood Pressure Checked

We know that around 45,000 people in Stockport have been diagnosed as having high blood pressure but many others will not be aware they have it. Even if you feel fine you should still get your blood pressure checked regularly.

All adults over 40 are advised to have their blood pressure checked at least every 5 years.

If youre at increased risk of high blood pressure you should have it checked more often, ideally once a year.

Your blood pressure can be checked at:

  • GP surgeries
  • home with a home blood pressure monitor

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Check Your Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the force or pressure exerted in the arteries by the blood as it is pumped around the body by the heart. It is recorded as two measurements:

  • Systolic pressure: pressure in the arteries during the period of the heart’s contraction
  • Diastolic pressure: pressure in the arteries when the heart is relaxed, between heartbeats

A doctor or nurse can listen to your blood pressure by placing a stethoscope on your artery and pumping up a cuff placed around your arm. The blood pressure is read on a special meter called a sphygmomanometer.

Blood pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury , which refers to how high the pressure in the arteries can raise a column of mercury in the sphygmomanometer.

Whats The Best Way To Diagnose Hbp

Four tips to keep your blood pressure in check

The best way to diagnose high blood pressure is to have your blood pressure measured.

How a blood pressure test works

  • A blood pressure reading is taken with a pressure cuff .
  • During the test, the cuff is placed around the upper arm before being manually or electronically inflated.
  • Once inflated, the cuff compresses the brachial artery, momentarily stopping blood flow.
  • Next, air in the cuff is slowly released while the person performing the measurement listens with a stethoscope or monitors an electronic readout.

Watch an interactive animation of a manual blood pressure test, including the sounds that a medical professional hears as the blood moves through the brachial artery in your arm.

Your blood pressure reading is recorded as two numbers:

  • Systolic blood pressure indicates how much pressure your blood is exerting against your artery walls during heartbeats.
  • Diastolic blood pressure indicates how much pressure your blood is exerting against your artery walls while the heart is resting between beats.

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How To Get A Free Blood Pressure Monitor

Public blood pressure machines, such as those found in pharmacies, may provide helpful information about your blood pressure, but they can have limitations too. The accuracy of these machines depends on several factors, such as the correct cuff size and proper use of the machines. Ask your doctor for advice on using public blood pressure machines. You think about how to get a free blood pressure monitor!

The blood pressure cuffs on some public blood pressure machines may be too small or too large to get an accurate reading on some people with high blood pressure. Having a properly fitting cuff is important because poorly fitting cuffs dont give accurate blood pressure measurements, which could lead you to think your blood pressure is fine when its not. An additional concern is that these devices arent standardized, which makes it hard to know how accurate they are.

How To Take Your Blood Pressure

You can take your blood pressure at home using a blood pressure monitor and use the blood pressure calculator as guidance on what your reading means. Ensure the monitor has been clinically validated. Find a list of blood pressure monitors available for home use on the British and Irish Hypertension Society website.

  • Sit quietly and comfortably on a chair with legs uncrossed and feet flat on the ground with an even surface in front of you.
  • Place your arm on the surface in front of you so that it is supported level with your heart. Remove tight clothing and wrap the cuff around your upper arm.
  • Activate the blood pressure monitor, the cuff will inflate to restrict the blood flow in your arm is it gauges your blood pressure. This will last for a short time.
  • As the cuff deflates, your reading is displayed on the monitor. Enter the two numbers into the blood pressure checker to determine the health of your reading.

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What Is Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure is when the blood pressure is 90/60 or less when youâre resting. If you have low blood pressure, you may experience dizziness, fainting, blurred vision, nausea and general weakness. People who are older and have low blood pressure are at higher risk of injuring themselves by falling.

Why Is Monitoring Blood Pressure Important

KRCG ladies get blood pressure checked after the show on “Go Red for Women” Day

High blood pressure causes silent damage to the blood vessels and the heart. If untreated this damage progresses over time and may result in stroke or heart attack.

These serious events occur at a younger age in people with high blood pressure than in people with normal blood pressure. High blood pressure also increases the risk of damage to the blood vessels in your kidneys and eyes.

A number of our pharmacies also offer a 24 hour blood pressure monitor service. This form of screening is more accurate than standard blood pressure tests as it monitors your blood pressure at intervals for 24 hours. Doctors will often recommend 24 hour blood pressure monitoring before deciding if you need medication to lower your blood pressure or whether your medication needs to be changed.

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Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure To Look Out For

Going for a regular high blood pressure test is a good way to stay on top of your bodys health. However, you can back this up by keeping an eye out for symptoms of high blood pressure between tests.

These include:

  • blood in your urine
  • a pounding noise in your chest, neck or ears.

If you experience any of these symptoms, its a good idea to go for a blood pressure screening as soon as possible. This will make sure you can get on top of it before it causes any serious damage!

How Is High Blood Pressure Diagnosed

To figure out your blood pressure rate, your health care provider takes blood pressure readings at different times. You need more than 1 reading because blood pressure changes depending on what you are doing and varies during the day. For example, your blood pressure can increase when you are nervous or in a hurry.

If your blood pressure is high while with your health care provider but normal otherwise, you may just be nervous. This effect is common. Even people already being treated for high blood pressure go through this.

What matters is what happens to your blood pressure outside your health care providers office. If you have high blood pressure, you should use a home blood pressure monitor. Ask your health care provider how to use the monitor correctly.

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Its Easy To Arrange A Blood Pressure Check You Can Simply Make An Appointment With Your Gp Practice Nurse Or At Your Local Pharmacy

There are lots of other places you can have them too. In most cases the checks should be free, so it is worth looking around.

If you have your blood pressure tested somewhere other than your doctors surgery or hospital and your blood pressure reading is high, make an appointment with your GP. One high reading doesnt necessarily mean you have high blood pressure. Your GP will be able to find out more and talk to you about any treatments or lifestyle changes you might need.

Here Are Some Tips For Taking An Accurate Vital Sign Reading At Home:

Get Your Blood Pressure Checked!
  • Rest for five minutes before taking a vital sign measurement
  • Avoid drinking caffeine or alcohol, smoking or exercising within a half-hour before measuring your vital sign
  • Sit quietly during a chair together with your back straight and supported. Your feet should be flat on the floor- dont cross them.
  • Your arm should be at the bottom level, supported on a flat surface
  • Make sure the cuff fits properly. A cuff thats too small or overlarge will provides a falsely high or low vital sign reading.
  • Dont take the measurement over clothes
  • Measure at the same time every day
  • Take multiple readings

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Medications For High Blood Pressure

There is a large variety of medicines available to lower and manage high blood pressure. Your doctor may call them antihypertensives, .

These medications do not cure high blood pressure, but they do help manage it. Once you start to take medicines to manage your blood pressure, you may need to take them for the rest of your life. However, the dose of these medicines may change over time.

If you need to take medication, your doctor will advise you on the correct type and dose. Two or more different medications are often needed to manage blood pressure.

Make sure you take your medicines regularly. Some things that may help you remember to take them include:

  • Building them into your daily routine by taking them at the same time each day.
  • Keeping them somewhere that will remind you such as next to your alarm, or with your coffee or tea.
  • Using a weekly pill box.
  • Asking a family member or friend to remind you.
  • Always carrying a list of your medicines and their doses with you.
  • Entering a daily alarm in your mobile phone or download an app to remind you.

Take any blood pressure medicine exactly as prescribed. Dont stop or change your medicine, unless your doctor advises you to.


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