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How Does Coffee Affect Blood Pressure

Some Reports Say Theres No Direct Link Between Caffeine And Blood Pressure

Does Coffee Raise Blood Pressure? Time To Clarify The Confusion

According to Mayo Clinic:

Caffeine can cause a short, but dramatic increase in your blood pressure, even if you don’t have high blood pressure. It’s unclear what causes this spike in blood pressure. Some researchers believe that caffeine could block a hormone that helps keep your arteries widened. Others think that caffeine causes your adrenal glands to release more adrenaline, which causes your blood pressure to increase.

Recent studies, however, have repeatedly reported that caffeine doesnt necessarily lead to an increased blood pressure, nor does it up the risk for cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease and cardiac arrest. also states a well-known study stating that theres no direct link between caffeine and a rise in blood pressure:

One very well-known study examined more than 85,000 women over a ten-year period and found that there was no increased risk of these diseases, even in women who drank more than six cups of coffee per day.

The Joint National Committee on Hypertension likewise reports that theres indeed no evidence that caffeine leads to high blood pressure.

And heres another silver lining:

Healing H Pylori Or Prevent Ulcers

Coffee is highly acidic and that acidity can also damage an inflamed stomach. Bacterial infections of the stomach can cause inflammation of the lining.

H. pylori is a bacterial infection of the stomach lining that causes the protective lining to wear away. In this case the acid in coffee can aggravate or cause ulcers.

How Much Coffee Should I Drink If I Have High Blood Pressure

Its up to you to decide how much coffee you can have if you have high blood pressure. Some recommend limiting your caffeine intake to 200 mg caffeine per day for healthy blood pressure. This is roughly the equivalent of two cups of brewed coffee per day. If you have high blood pressure, then this guideline could be worth following especially if youre specifically trying to lower your blood pressure, rather than just maintain it at its current level.

Keep in mind though that two cups per day may still increase blood pressure too much for some. Each persons sensitivity to caffeine is different, and can change.

You can try to assess the short-term effect of caffeine by taking blood pressure readings. Take a reading first at rest before having any caffeine, and again about 30-60 minutes afterwards . If your readings go up 5-10 points after caffeine then its likely youre sensitive to it.

However, this doesnt measure any subtle ongoing effects that caffeine may be having on your blood pressure. So if youre trying to lower your blood pressure, better to keep your caffeine intake on the low side.

Personal factors relating to coffee and high blood pressure

When figuring out what amount of caffeine is healthy for you, you also need to consider personal characteristics and other activities which exacerbate the effects of caffeine. These include:

Your age: The older you get especially once youre over 70 the more your blood pressure is likely to react to caffeine.

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Home Remedy To Lower Blood Pressure Immediately

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How Much Does Caffeine Increase Blood Pressure

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A normal blood pressure reading is considered to be less than 120 mm Hg systolic and less than 80 mm Hg diastolic. The results from one study suggest that around five cups per day of coffee caused a 1-2 mm Hg increase in blood pressure. Reviews have also reported changes of between 3-15 mm Hg systolic and 4-13 mm Hg diastolic after caffeine consumption.

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How Does Caffeine Effect Your Blood Pressure

Are you one of many people who cant function without having their morning coffee first? If so, there are a few effects that caffeine can have on hypertension. The java jolt of a caffeine fix may cause a jump in blood pressure a particular problem in people who already have high blood pressure.

Caffeine can cause a short, but dramatic increase in your blood pressure, even if you dont have high blood pressure. It is not clear what causes this spike in blood pressure. Some researchers believe that caffeine could block a hormone that helps keep your arteries wide enough for steady blood flow.

Some people who constantly drink caffeinated beverages have a higher average blood pressure than those who dont drink any. Others who regularly drink caffeinated beverages develop a tolerance to caffeine. As a result, caffeine doesnt have a longterm effect on their blood pressure. Research has shown that caffeine has a stronger blood pressure increasing effect in men who are older than 70 or who are overweight.

To see if caffeine might be raising your blood pressure, check your blood pressure within 30 to 120 minutes of drinking a cup of coffee or another caffeinated beverage. If your blood pressure increases by five to 10 points, you may be sensitive to the blood pressure raising effects of caffeine. If you plan to cut back on caffeine, eliminate it slowly over several days to avoid withdrawal headaches.

Quick Answer: How Much Does Coffee Raise Your Blood Pressure

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May Increase Blood Pressure Temporarily A review of 34 studies showed that 200300 mg of caffeine from coffee approximately the amount youd consume in 1.52 cups resulted in an average increase of 8 mm Hg and 6 mm Hg in systolic and diastolic blood pressure, respectively .

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Study Selection And Data Extraction

Two investigators independently selected the studies and extracted the data, and discrepancies were resolved by consensus. To examine the effect of coffee or caffeine consumption on change in BP, we selected controlled clinical trials, either randomized or nonrandomized, in which participants had an SBP 140 mm Hg and/or a DBP 90 mm Hg or who were identified as having mild or mild-to-moderate hypertension . Trials with a co-intervention on other lifestyles factors, such as smoking or physical activity, were excluded. As was done in a previous review , the studies were classified into 2 groups, according to whether duration of coffee or caffeine intake was < 1 wk or 1 wk .

To explore the association between habitual coffee consumption and risk of CVD in hypertensive individuals, we selected cohort studies in which the outcome variables were CVD incidence or mortality. Both cohort studies of hypertensive individuals and larger cohorts that presented results in a subgroup of hypertensive individuals were included.

How To Make Iced Tea That Lowers Your Blood Pressure

Effect of caffeine on blood pressure

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Last year I did some research on the health benefits of tea for a project, and I was excited to learn that several types of tea are great for your blood pressure. Since then, Ive been experimenting with different brands and flavor blends, and I hit on an iced tea recipe that I really love. Its my sparkling hibiscus green iced tea.

This is a cold-brewed iced tea . Its packed with antioxidants that are great for your heart and can reduce your blood pressure.

Did you know, next to water, tea is the most popular beverage in the world? I have to admit, Ive always been more of a coffee lover. Tea used to be something that I only had when I was sick. I think its because back in the day, I only knew about black tea, and I couldnt get past the astringent feeling it leaves in your mouth. Im the same way about red wine.

It turns out that astringent feeling, which some people describe as a bitter, dry taste on your tongue or in your mouth, is exactly why tea is SO good for you. Its caused by tannins. They belong to a larger class of antioxidant compounds called polyphenols. All types of true tea are packed with polyphenols.

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Your Genes Play A Huge Part In Your Risk

Based on those studies alone, it appears youre in the clear to indulge every day

But its not that straight forward.

Not all the large observational studies found that regular coffee consumption is harmless. A possible reason for the inconsistent findings is that the population varies in underlying responses to caffeine.

How well we metabolise and tolerate caffeine is determined by our genes.

Individual genetic variations influence how our body reacts to external factors, especially how it reacts to the nutrients we eat. Genetic variations can influence metabolism for loads of nutrients such as alcohol , folate and folic acid , and caffeine too.

Depending on your genes, you may be a fast caffeine metaboliser or a slow one. This greatly influences how your blood pressure responds to coffee, as well as your heart disease risk .

Sadly, Im a super slow caffeine metaboliser, which is why I drink decaf.

Therefore, although caffeine only raises blood pressure short-term, those who are slow caffeine metabolisers and consume large amounts of coffee are probably at greater risk of negative cardiovascular health consequences.

In other words, if you are sensitive to caffeine and already have high blood pressure, it would be in your best interest to minimise intake or drink decaf where possible.

Peanut Butter And Banana Smoothie

âWhat about a filling drink?â we can hear you asking. Well, weâve got a smoothie for you. Smoothies are a great way to add healthy nutrients into your diet. You can make them from nearly any fruit or vegetable, mixed with a bit of dairy or ice. This makes them high in nutrients, but lower in calories.

For our blood pressure-blasting smoothie, weâll take a classic combination â bananas and peanut butter. Peanuts and peanut butter can lower your blood pressure, but itâs worth noting that you should use a low fat or low sodium variety. Many peanut butters are loaded with sodium and trans fats, which can increase your blood pressure. A discerning eye here can save you a lot of grief. As for bananas, we mentioned how potassium helps combat hypertension. There arenât many foods out there with more potassium than bananas. Both have concerns, since bananas are high in sugar and peanut butter can be unhealthy. That said, in moderate amounts the benefits outweigh the negatives.

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Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Regularly drinking too much alcohol can raise your blood pressure over time.

Staying within the recommended levels is the best way to reduce your risk of developing high blood pressure:

  • men and women are advised not to regularly drink more than 14 units a week
  • spread your drinking over 3 days or more if you drink as much as 14 units a week

How Coffee Raises Blood Pressure

Does Coffee Raise Blood Pressure? Time To Clarify The ...

The following 4 studies will inform you how drinking caffeinated coffee raises your blood pressure immediately after drinking it. Its one of 15 reasons why it fluctuates throughout the day. You can read about all of them in my blog post by clicking here, Fluctuating Blood Pressure and Inconsistent BP Readings. The following studies will teach how the effect of coffee on your blood pressure is less when you are a habitual coffee drinker. The section following this one, will discuss the long-term effects.

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Does Coffee Raise Blood Sugar And Insulin Levels

I know this topic is about coffee drinking and blood pressure but a quick word about coffee and blood sugar wouldnt go amiss for completeness. The reason is most people who have concerns about their BP reading when they drink coffee also worry about the effect of coffee on their blood sugar levels too.

Not to mention that they may be concerned about coffee and their insulin level.

Truth be told, just like coffee and blood pressure studies, the results for coffee and blood sugar are mixed.

For instance, this meta-analysis tells us that caffeine intake increases blood glucose levels. Not just that, in majority of the studies they pooled together, the study results suggest that caffeine intake whether it be from coffee or tea prolongs the period of high blood sugar levels.

Some other reports like this one did not make any significant association either way, so long as the intake of coffee or caffeine was limited to 2.5 mg/kg body weight per day.

The same could be said for relationship between caffeine and insulin levels and insulin sensitivity. Some studies suggest caffeine will raise insulin levels, other say coffee or caffeine has no effect on insulin.

Others like this one however indicate caffeine or coffee is good for type 2 diabetes. Meaning coffee has a protective effect and actually improves insulin sensitivity. So, consuming coffee means you need less insulin to drop your blood glucose levels.

Lesson is:

Teas And Their Healing Benefits

I discovered the tea straw in Argentina, which makes drinking loose leaf tea a breeze. Just put one teaspoon in a cup, add hot water and sip it through this easy to clean, metal straw. The straw filters out tea leaf debris.

Buying loose leaf tea in bulk can be cheaper, better quality, fresher, open up a wider selection and you can control the strength .

Argentinian tea straws are inexpensive and available here.

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To Sum It Up Does Coffee Raise Blood Pressure

Studies show that coffee increases blood pressure for up to 3 hours , after which it returns back down.

As the effects are so short-lived, for the general population regular coffee consumption does not raise your blood pressure long-term, nor does it appear to increase your risk of cardiovascular health problems.

However, there is a large caveat.

Our individual tolerance of caffeine is largely determined by our genes. Slow caffeine metabolisers have much greater spikes in blood pressure after a coffee, and are far more at risk for negative cardiovascular consequences as a result.

If you suspect you are a slow caffeine metaboliser, and you have existing high blood pressure, I recommend limiting yourself to one coffee per day. Better yet, switch to decaf.

For the majority though, a few coffees per day will not raise blood pressure in the long-run just dont have one before a blood pressure check-up.

Does Coffee Raise Or Lower Blood Pressure

Caffeine and Your Blood Pressure

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Acute Effects Of Caffeine On Bp In Hypertensive Individuals

The characteristics of the 5 studies selected are shown in . All were conducted in English-speaking countries and included persons between 20 and 82 y of age who were habitual coffee drinkers. All of these studies had a crossover design. Study quality was heterogeneous. Three studies were randomized , and all of the studies were double-blind except for the oldest study . The BP measurements were based on 2 readings in 3 studies, but Freestone and Ramsay and Vlachopoulos et al did not report this information. No losses to follow-up were reported, although in the study by Potter et al one person did not participate in the second protocol because of illness. The BP cutoffs to define hypertension varied among studies and were not reported in 2 studies . Moreover, participants in these 2 studies continued to take their antihypertensive medication, whereas patients in the other studies did not receive treatment. Participants abstained from coffee and caffeine consumption before the study for periods ranging from 9 to 48 h.

Meta-analysis of the acute effects of caffeine on blood pressure in hypertensive individuals, stratified by caffeine intake, caffeine abstinence before the start of the trial, and use of antihypertensive medication


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