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Can High Blood Pressure Cause Ed

Angiotensin Ii Receptor Blockers

How high blood pressure affects erectile dysfunction? – Dr. Vasan S S

As mentioned earlier, angiotensin II is a chemical enzyme that leads to a narrowing and constricting of blood vessels when its released into the bloodstream. While ACE inhibitors aim to prevent its conversion, ARBs work to negate its effects in the body directly.

Some examples of ARBs include:

  • Atacand
  • Micardis
  • Teveten

ARBs were at one point studied as a potential treatment for erectile dysfunction. A total of 2,809 men participated in four clinical trials during which they were given ARBs.

While the men receiving ARBs experienced an improvement in overall sexual activity, their erectile function didnt increase by a significant enough margin when compared to control groups to be considered efficacious.

The Takeaway: High Blood Pressure And Erectile Dysfunction Are Very Closely Linked In Several Ways Not Only Can Having High Blood Pressure Make It Harder To Achieve An Erection It Can Even Impact Your Sex Drive And Performance As Well Its Even Possible For Some Medications For High Blood Pressure To Cause Erectile Dysfunction As A Side Effect

Lowering your blood pressure will go a long way in helping to combat erectile dysfunction. A diet change, some more exercise, and cutting back on drinking and smoking are just a few changes that will help in the process.

In the meantime, it may be a good idea to talk with your doctor about prescription ED medication for treating erectile dysfunction. These drugs can help eliminate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction while you work to lower your blood pressure naturally.

Erectile Dysfunction And Antihypertensive Drugs

The association of ED and vascular risk factors including hypertension raises the hypothesis that endothelial dysfunction is the common link between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease. But a possible association between ED and hypertension is much more intricate issue involving other aspects, such as the hemodynamic interferences caused by antihypertensive drugs.

There is a complex relationship among arterial hypertension and erectile dysfunction that is explained by the multifactorial pathophysiological process that take place in both conditions . So, considering that it is still matter of discussion if hypertension is cause or consequence of endothelial dysfunction, it can influence ED severity or it could appear before ED. Depending on the class of the antihypertensive drug and its effect over endothelium mediators, the impact on ED could be positive or negative. PDE5 inhibitors, ED’s first line therapy, present a mechanism of action based on NO bioavailability. Lack of efficacy could represent a more intense vascular damage. In contrast, continuous use of PDE5 inhibitors proved to reverse endothelial dysfunction with positive impact on sexual function and even on blood pressure control.

Relationship between hypertension and erectile dysfunction. PDE5, phosphodiesterase 5.

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How High Blood Pressure Causes Erectile Dysfunction

High blood pressure puts stress on all of your bodys organs, making it a medical condition that everyone should pay attention to. Its also closely linked to erection issues. In total, about 30% of men with hypertension also have some degree of erectile dysfunction.

There are both direct effects and indirect effects of high blood pressure on erection quality and consistency. Before we get into the ways hypertension can indirectly affect erections, lets look at the direct effects that it has on ED.

Erectile Dysfunction High Blood Pressure

Mouthwash Can Cause ED, High Blood Pressure &  Gut Problems

VigRX Plus Review: The TRUTH About This ED Supplement Erectile Dysfunction High Blood Pressure

Introduction to VigRXHas your sexual appetite gone south of late? Do you struggle to maintain erections? Or does your bad sexual efficiency leave your self-confidence in tatters? If your answer to these concerns is yes, then this VigRX Plus review is for you. Erectile Dysfunction High Blood Pressure.I understand that performance in bed is an extremely delicate subject, hence the requirement for this finest ED supplement evaluation. Read on as I go over the pros, cons, and features of VigRX.And to help you make informed choices, I ll also discuss two to three alternative drugs that you can utilize to enhance your sexual performance.

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What Dosage Of Beet Root Extract Do You Need To Lower Blood Pressure

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Medications You Take For Controlling Bp Can Also Cause Ed

Should you consult a doctor for your erectile dysfunction, he may ask if you have high blood pressure and the medications youre taking. Typically, the beta-blockers and diuretics contained in BP-controlling drugs can lead to ED.

  • Beta-blockers help control BP and regulate the rhythms of the heart by soothing the force with which blood is pumped through the arteries. As a result, the meds also lower the blood reaching the penile muscles making it difficult to achieve arousal.
  • Beta-blockers can make you feel drowsy and depressed and lower excitement levels and response to stimulation. You may also notice a lower libido.
  • Diuretics in the medications again cut down on the blood supply to the penis. Further, diuretics may flush out zinc from your body. Know that zinc is an essential component of testosterone, the hormone that controls arousal.

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Calcium Channel Blockers And Erectile Dysfunction

Calcium channel blockers treat hypertension by blocking calcium from entering the cells of the heart and arteries. This relaxes blood vessels and improves blood flow.

A recent analysis of literature looking at five epidemiological trials evaluating the effect of different cardiovascular drugs on erectile function found that calcium channel blockers had no relevant or even a positive effect on erectile function.

While these findings may be underwhelming, they are contradictory to older studies that have implicated the use of calcium channel blockers in erectile dysfunction. More research is needed to confirm the role of calcium channel blockers in erectile dysfunction.

Common calcium channel blockers prescribed for high blood pressure include:

  • Norvasc
  • Calan SR, Verelan, Covera-HS

The Takeaway: Fortunately There Are Several Medications To Lower Blood Pressure That Dont Have A History Of Causing Erectile Dysfunction In Fact Some Have The Potential To Treat Erectile Dysfunction Using An Ace Inhibitor Arb Alpha Blocker Or Calcium Channel Blocker May Treat High Blood Pressure Without Causing Erectile Issues

How High Blood Pressure Affects Erectile Dysfunction? | Dr. Vasan SS – Manipal Hospital

Treating erectile dysfunction while taking blood pressure medication can be challenging. Due to the potential for negative interactions, its not recommended to use prescription medications for erectile dysfunction when taking most medications for blood pressure as they can lead to a dangerous drop in blood pressure.

If you’re currently taking medications to lower your blood pressure, talk with a medical professional about the possibility of switching to a different medication. Rex MD may be able to help. Learn more and get started with our free survey by clicking here.

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High Blood Pressure And Male Sex Drive

High blood pressure is also closely linked to a decline in testosterone levels, the key hormone thats responsible for sex drive in men. Research from 2002 notes that men with hypertension typically had lower levels of testosterone than men with normal or optimal blood pressure.

Since testosterone is the primary sex hormone in men and a major factor in promoting normal sexual performance, high blood pressure can produce a double hit of ED by making it harder to get an erection while also reducing hormonal sexual interest and performance.

Diuretics And Beta Blockers Bp Meds May Cause Erectile Dysfunction

One of the first types of medications that a doctor would prescribe to someone with high blood pressure is diuretics . These are pills that essentially get rid of excess salt and water within your body, thereby reducing overall blood volume and therefore overall blood pressure. However, because diuretics also reduce fluid levels in the body, they can also result in decreased blood flow to the penisâwhich is necessary for erection.Beta blockers are also another common medication that doctors prescribe to their patients. These drugs reduce the effects of a body hormone called epinephrine, which helps to lower blood pressure and heart rate. Unfortunately, beta blockers can also block your erection. Epinephrine plays a part in the nervous system, which is very much needed in the realm of getting stimulated.Hereâs a brief list of brand names for diuretics and beta-blockers. See any that are familiar to you?Diuretics: Clorpres, Tenoretic, Lopressor, Lasix, ZaroxolynBeta-blockers: Atenolol, Sectral, Monocor, Coreg, Levatol, Inderal

To cut to the chase, both diuretics and beta blockers are good at lowering high blood pressure, but sometimes they may also come with side effects, which include erectile dysfunction.Make sure the medications you or your partner takes are not the reason why you canât have fun in bed!

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Can High Blood Pressure Cause Erectile Dysfunction

There are numerous causes of ED from underlying physical health issues to psychological ED. High blood pressure, also called hypertension, can be a major contributor to erectile dysfunction . Studies show that at least 30% of men who have high blood pressure also experience ED.

Blood pressure refers to the pressure needed to cause a flow of blood through the blood vessels. When the pressure is too high the arteries in the body can become damaged by becoming less narrow and flexible, reducing blood flow. While this can lead to life threatening events such as a heart attack or stroke, one of the first signs of high blood pressure can be erectile dysfunction. Without proper blood flow to the penis, one can not get or maintain an erection. To make matters worse, the top two medications for treating high blood pressure can often lead to or exacerbate ED, creating a vicious cycle.

One common treatment for high blood pressure is the use of beta blockers, which block the release of adrenaline and noradrenaline in certain parts of the body. This results in a reduction of the heart rate and reduces the force with which blood is pumped, effectively lowering blood pressure. However, this also means that blood flow to the penis is reduced, which obviously decreases the strength of erections.

High Blood Pressure Can Increase A Mans Risk For Erectile Dysfunction Yet Some Bp Drugs Also Can Contribute To The Problem

Can High Blood Pressure Medication cause Erectile Dysfunction ...

One reason erectile dysfunction becomes more common with age is that older men are more likely to be on medication, and ED is often a side effect of many common drugs. In fact, its been estimated that 25% of all ED is caused by medication.

Several drugs can produce erectile difficulties, but blood pressure drugs are near the top. ED is an occasional side effect of BP drugs like thiazide diuretics, loop diuretics, and beta-blockers, all of which can decrease blood flow to the penis and make it difficult to get an erection. However, other BP drugs, such as alpha-blockers, ACE inhibitors, and angioten-sin-receptor blockers, rarely cause ED.

Some research even suggests the effect of blood pressure drugs may be more psychological than physical. When ED occurs after a man begins to take a new medication, its possible that anxiety about his health, rather than the medication, may trigger the problem. And being aware of possible side effects may make a man more likely to recognize them as abnormal.

If you get ED shortly after starting treatment with any BP drug, speak with your doctor. He or she may be able to substitute for a different one. Keep in mind that it can take anywhere from several days to several weeks after stopping a high blood pressure medication for erections to return.

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Who Should Not Take Viagra Or Generic Viagra

Do not take VIAGRA® or generic VIAGRA® if you:

  • Take any medicines called nitrates, often prescribed for chest pain, or guanylate cyclase stimulators like Adempas for pulmonary hypertension. Your blood pressure could drop to an unsafe level
  • Are allergic to sildenafil, as contained in VIAGRA® and REVATIO®, or any of the ingredients in VIAGRA® or generic VIAGRA® tablets.
  • Are a women or a child

High Blood Pressure Drugs Not Likely To Cause Ed

Some families of high blood pressure drugs rarely cause ED as a side effect. They include:

ACE inhibitors — such as Capoten, Lotensin, Prinivil, and Zestril for example — widen blood vessels and increase blood flow. Erectile dysfunction is rarely a side effect, occurring in less than 1% of patients. There are several different drugs in this category. This seems to be true of all of them.

There are also drugs known as calcium channel blockers, such as Amlodipine, Diltiazem, or Verapamil. As a group, they rarely cause erectile dysfunction. But erection problems may be less common with some individual drugs within that group than with others. Your doctor can tell you which.

In general, alpha-blockers do not often cause erection problems either. In one study, a small number of men actually had a 100% improvement in their erectile dysfunction after 2 years on the alpha-blocker Cardura.

Drugs known as ARBs are not only unlikely to cause erection problems, but they may improve sexual function in men with high blood pressure.

One study looked at the drug Cozaar, an ARB. At first, just 7% of men and women in the study said they felt sexually satisfied overall. After 12 weeks of Cozaar, about 58% said they were sexually satisfied. The percentage of men who reported having erectile dysfunction dropped from 75% to 12%.

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Pathophysiology Of Ed In Hypertensive Patients

Several hypotheses try to explain the pathophysiology of ED in hypertensive individuals. Since the pioneering work of Jeremy et al. who highlighted the role of endothelial oxidative stress on the genesis of ED, other publications reinforce this finding even demonstrating that antioxidant therapy could improve endothelial function with positive interference on erectile function .

Corroborating this link among hypertension and ED, Vlachopoulos et al. identified that hypertensive men had greater carotid intima-media thickness, lower brachial flow-mediated dilation, and higher levels of serum inflammatory mediators than normotensive individuals with similar cardiovascular risk . They suggested NO bioavailability reduction caused by ADMA accumulation consequent of high blood pressure as the molecular mechanism for these findings. This and other authors argue that ED should represent a clinical sign of a deeper vascular damage in hypertensive patients and an increased risk of cardiovascular events. In this way, Prisant et al. showed that ED severity among hypertensive subjects were associated with age, duration of hypertension, and presence of peripheral vascular disease .

Why Asking About Sexual Life Before Starting Antihypertensive Drugs

Impotence, Smoking and High Blood Pressure

Management of hypertension should take into account, especially in elderly, the possible negative impact of antihypertensive drugs on the patient’s quality of life, the deterioration of which may reduce treatment compliance . Although ED has a high prevalence in the hypertensive population, sexual questions are not frequently asked during general practitioners consultations . Many hypertensive men do not recognize that they have ED and only a minority of GP considers ED or other sexual issues for the treatment of hypertension as either a possible adverse outcome or as a factor to consider in treatment decision .

Knowledge about sexuality seems important as men and women increased their life expectance and want to keep quality of life during aging. Erectile function preservation is essential for sexually active man while having a lower weight for other who has no intercourses. A sexual evaluation in GP visits could detect ED earlier and also help in risk factors therapy customization, avoiding certain drug classes that could disturb sexuality . Besides high prevalence of ED among hypertensive individuals, possible association to ED severity and important aspects in therapeutic compliance improvement justify the relevance of a brief sexual anamnesis in one of the first visits inside GP or cardiologists offices . Evidences demonstrate that the successful treatment of ED is associated with significant improvements in overall physical and emotional well-being .

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Erectile Dysfunction Can Be An Early Warning Sign

One of the first stages of coronary heart disease is endothelial dysfunction, a condition in which the blood vessels cannot dilate properly. Endothelial dysfunction often affects the blood vessels of the penis first. In many cases, ED might be the first clue that something is amiss. Erectile dysfunction is often a hint of underlying heart disease, Blaha says.


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