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Can You Measure Blood Pressure With Apple Watch

No Chance Apple Watch Series 7 Will Pack Blood Pressure Monitoring

Can Apple watch measure blood pressure?

There is no chance Apple Watch Series 7 will be able to monitor your blood pressure, despite recent claims that the next-generation device has been delayed to accommodate this feature, according to one reliable reporter.

A Tuesday report from NikkeiAsia claimed that production has temporarily halted on Apple Watch Series 7 while engineers iron out issues that have surfaced as a result of the devices new design and new features.

Why Monitor Blood Pressure With Your Iphone

If you are dealing with hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, or pregnancy, monitoring your blood pressure is very important.

If your blood pressure goes too high and you have any of these health conditions, you could become very sick or even die if your high blood pressure is not addressed quickly.

Checking your blood pressure several times a day can also give your health care providers a better idea of what is going on with your health so they can treat you more effectively. Getting a blood pressure reading only when you visit your doctor isnt enough.

Using your iPhone, which you probably keep nearby at all times, to monitor and track your blood pressure makes the process easier and more convenient.

Apple Watch Could Measure Blood Pressure With Error

The Apple Watch could offer a high level of accuracy when monitoring blood pressure, with Apple suggesting an actuator with a bladder and pressure sensors to reduce the number of errors when making a reading of the wearer.

Apple introduced blood oxygen tracking in the Apple Watch Series 6, giving users another metric in their fitness to track, alongside the heart rate and ECG features. However, one important blood-related measurement that has so far failed to be included is blood pressure monitoring.

Blood pressure monitoring would be great for people with an elevated blood pressure level, known as hypertension, as it is used as an indicator for potential health issues. Long-term and continuous monitoring of blood pressure could help identify specific patterns of hypertension, which may improve medical treatments.

While there have been rumors of a blood pressure feature being in the works, there has not been any real indication Apple is officially going down that route for a future Apple Watch model. Part of this is probably due to the extremely small size of the Apple Watch itself, and to somehow accomplish blood pressure measurements without requiring a vast amount of extra equipment, like electrodes or a blood pressure cuff.

Originally filed in September 2016, the patent lists its inventors as Thomas J. Sullivan, Ravi K. Narasimhan, Rui Qiao, Derek Park-Shing Young, Robert K. Montgomery II, Mohsen Mollazadeh, Zijing Zeng, Vasco D. Polyzoev, and Richard C. Kimoto.

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Pair The Cuffs With Your Apple Watch

Pairing the QardioArm was a breeze. Once you have the Qardio app on your watch, you will be prompted to set it up with a QardioArm or without.

You definitely should use the QardioArm option if you dont want to enter bp data manually every time. Once the setup is done, you can request your first reading.

We Believe That The Apple Watch Is Going To Be A Game Changer For Health Management

How to Monitor Blood Pressure with Apple Watch

For the health industry and actually for all of us, the Apple Watch is great news. You would probably not buy it if all you need is a step tracker. But you might buy it because it is beautiful and offers some great day-to-day functionality. But then, without even noticing it, you suddenly have a device that monitors your pulse and activity levels around the clock. It knows how much you are walking, if you are stressed out and how well you are sleeping. It tracks all this data in Apple Health and enables Apps to give you tips and advice. It also enables you to record the vital signs you are already tracking, like your blood pressure, so you can be on top of your medical condition everywhere you go, even in places you donât always take your phone to like the gym or your shower.

Entering Daily Blood Pressure is Fast and Easy

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Are Blood Pressure Watches Accurate

While they all check your blood pressure in the same ways, blood pressure watches dont always produce the same results. Some watches are more accurate than others. The most accurate watches are certified and approved by the FDA.

Still, a blood pressure smart watch can be accurate or less accurate depending on how you use it. Doctors recommend that you place your heart in your heart area before measuring your bloods pressure. If not, the readings recorded by watches tend to be higher than those recorded by a doctors blood pressure gauge.

If you are unsure of your blood pressure watchs accuracy, visit your doctor. She will compare the results given by her blood pressure gauge with those given by your watch and help you make proper adjustments in the future.

Apple Watch Cant Do That: What Smart Watches Measure Blood Pressure

Ive always liked Apple Watch more than any other smartwatch. Not only and not so much because apart from them there are no popular solutions on the market, but because no model, as I thought at the time, could compete with them in terms of functionality. No, well, see for yourself. Where else can you find a watch that can detect such a wide range of diseases? But, as it turned out, I was wrong, because for a long time there is at least one line of smart watches on the market, which not only is not inferior, but in some ways even surpasses the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch does not allow you to measure blood pressure, but the Galaxy Watch does

The Galaxy Watch 3 is the latest generation of Samsung smartwatches. Despite the lower popularity of the model, Korean engineers were not afraid to equip them with a truly demanded and, I would even say, innovative mode. This is a blood pressure measurement mode. To do this, the watch does not need a cuff or a special pump that would squeeze the wrist to make accurate measurements. You just need to sit down and wait a few seconds while the Galaxy Watch will perform the necessary manipulations.

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Apple Watch May Get Thermometer Blood

These health features reportedly won’t show up until 2022 at the earliest.

Apple reportedly has some ambitious health features in store for future versions of its Apple Watch. The tech giant is working on giving the Apple Watch a “tool to tell users when their blood pressure is increasing and a thermometer to help with fertility planning,” according to a report Wednesday from The Wall Street Journal.

The fertility feature could be available as soon as next year, said the Journal, citing unnamed sources and internal Apple documents. The company is also reportedly working on improvements to the Apple Watch’s irregular-heartbeat monitoring and sleep tracking, which could be available next year.

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Apple has made health and fitness one of the key elements of the Apple Watch. With the Apple Watch Series 6 last year, Apple introduced a sensor that can measure blood oxygen level and unveiled Fitness Plus, a subscription service offering workout routines and more. The continued push to add more sensors and health tools could help keep the Apple Watch ahead of competitors also looking to secure a place on people’s wrists by offering improved health tech.

Smartwatches That Measure Blood Pressure

Can the Apple watch measure blood pressure?

by Caress Fonte | Feb 5, 2021 | Learn |

Smartwatches are still popular today. Many brands incorporate new features to make these wearables more innovative, attracting tech-savvy people. But one part that is always common among these accessories is the ability to measure blood pressure. So if you are searching for a stylish accessory that can help you monitor your blood pressure, buying a smartwatch is an ideal thing to do. Since its quite challenging to pick which one is the best, weve listed down the top 7 smartwatches that measure blood pressure.

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Blood Pressure Monitors With Bluetooth

A trusted alternative for monitoring blood pressure on the iPhone are blood pressure monitors with Bluetooth and Apple Health Integration. These devices typically deliver blood pressure readings via Bluetooth to the chosen health apps, which in turn can be shared with apps like Cora Health using the Apple Health interface.

Here you can find a list of recommended blood pressure monitors

Greater Goods Smart Blood Pressure Monitor Kit

Unlike the previous recommendations, the Greater Good blood pressure monitor is more like the traditional cuff you get at the doctors office.

But unlike your doctors office cuff, this one is smart and connects to your mobile phone and Apples Health app!

However, at this time, this smart BP monitor only works with Apple Health and is not compatible with Samsung Health or Google Fit.

The cuff is adjustable, so it fits should fit everyone in your family and almost any size arm. And if you discover that your arm is too small for the cuff, contact customer service, and they should send you a smaller cuff, free of charge.

Plus, the cuff has an indicator to help you align it with your arms main artery to get the best reading.

The BP monitor includes a separate display thats big and bright so you can see all your numbers. Additionally, you can plug your display into a nearby outlet so that you can save your batteries for something else.

The Greater Good smart blood pressure monitor also includes access to their Balance app. Your monitor automatically syncs to the Balance app and with your iPhone over Bluetooth.

When you connect your BP monitor to the app, you can store as many entries as you want and easily track your hearts BP and overall health.

To share your monitor with others, each person needs to sign up with the Balance app using a separate email address.

As an affiliate, we earn a commission if you purchase through this link

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How The Galaxy Watch Measures Blood Pressure

The principle of operation of the pressure measurement technology used in the Galaxy Watch is traditional as for a smartwatch, although this solution is not very common so far. They simply measure the blood flow rate by scanning the wrist with a heart rate monitor, then perform the necessary calculations using software with neural network support and give the result. This is almost the only possible technique available to wearable electronics that is not equipped with an additional body kit. This is why even Apple uses it to teach Apple Watch how to measure pressure in the lab.

However, it will not work just like that and start measuring pressure for hours. Not only because in Russia this function is disabled due to the lack of permission for its operation, but because Samsung imposes certain requirements on the accuracy of the measurements that need to be compared with something. Therefore, before starting measurements, the Galaxy Watch must be calibrated using a real tonometer. It happens as follows:

  • We put the watch on the wrist and the cuff on the forearm
  • We start measuring pressure with a clock and a tonometer
  • We enter the results obtained into the Samsung Health Monitor application
  • We are waiting for the application to compare the results obtained and make adjustments
  • After that, you can measure the pressure for hours without a tonometer.

When Is This Coming To Apple Watch

Can Apple Watch measure blood pressure? Here

These patents were filed in 2017, so Apple has now been sitting on this technology for a few years now. Could we see Apple Watch measuring blood pressure inside the next year or two? Its possible. But Apple will want to make sure the apparatus that makes this possible works 100% correctly and that could prove tricky. Itll also need to do thousands of hours of real-world tests to make sure the data it records is accurate.

On top of this, Apple will have to find a way to convince people to ditch their traditional, medically backed blood pressure measurement units in favor of a new strap for their Apple Watch. Finally, Apple will need to assess whether there is even demand for such a thing. I mean, most people might be fine with their current blood pressure measurement setup and not want to pay $100-$200 for an Apple Watch accessory that might not be as accurate.

Either way, the patents show Apples long-standing commitment to making Apple Watch the #1 wearable for tracking health metrics. Just recently, Apple added the ability to more accurately track heart rate fluctuations by improving Apple Watchs EEG technology. Adding in the ability to monitor blood pressure seems like the next obvious step for Apple Watchs health capabilities

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Can Apple Watch Measure Blood Pressure

Well, considering the number of sensors equipped within the Apple Watch, the device is much ahead of most of its rivals. However, when it comes to the Blood Pressure monitor, one of the basic features that most users want, is not present on Apple Watch. You cannot use the Apple Watch directly to measure your Blood Pressure.

However, you can take advantage of pairing other devices with Apple Watch to gather data and analyze. You can get a third-party Blood Pressure monitor device that can pair with your Apple Watch and iPhone. QardioArm is such a smart blood pressure monitor for Apple Watch and iPhone. Using QardioArm, you can monitor your Blood Pressure using Apple Watch.

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Apples Blood Oxygen Is Not The Same As Blood Pressure

Just so you dont confuse yourself, blood oxygen is not the same as blood pressure. Apple currently supports blood oxygen level detection .

Blood Oxygen is the level of oxygen in the blood, whereas systolic and diastolic blood pressure refers to the pressure in blood vessels.

They are also calculated in different units. SpO2 is calculated in percentages while blood pressure is calculated in mmHg.

If you are wondering, there is a good correlation between blood oxygen and blood pressure. When the blood oxygen level is low, the pulmonary arteries get narrower. This squeezes the blood and results in increased blood pressure.

A blood oxygen level of 95-100% is considered normal. If it drops below 90%, you should be concerned and are supposed to contact a medical person as soon as possible.

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Why Is The Omron Heartguide Watch The Best Blood Pressure Measuring Smartwatch In My Opinion

This watch comes with an inflatable wristband that is able to measure your blood pressure, which is called an oscillometric measurement.

Its the only smartwatch out there that I personally know of that has an inflatable wristband and the company aims to be medically accurate as well.

Other smartwatches that can measure blood pressure are most likely equipped with the PPG and the ECG sensors, which are able to give a good estimation of what your blood pressure currently is but it wont be as accurate as the inflatable option.

After doing the measurement, it will automatically sync from the watch to your phone through Omrons application thats on your smartphone.

Besides this, the watch can do heart rate measurements, track your sleep and the number of steps you take every day.

On a single charge, the watch is able to last between 10 days and two weeks.

With a full battery, youll be good to do 30 to 50 blood pressure checks.

Blood Pressure Monitor Accuracy From Third Party Validation

Can an Apple watch measure blood pressure?

Given that there are so many blood pressure monitors available today with different features, it was necessary to ensure that these monitors are tested by an independent body and the general public is made aware of the findings.

To that end, the American Medical Association enlisted the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago to assist in the design and management of an independent process to determine which BP devices available in the U.S. meet the AMAs established criteria to validate clinical accuracy Criteria).

This process set up an Independent Review Committee comprised of physician experts in the BP field who could assess whether a BP device satisfies the VDL Criteria for validation of clinical accuracy.

This independent review process results in a formal list of BP devices that have been validated for clinical accuracy .

As part of the validation process, a device must have an active 510 pre-market clearance record and documentation. This ensures that the device you are buying is FDA compliant. This group has adopted a strict and transparent set of validation guidelines and criteria.

The Blood pressure monitors from OMRON and Withings have been validated as a part of this testing.

We recommend all our readers check out the US Blood pressure validated device listing before buying any of the monitors. ValidateBP is a great resource to learn about this.

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Blood Pressure Devices That Work With Apple Watch

These five wireless blood pressure monitors sync to your Apple Watch’s Health app.

Omron Evolv Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor : This portable monitor takes clinically accurate readings, and has a built-in screen that shows your readings so you don’t have to consult your phone screen each time. The Omron BPM syncs to your Apple watch via the Omron Connect mobile app using Bluetooth.

What Is Your Privacy Policy

Sharing of your blood pressure information data is solely at your discretion. We do not have any access to your health records or who you share it with. We may participate in research studies where we show you an option to participate in a study. But you decide whether you will participate in these studies or not. We also use Google Firebase and Yahoo Flurry analytics. These analytics platforms helps us understand usage of our app. For e.g. How many of our app users are actively using the charts within the app? This helps us prioritize what features we need to work on. We have no way of associating the usage data at an individual level. You can opt-out of these 3rd party services. For more information on our privacy policy, visit

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