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How To Pass Dot Blood Pressure Test

Take A Deep Breath Meditate

Lower your blood pressure quickly so you can pass a DOT Physical.

Whatever your method, reducing stress in general will have a positive effect on your blood pressure. The American Heart Association has released a scientific statement on alternative approaches to lowering blood pressure that acknowledges that there is some benefit to meditation as far as your heart is concerned.

You’re already alone in the truck. Close your eyes , take some deep breaths, and let the power of the universe’s healing energies wash over you.

High Blood Pressure Can Increase Your Risk Of Diabetes Check Now

Because blood pressure tests are so important, and sometimes uncomfortable, they can be stressful. That is a problem because anxiety and nerves while taking these tests can raise your reading so that it is not an accurate indicator of your true heart health.

This fear of having your blood pressure checked may be caused by another factor, white coat syndrome or white coat hypertension as defined by the Mayo Clinic. This is when people in clinical situations, such as a clinic or doctors office, can experience stress from the surrounding environment. Environmental stress in turn can cause a spike in blood pressure, which can cause falsely inflate readings.

There are ways to relax during a home or even in-office blood pressure test so you can get a good reading.

In Your Dot Physical One Element Of Your Health That Will Be Checked Is Your Blood Pressure

Higher than normal blood pressure can result in a failed DOT physical exam so understanding blood pressure and how to protect and keep yours in good shape is vital.

When you have your DOT physical, we will check and record your blood pressure. Blood pressure is measured as a ratio of two measurements your Systolic and Diastolic pressures. The Systolic number is the top one and measures the pressure in the arteries when the heart beats. It is the higher of the two numbers. Diastolic pressure is the bottom number and measures the pressure in the arteries between beats.

What are the DOT physical blood pressure requirements?

What if I am worried about the DOT physical and blood pressure issues?

There are some natural ways you can help to ensure you dont end up dealing with a high blood pressure problem or restriction as a result of your DOT medical exam.

Here are some ways to help control blood pressure naturally:

*Keep in mind that this information is not intended to provide specific medical advice or serve as a substitute for proper medical care. Always consult your physician before starting any new medications and/or exercise program. Also, do not discontinue or change the dosage of any of your current medications without discussing this with your physician.

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Dot Physical Exam Office Locations

Dr. Dean Zusmer has many office locations throughout Broward,;Palm Beach and Miami-Dade Counties.; At his offices he provides chiropractic services along with;CDL Medical;Exam & DOT Physical exams. Although recommended, no appointment is necessary for your;DOT physical. By calling ahead, we offer No-Wait Same-Day;CDL physical exams, Same-Day CDL medical cards upon exam completion;and provide free valet parking.

Contact Dr. Dean Zusmer today to set up your DOT Physical Exam Near Me at any of our locations!

National Registry Of Certified Medical Examiners #8668616912.

Dr. Dean Zusmer, DC

Eat Foods Rich In Potassium

Dot Blood Pressure Requirements

Potassium helps to offset the effects of increased sodium intake, allowing the kidneys to flush more sodium and excess fluid out of the body in the form of urine. Increased fluid levels because of high sodium levels have been linked to hypertension.

While bananas are usually the first food mentioned as good sources of potassium, likely because most stores stock them and they require zero preparation, there are plenty of others that are more potent sources. This includes beets, and as you’re already drinking beet juice from our tip above, it’s two birds with one stone.

Too much potassium can be dangerous, however, as high levels have been associated with cardiovascular events like heart attacks and stroke. Avoid potassium supplements, as most people can get a sufficient amount through eating fruits and vegetables. People with normal kidney function would find it nearly impossible to overdose on bananas.

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Doctors For Dot Medical Exam Near You

To find DOT medical exam clinics near you all you have to do is visit the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners here. Once you are on the page all you have to do is put in your city, state, and zip code.

After that you will get a list of doctors and a map showing you exactly where each clinic is located near you. Its very convenient and you have piece of mind knowing that the medical professional you visit for your DOT physical exam is certified and registered on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.

Dont waste your time going to your local doctor, they most likely are not certified to conduct the DOT physical exam.

Tips On Managing Your Blood Pressure

We understand that lots of people don’t like doctors, hospitals, and medical exams and that anticipating your appointment may elevate your blood pressure. But we work with drivers all day, and understand how important it is for you to pass your DOT exam. To help prepare yourself for the appointment, here are things you can do in the days and weeks leading up to your exam:

  • Take your medication every day as prescribed and on schedule.
  • If you forget a dose, take it as soon as possible if that’s what your doctor recommends.
  • Tell our team if you’ve recently missed a dose so that he can recheck your pressure later on or the following day.
  • Reduce your caffeine, nicotine, sugar, and salt consumption.
  • Remember that you won’t actually find a single white coat in our clinic!

Feel free to drop by Natural State Chiropractic, PLLC any time during office hours for a walk-in DOT exam. If you’re on a tight schedule and want to make sure there’s a spot open, call our team in advance to book an appointment for a DOT physical, a drug and alcohol test, or a regular adjustment.


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What Are The Signs And Symptoms

As mentioned, those who have high blood pressure often do not feel signs and symptoms.; If you ignore your blood pressure because you feel that you will have signs and symptoms that will alert you to the fact that it requires treatment, you are taking a dangerous chance with your life.

A number of symptoms have been indirectly related to very high blood pressure.; These include headaches and nose bleeds, dizziness for example.; Although these may relate to severe and chronic blood pressure issues, these symptoms can be caused by other medical problems.; If you suffer some or any of these symptoms you should be evaluated by your family doctor.

Why It Is Important

How to lower your blood pressure to pass DOT physical.

If you want to become a truck driver, and drive one of the class 8 trucks, you will have to obtain a CDL license.

As part of the process you will have to undergo the DOT Physical exam. This is a legal requirement;needed for your medical certificate, more commonly known as a DOT medical card.

So to bring the point home with other words, in order for you to obtain your CDL license, you will have to take the DOT Physical exam.

The exam will take only 30-45 minutes of your time , and in those cases the doctor visit can last longer.

As said, the DOT Physical exam is required and regulated by the;Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration .

It is used to determine whether or not the drivers health condition fulfills and meets all the FMCSA standards needed. It can be performed only by certified medical examiners that are listed on the;FMCSAs National Registry.

So, based off this exam is your driving career future! The DOT Physical exam will determine whether you are or you are not legally capable of operating a commercial truck and can perform all the job duties, or any related job duty in matter of fact.

The good part of it is that once you take and pass the DOT Physical Exam you are good to go for the next two years when its time to re-take the test.

If you do not have truck driver health insurance the DOT physical exam can still be done but it will cost you somewhere between $50 and $300.

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How Often Are Dot Exams Required

There are different medical certifications available for drivers, and this can vary from state to state. These certifications may range from three months to two years depending on different health issues like diabetes or hypertension. If a condition is treatable or managed, it may change the status of medical certifications once improvements are apparent after a follow-up DOT physical.

How Hard Is It To Pass A Dot Physical

DOT physicals are designed to determine if youre healthy enough to drive a commercial vehicle. Many conditions that might disqualify you can be managed.

If you can show that your condition is manageable and that youre under a medical professionals close care, youll usually be able to obtain a certificate.

Certain medical conditions may, however, disqualify you. These include:

  • poor vision that is not correctable
  • deafness

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Be Diligent About Taking Your Medications

If you take medications, do your best to take them around the same time each day. Additionally, if you run out of your medications right before your physical, do your best to get them refilled as soon as possible.

Taking medication at varying times or stopping your medication altogether may impact your test results during the physical.

Wait For A Few Minutes

Managing Blood Pressure for the DOT Physical Exam

Waiting for a few minutes after getting in the proper position lets you rest and relax before taking your blood pressure. Lark has tips on the correct position, such as placing your arm on a flat surface with the upper arm at heart level, keeping your legs uncrossed, and sitting upright on a chair with a back.

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Foods That Can Help You Lower Blood Pressure For Your Dot Physical Exam

What can help prevent or normalize blood pressure for taking the DOT Physical Exam is a diet low in sodium but in same time rich on magnesium, potassium and calcium. This diet is known as the DASH diet.

One thing that always works for me, when I need to lower my blood pressure is the beet juice! I had read online a while ago, right before taking my DOT Physical exam, on one of the numerous trucker forums that the nitric oxide found in beets relaxes blood vessels and dilates them.

That helps the blood flow more easily and lowers blood pressure. So I tried and;YES, It works for me!;Within three hours of drinking beet juice I had my pressure normalized. But I am not advocating doing this as a way to cheat the test.

Now, keep in mind, just because it worked for me, does not mean that it will be good for you too! Plus, I dont have any serious issues with blood pressure anyway. I probably had an anxiety right before the DOT physical exam, and that is why the numbers was high!


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Some other foods that are known to lower blood pressure are:

  • Dairy;
  • Pomegranate.

But, what I am recommending you to do is visit your regular doctor and do some checkups and consultations.

How To Prepare For Your Dot Physical

The DOT physical.

Even if youve been through it a dozen times or have no immediate concerns theres something about this test, and the career impact if you fail, that causes many drivers to get a little nervous about the exam.

And while we understand how stressful it can be, the number one piece of advice when getting ready for your exam is this: just try to relax. The physical effects of stress are real and can impact the results of your DOT physical. If you already expect your blood pressure reading to be a bit high, for example, you dont need your nerves to push it even higher.

If you feel yourself getting anxious as your appointment gets closer, try some deep breathing exercises to calm yourself down. This can lower your heart rate in preparation for the exam.

Something else that will help keep your nerves in check is to prepare adequately for your appointment. Here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare for your DOT physical:

Lastly, remember that you have the right to a second opinion if your DOT medical examiner wont issue you a medical card. Keep in mind, however, that while the FMCSA does allow for second opinions, you cant doctor shop until you find someone willing to pass you. This means that you must be clear with the examiner that you are indeed looking for a second opinion after being disqualified during the initial exam.

About the Author

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Tips To Pass The Dot Physical

The best way to avoid failing a DOT physical is to take care of your health. Listen to your doctors advice and make the healthy choices we all know we should be making. That may include eating right, stretching after driving a CMV for long distances, and taking a break during a long haul to get your heart rate up.

In addition to keeping an eye on your general health, if you have specific medical concerns, bring them up during your DOT physical exam. Make sure that you arrive at your appointment with all of your necessary paperwork and be honest about your medical history. If you have a note from your primary care doctor, or a specialist, regarding your current condition, bring it to your appointment.

If you notice that youre experiencing a change in your health, before or after the exam, we encourage you to stop by oururgent care. Let our trained medical staff determine what might be wrong and the ways to treat you. Take control of your health beginning today. Our Statcare doctors are always ready and willing to help you.

Tips On How To Pass A Dot Physical

How to lower your blood pressure in minutes. For any Truck driver taking dot physical.

By The Schneider Guy

In order to be a professional truck driver at a trucking company, you are required to pass a Department of Transportation Physical. A DOT Physical is a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration -mandated test that requires a medical examiner to assess various aspects of a truck drivers health.

After completing a DOT Physical, you will either be given a medical card and cleared to drive for two years or told you did not meet the FMCSA standards.

If you want to give yourself the greatest opportunity to do well in the exam, check out these tips on how to pass a DOT Physical from Atlas physical therapist Darin Flannery, who works out of Schneiders Indianapolis facility.

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Dont Smoke Dont Drink Alcohol And Cut The Caffeine Not Just 2 Days Before Your Dot Physical Exam Quit Now

This is a lifetime advice, not just something you should do two days prior to your DOT Physical exam.

We all know, and its a common sense the fact that nicotine, caffeine and alcohol have bed impact on your body and metabolism. This is even more so true when it comes to your blood pressure. All those bad habits increase your BP, especially in the short-term but in long terms as well.

S That Can Help You Lower Your Blood Pressure For The Dot Physical Exam

Now I am going to zip through a few pointers and tips for lowering your blood pressure, which can be for both short and long-term.

However, nothing beats going to the doctor and having the trained professionals guide you and your goals of improving your health.

Like I have said there are a numerous things you can do to keep your blood pressure where it needs to be.

Not just for the DOT physical exam, but for the good of your mind and body. I can offer you a few quick pointers, but again always get proper advice.

Now of course some of the things in the following sentences might seem obvious. But those are the hardest habits to break. So with that in mind, eating a bit healthier, including reducing your salt and sodium intake is a step in the right direction.

Sure, there are a few recommended foods that are readily available! Like your momma always said, Eat your vegetables.

Well it was true then and still is today. But along with that are your fruits. And if you can eat things rich in potassium, well thats all the better for you.

So, that would be things like bananas, potatoes, white beans, leafy greens, and apricots. Also drinking beet juice which I mention earlier is said to help. Some say this could lower your blood pressure within just a couple hours; it took three hours to lower mine!

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Commercial Drivers Need To Keep In Mind That The Most Important Safety Feature Is They Themselves The Driver

Every time you turn the key to start on a haul, you are responsible for your own safety, as well as the safety of others on the road around you. The required DOT physical examination you have to pass for your medical certificate deems you healthy enough to safety operate a commercial vehicle and to safely perform the demanding job of a CMV driver. Take the precautions that are necessary to do yourself and others the service of helping keep the roadways as safe as possible.


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