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Is Fish Oil Good For Blood Pressure

Fish Oil And High Blood Pressure

Supplements: The health benefits of fish oil

Omega-3s are converted in the body to substances that reduce inflammation. This helps to balance the effect of dietary omega-6 fats which promote inflammation. A diet that provides good amounts of omega-3s reduces the production of inflammatory mediators that would otherwise increase blood stickiness and hasten both hardening and furring up of the arteries and the progression of hypertension.

Results from 70 clinical trials have shown that, compared with placebo, daily EPA+DHA intakes reduce blood pressure, on average by 1.52/0.99 mmHg in all people whether or not you have hypertension. When just those with untreated hypertension were assessed, their blood pressure fell by an average of 4.51/3.05 mmHg. The researchers concluded that all doses of omega-3 fish oils can lower systolic blood pressure but that doses of at least 2 grams, or more, are needed to reduce diastolic blood pressure .

Small Decreases In Blood Pressure Could Save Thousands Of Lives

The analysis found that hypertensive study participants who received the Omega 3s DHA and EPA had an average decrease in systolic pressure of 4.51 mm Hg, while diastolic pressure fell an average of 3.05 mm Hg, compared to the placebo group.

Results from this study build on a wealth of prior data indicating that EPA+DHA intake reduced the risk of cardiovascular events,said Adam Ismail, executive director of the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s . It is now well-established that EPA and DHA reduce triglycerides and blood pressure and even highly critical meta-analyses have found that they reduce cardiac death risk by 9 percent.

When measuring blood pressure, even small reductions can have a significant clinical impact, added Dominik D. Alexander, PhD, MSPH, senior author of the meta-analysis.

For example, a paper published in Circulation reports that in a very large international study called INTERSALT, conducted across 32 countries, each 2 mm Hg drop in systolic blood pressure reduced coronary mortality by 4 percent, stroke death by 6 percent, and total mortality by 3 percent.

The Circulation paper also calculated that among Americans ages 45 to 64, a three percent decrease in mortality would mean 12,000 fewer deaths annually in that age group, while a 4 percent reduction in mortality would save about 16,000 American lives a year.

Fish Oil Lowers Blood Pressure

Over 300 volunteers with high blood pressure were asked to take a fish oil that provided either 0.7g or 1.8g of the long-chain omega-3s , or a control oil, during three separate periods of 8 weeks, with a washout period in-between. This showed the effect of each dose of fish oil on each persons blood pressure readings, compared to the control oil.

In those with systolic hypertension , daily doses of 0.7 g EPA+DHA lowered their blood pressure by 5mmHg enough to reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke by 20%. There were no significant changes in diastolic blood pressure however.

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What Else Can I Do To Support My Blood Pressure

Including more portions of oily fish in your diet needs to be part of a bigger, 360-degree, holistic approach that supports your overall cardiovascular health.

  • Aim for 30-minutes of cardiovascular exercise any activity that increases heart rate and respiration most days of the week to support healthy blood pressure

  • Limit your alcohol intake to one drink or fewer per day. Drinking more than that amount could spike blood pressure

  • Try switching to decaf coffee. Drinking just one or two cups of coffee can raise your blood pressure .

  • Aim for less than one teaspoon of salt a day and avoid processed and packaged foods since they often contain hidden amounts of salt. An excessive salt intake can often increase blood pressure.

  • Learn to relax with meditation, yoga, and deep breathing. The stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline cause blood pressure to spike.

  • Sit less! Interrupting prolonged sitting time can reduce high blood pressure .

  • Stop smoking. The nicotine found in cigarette smoke is widely known to increase blood pressure .

Making changes to your diet is one of the best ways to support healthy blood pressure and eating more oily fish is certainly a helpful weapon in your armoury. To learn more about fish oil, please head back to our dedicated health blog.

What The Research Tells Us

Blood Pressure Pills for Women  Omega 8060 (Fish Oil)  Omega 6 Mood ...

The results showed that among those with high blood pressure, taking fish oil supplements lowered both systolic and diastolic blood pressure by a small amount . There was no change in blood pressure among those with normal blood pressure.

Fish-oil supplements are not recommended as an alternate therapy for people who have been prescribed blood pressure-lowering medications. However, eating fatty fish or taking fish oil supplements may be an additional strategy for helping to lower blood pressure and maintaining heart health.

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How Does Fish Oil Affect Blood Pressure

Scientists are still grasping how oily fish affects blood pressure. Its been purported that fish oil may have the ability to relax blood vessels, but it remains unclear how they do this . One school of thought believes the tiny pores in our blood vessel walls could be the missing piece of the puzzle. These pores are known as potassium channels and are responsible for letting small molecules in and out of cells. When fish oils react with these channels, it relaxes the blood vessels triggering reductions in blood pressure .

How Long Does It Take My Blood Pressure To Lower After I Stop Drinking Alcohol

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What To Know About Supplementation

Supplements should only be consumed if you cant get an adequate intake of nutrients to meet the bodys demands. There is a nutrient deficiency with symptoms present affecting ones health, as well as if an individual has a malabsorptive disorder, Ben-Asher told Healthline.

Otherwise, he says, stick to the whole fish, which provides an adequate amount of omega-3s and is more easily absorbed and used in the body.

If you do need supplementation, heres what Meyer-Jax told Healthline she recommends:

  • Find a balance of omega-3s but with concentrations of DHA and EPA are at higher levels overall.
  • Check that the supplements are made from quality fish and that they are being produced by a supplement manufacturer that follows or even exceeds the FDAs Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines.
  • Look for third-party certification.
  • Add in supplements slowly to allow for your body to adjust and to see how your body responds.

New Research Finds A Link Between The Omega

Nutrawell Fish Oil: Promotes Normal Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

by OmegaQuant | Jul 2, 2018 | Blood Pressure, EPA & DHA, Heart Health, Omega-3 Index, Omega-3s, Research

New research published in the July edition of Hypertension shows that a high Omega-3 Index a known risk factor for heart disease is inversely related to blood pressure levels in healthy young adults.

The study evaluated 2036 healthy young adults between the ages of 25 and 41. Anyone with cardiovascular disease, known diabetes or a body mass index higher than 35 kg/m was excluded. The average Omega-3 Index was 4.58%. An ideal Omega-3 Index is 8% or higher.

Compared with individuals in the lowest Omega-3 Index quartile, individuals in the highest had a systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure that was 4 and 2mmHg lower, respectively. The fact that a difference in blood pressure was detectable between an Omega-3 Index of 3.8% and 5.8% only a 2% spread suggests that the effect might have been greater if there was a wider range of Omega-3 Index levels to test.

How much EPA & DHA do you need to raise your Omega-3 Index? Calculate it HERE

Shocking New Statistics

The death rate from high blood pressure increased by nearly 11% in the U.S. between 2005 and 2015, and the actual number of deaths rose by almost 38% up to nearly 79,000 by 2015, according to recent statistics from the American Heart Association. Worldwide, high blood pressure affects nearly a third of adults and is the most common cause of cardiovascular disease-related deaths.

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Side Effects Of Fish Oil

Fish oil is likely safe for many people when taken in doses of three or fewer grams per day, according to the National Institutes of Health . The NIH cautions that taking more than 3 grams of fish oil daily may inhibit blood clotting and increase the risk of bleeding.

Fish oil should be used cautiously or avoided by people who bruise easily, have a bleeding disorder, or take certain medications or supplements that increase the risk of bleeding, such as warfarin, clopidogrel, aspirin, NSAIDs , garlic, vitamin E, and the herb ginkgo biloba. It shouldn’t be taken within two weeks of a scheduled surgery.

Use of fish oil may trigger a number of side effects, including bad breath, heartburn, and nausea. What’s more, high doses of fish oil have shown both positive and negative influences on aspects of immune system function.

Keep in mind that supplements haven’t been tested for safety and due to the fact that dietary supplements are largely unregulated, the content of some products may differ from what is specified on the product label. Two of the main concerns with fish oil are that the oil may be rancid or contain environmental contaminants found in fish such as PCBs and mercury.

Also, the safety of supplements in pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, and those with medical conditions or who are taking medications has not been established.

What Nutrition Experts Have To Say

Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, RDN, a nutritionist and the author of Skinny Liver, says she recommends consumption of DHA and EPA from fatty fish in the same approximate amounts in about 2 servings per week, which would be more than adequate for the 3 grams recommended.

If cost is a concern as it pertains to eating fish, try farm or ocean-raised versus wild, which is typically much less expensive and still provide a high intake of omega 3s, said Lon Ben-Asher, MS RD, LDN, a nutritionist at Pritikin Longevity Center.

He also suggests adding avocado and edamame beans to your meals.

Christina Meyer-Jax, MS, RDN, LDN, a health advisor for Lifesum, says when she works with clients, she encourages a whole foods diet that focuses on a balance of healthy fats.

A whole foods diet in this case means obtaining omega-3s from fatty fish, nuts, and seeds will provide the variety of omega-3 fatty acids that are needed for overall health, she notes.

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How To Bring Down Blood Pressure Instantly

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Fish Oil Helps Lower Blood Pressure

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed*** and may vary from person to person***.

Roughly one-third of Americans are living with hypertension and even fewer have their high blood pressure under proper control. As a result, there are numerous drugs and dietary options available to help people lower their blood pressure and better reduce their risk of complications such as heart attack or stroke, and among them is fish oil.

Fish oil helps to lower blood pressure and should be considered when looking for options to manage hypertension. The effects of fish oil on lowering blood pressure have been repeatedly documented.

Other Benefits Of Fish Oil

Experts have also linked fish oil to other benefits that may improve a persons overall health and well-being. Its been found to help with:

  • Bleeding gums or nosebleeds

If you just had surgery, your doctor will also suggest that you avoid taking any fish oil supplements for about 2 weeks.

Fish oil supplements have also been known to have interactions with certain medications and supplements.

If youre interested in taking fish oil supplements and are currently taking any other medications or supplements, talk with your doctor. Theyll be able to help you find the best way to incorporate fish oil into your diet.

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Using Omega 3 To Lower Your Blood Pressure And Cholesterol Naturally

Mayo Clinic Minute: Figuring out fish oil

Hey guys! So you want to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol naturally? Especially since Valentines Day is coming up. If youre not aware of it, February is heart health month!

But if you want to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol naturally, Im going to give you some great tips right now because whats a better gift for the ones you love than being healthy and living a long strong and active life.

Im Doctor Christopher Hood from , and one of the things that goes on when someone has blood pressure or cholesterol challenges, is they use medication because what theyre trying to do is keep their arteries clean. Now, the arteries in your body run blood from your heart through your entire body. The arteries arent just a blind tube, they actually have three layers to them. You have the outer layer, inner layer and the middle layer.

So, one tip you can start using right now today is start using omega fats. Fish oil, flaxseed oil, extra virgin olive oil. Coconut oil works as well even though its not technically an omega 3 fat. But omega 3 fatty acids strengthens the tunica intima, the internal arteries, so when your hearts pumps and the arteries work better, and by having strength your heart doesnt have to work as heart so it last longer.

Were really happy to be bringing quality information that you and your family can utilize to increase their health. Healthy family, loving family, long life together.

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