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What Form Of Potassium Is Best For High Blood Pressure

Should You Take Supplements

Why Does Potassium Work for Hypertension? High Potassium Foods for High Blood Pressure Dr.Berg

For some people increasing potassium intake with food might not be enough. In that case, potassium supplements are available both over the counter and by prescription, but its important to take them safely. For some people, doing a high potassium diet and supplementation can push your potassium level into a dangerously high range .

The key is to have proper communication with your healthcare clinician about whether potassium supplementation is right for you and of it you would need, Dr. Beavers says. Over-the-counter vitamins generally have low doses, but be sure not to exceed the labeling instructions. If you have acid reflux, potassium supplements may irritate your esophagus. Make sure you drink plenty of water and sit upright for at least 30 minutes after taking potassium supplements.

Generally, every type of potassium can be used as a supplement or to help lower blood pressure, but the most common are potassium chloride, citrate, and gluconate.

Home Remedy To Lower Blood Pressure Immediately

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Medications For High Blood Pressure Interacts With Potassium

Some medications for high blood pressure can increase potassium levels. Taking potassium supplements along with some medications for high blood pressure might cause too much potassium in the body. But eating food containing moderate amounts of potassium along with these medications does not seem to increase potassium levels.

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How Long For Atenolol To Lower Blood Pressure

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Special Precautions & Warnings

Top 10 Potassium for Blood Pressure  Hawthorn Herbal Supplements ...

Pregnancy or breast-feedingLIKELY SAFEUNSAFE

Disorders of the digestive tract that might alter the speed food and supplements pass through the body : If you have one of these disorders, do not take potassium supplements. Potassium could build up to dangerous levels in your body.

Allergy to aspirin or tartrazine products: Avoid potassium supplements that contain tartrazine.

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Why Take Beta Blockers At Night

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How Does Potassium Help To Lower Your Blood Pressure

Potassium plays a role in how much fluid is stored in your body, and how much is released in your urine. If your body is holding onto water, there will be more fluid in your blood. This puts extra pressure against your blood vessels walls, raising your blood pressure.

Normally, excess fluid is removed from your blood by your kidneys and filtered into the bladder. This process involves a fine balance of sodium and potassium.

Sodium is the part of salt that puts up our blood pressures. If you eat too much salt, there will be more sodium in your blood, and the sodium holds onto water. This upsets the fine balance of sodium and potassium that is needed for water to be pulled out of the blood and into the kidneys.

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Potassium In The Food Supply And Potassium Intake

Most Americans eat too little potassium and too much sodium. Some good sources of potassium include bananas, oranges and melons, cooked spinach and broccoli, and potatoes and sweet potatoes.

The majority of sodium in our diets comes from packaged and restaurant food as a result of food processing. Even foods that may not taste salty can be major sources of sodium. Foods with only moderate amounts of sodium, such as bread, can be major sources of sodium because theyre eaten so frequently. Americans consume more than 3,400 milligrams of sodium each day, on average. This is well above the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommendation.

You can find potassium and sodium content, and percent Daily Values on Nutrition Facts Labels for packaged foods.

What Blood Pressure Medicine To Replace Nifidipine With

8 High Potassium Foods to Lower Blood Pressure

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Does Age Play A Factor In How Much Magnesium And Potassium I Should Take Daily To Reduce High Blood Pressure

As we age the science suggests that you will need to increase your magnesium and potassium intake to maintain the proper function of the bodys vital systems. Biological Women who are pregnant and/or lactating require different variables than biological men. Of course, you should always consult with your healthcare professional to make changes that are right for your unique situation.

Recommended magnesium intake for biological adult males

  • Ages 19 30 years: 400 mg
  • Ages 31 50 years: 420 mg
  • Ages 51+ years: 420 mg

Recommended magnesium intake for biological adult females

  • Ages 19 30 years: 310 mg
  • Ages 31 50 years: 320 mg
  • Ages 51+ years: 320 mg

Recommended magnesium intake for biological adult females who are pregnant and/or lactating

  • Ages 19 30 years

Recommended potassium intake for biological adult males

  • Ages 19 50 years: 3400 mg
  • Ages 51+ years: 3400 mg

Recommended potassium intake for biological adult females

  • Ages 19 50 years: 2600 mg
  • Ages 51+ years: 2600 mg

Recommended potassium intake for biological adult females who are pregnant and/or lactating

  • Ages 19 50 years
  • Lactation: 2800 mg

Naturalslim Natural Potassium Citrate

NaturalSlim Natural Potassium Citrate contains 99 mg of potassium.

The manufacturers state that the product can improve metabolism for people who are trying to lose weight.

The dosage information states that a person should take two capsules for every 25 pounds of their body weight once per day.

of people with low potassium levels may also have low magnesium levels. Magnesium deficiency may also contribute to potassium deficiency by increasing the loss of potassium in the urine.

People with low magnesium and low potassium should receive treatment for both deficiencies.

Many manufacturers of magnesium supplements claim that they can help prevent muscle cramps. However, a 2012 meta-analysis of seven randomized controlled trials concluded that magnesium supplementation is unlikely to provide clinically significant prevention of exercise- or disease-associated muscle cramps.

According to this meta-analysis, further research is necessary to determine whether or not magnesium supplementation is beneficial for pregnancy-related muscle cramps.

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What Happens If I Take Too Much Potassium

To avoid toxicity, be aware of the appropriate dosage . NASEM has not established an upper limit for potassium. However, people with impaired urinary potassium excretion due to health conditions like kidney disease or certain medications should be aware of potassium supplementation’s potential toxicity.

If you fall into these categories and consume more potassium than your healthcare provider recommends, you may want to seek medical attention. In addition, if you notice any of the severe side effects , seek emergency medical care.

Plasma Electrolytes Erythrocyte Water And Potassium Content

moringo miracles: High Blood Pressure

Baseline values for plasma electrolytes were similar among three intervention groups . After the 6-week intervention period, there were no significant changes in plasma electrolytes within the three intervention groups. Changes in plasma electrolytes did not differ significantly between the different treatments.

There were no significant differences between the three groups in mean baseline values for erythrocyte potassium and water. Following treatment there were no significant changes between and within the groups in RBC-K . After the intervention period erythrocyte water content decreased significantly in the placebo and K-cit group when compared with the respective baseline values but the changes were not significantly different between the three groups. Erythrocyte water content was found to be positively correlated with RBC-K and plasma potassium .

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Sodium Magnesium And Potassium: A Properly Balanced Relationship Matters

In this study looking at the effects of a balanced relationship between magnesium, sodium, and potassium it was concluded that: Replacing common sodium salt with a low sodium, high potassium, high magnesium mineral salt could offer a valuable non-pharmacological approach to lowering blood pressure in older people with mild to moderate hypertension.

Let thy food be thy medicine Hippocrates

How To Take It

Potassium supplements, other than the small amount included in a multivitamin, should be taken only under your doctor’s supervision. DO NOT give potassium supplements to a child unless your doctor prescribes it.

Adequate intake of potassium from dietary sources are as follows:


  • Infants, birth to 6 months: 400 mg/day
  • Infants, 7 months to 12 months: 700 mg/day
  • Children, 1 to 3 years: 3 grams /day
  • Children, 4 to 8 years: 3.8 grams /day
  • Children, 9 to 13 years: 4.5 grams /day


  • Adults, 19 years and older: 4.7 grams /day
  • Pregnant women: 4.7 grams /day
  • Breastfeeding women: 5.1 grams /day

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Linus Pauling Institute Recommendation

There is substantial evidence suggesting that a diet high in potassium-rich food and beverages may be associated with lower risks of stroke, hypertension, kidney stones, and possibly osteoporosis. However, currently there is insufficient evidence to establish a causal relationship between potassium intakes and the risk of these chronic conditions . As a consequence, median potassium intakes observed in apparently healthy people were used to set adequate intakes by age/life stage in the recent revision of the Dietary Reference Intakes for potassium. The revised AI values are 2.6 g/day for women and 3.4 g/day for men .

Fruit and vegetables are among the richest sources of dietary potassium, and a large body of evidence supports the association of increased fruit and vegetable intakes with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease . The Linus Pauling Institute recommends the consumption of a diet high in potassium-rich foods , especially fruit, vegetables, nuts, and dairy products to ensure adequate potassium intakes.

Older adults

A diet rich in fruit and vegetables that supplies 2.6-3.4 g/day of potassium should contribute to maintaining a low risk of chronic disease in generally healthy older adults. This recommendation does not apply to individuals who have been advised to limit potassium consumption by a health care professional .

Potassium Supplements And The Keto Diet

Insulin Resistance, Potassium & Blood Pressure Dr.Berg

Keto diets are high fat, low carbohydrate, moderate protein diets. Some people follow a keto diet to assist with weight loss. Doctors may also recommend these diets for people with the following conditions:

  • drug resistant epilepsy
  • glucose transporter type 1 deficiency syndrome
  • pyruvate dehydrogenase deficiency

The keto diet increases the acidic environment of the body. This can trigger a condition called metabolic acidosis , in which the blood becomes too acidic. This can lead to kidney problems and a loss of bone mineral density.

One 2020 study suggests that oral potassium citrate supplementation may prevent the risk of MA in children following a keto diet. The researchers suggest that potassium citrate acts as an alkalizing agent to counteract the potential for MA.

Further studies are necessary to determine whether or not everyone following a keto diet should take a potassium citrate supplement.

It is also important to note that experiencing MA due to following a keto diet is extremely rare in people without a preexisting health condition.

Most dietary supplements contain potassium salts. A potassium salt is a combination of potassium and one or more other elements.

Dietary potassium supplements typically contain potassium chloride. However, some contain other potassium salts, such as:

  • potassium citrate

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What Blood Pressure Medicine Do You Take After Aortic Surgery

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Lab Info

Other Health Benefits Of Potassium Rich Food

  • Protects Against Bone Loss

Potassium helps keep your bones healthy by preventing osteoporosis . It preserves and improves bone density by preventing the loss of calcium from your bones.

  • Prevents the Formation of Kidney Stones

Potassium salts like potassium citrate can help lower the risk of kidney stones by reducing the amount of calcium in your urine and blood. Potassium citrate encourages the reabsorption of calcium by your kidney and protects against bone resorption .

  • Helps Ease Muscle Cramps

Potassium plays a vital role in nerve and muscle function. One of the symptoms of low blood potassium levels is painful muscle contractions and cramps. Potassium transmits signals between your brain and muscles, which helps control the contraction and relaxation of your muscles. When the potassium levels in your blood are too low, your brain is unable to send these signals, which can lead to prolonged muscle contractions and cramping.

  • Maintains Fluid Balance in Your Body

Potassium is an electrolyte that helps regulate the amount of water in your body and the concentration of other electrolytes like sodium in your blood. It can help eliminate excess sodium present in your body through urine, which prevents fluid retention or oedema.

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