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Can Asthma Cause High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure And Inflammation

HBP 010- How asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis cause High Blood Pressure

Migraines have been linked to chronic inflammation in brain tissue and blood vessels. For years, people have thought that excess sodium is a major culprit in high blood pressure, but now it appears that high blood pressure is more often linked to chronic inflammation. This is one of the reasons that high blood pressure is also connected to increased incidents of dementia, heart attacks, and arteriosclerosis in general. I usually check my blood pressure weekly. Now remember at the time of this writing I will be 55 in a week. My blood pressure is almost always around 110 over 70. Being healthy does not have to be hard, but it does require consistency.

Below are several things you can do to reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure:

1) Maintain a high intake of antioxidants. All antioxidants reduce elevated blood pressure. Natural vitamin E , buffered vitamin C , magnesium , CoQ10 , flavonoids , alpha-lipoic acid , and L-carnitine are helpful-especially in combination. Remember to take the flavonoids with food. Perhaps the most important is HGH stimulate. I love this product I take it 2 to 3 times a day. It has also dramatically affected my strength in the Gym.

What Are The Symptoms Of Pulmonary Hypertension

Since PH mimics asthma, symptoms sometimes include common asthma symptoms such as:

  • dry cough
  • echocardiogram
  • exercise tolerance tests.

If the results of initial tests point to PH, you will likely be referred to a specialist. A right-heart catheterization and a ventilation/perfusion lung scan must be done to determine diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.

Developmental Relationships Of Airway And Pulmonary Vascular Smooth Muscle

The close relationship between the responses of airway and pulmonary vascularsmooth muscle cells in the pathological settings of bronchial asthma and PAH,respectively, begins during embryological development of the lung. Thus, pulmonaryvascular smooth muscle originates partly from migration of adjacent airwaysmooth muscle cells and from surrounding undifferentiated mesenchymal cells . As in remodelling, smooth muscle developmentand proliferation are controlled by the same or similar signalling molecules,including glycogen synthase kinase-3/-catenin and the Wnt family . Although the signals that stimulate their formation may bedistinct, airway and vascular smooth muscle cells are sufficiently alike toraise the question as to whether they can be differentiated from one another .

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Unvaccinated Babies Not Always Welcome In Pediatricians Offices

Another factor: Children with the most severe cases of asthma and allergies are often treated with steroids. Asthma patients, for example, are often prescribed a drug that falls into the family of beta-agonists, which relax constricted airways and ease breathing. But while they relieve symptoms of asthma, Marshall said, they also can raise blood pressure.

This finding really underscores why we need safer and better long-term medications to treat these disorders, Silverberg said.

Experts said doctors and parents need to be more attuned to cardiovascular problems that crop up in children with asthma and allergies, including checking their cholesterol levels periodically. But they said not enough physicians are doing so.

It hasnt yet risen to the conscious level of providers that deal with this on a regular basis, Marshall said, and thats alarming.

Risks And Side Effects

Effectiveness and safety of inhaled steroids ...

Side effects are putting me off taking my asthma medicines

Most medicines have side effects, but not everyone will get them. The patient information leaflet that comes with your medicine lists all the side effects for that medicine that have been reported to the MHRA .

These are reports collected from real people with asthma, and health professionals, through the Yellow Cards scheme.

Youll be able to see that people with asthma report some side effects more than others. These are the side effects listed as common.

Tell your GP or asthma nurse about the side effects youre getting. There could be a simple way to reduce or treat the side effects, so you can carry on taking the medicine and getting the benefits for your asthma. If this isnt possible, there may be different asthma medicines you can try.

But remember that your asthma medicines lower your risk of an asthma attack so its important to keep taking them.

See your GP, asthma nurse, or pharmacist if youre worried about any side effects.

I get a hoarse voice, sore mouth, or oral thrush from taking my preventer inhaler

People with asthma often say they get a hoarse voice, sore mouth, or oral thrush from using their steroid preventer inhaler. So these are listed as common side effects in the patient information leaflet.

The good news is, side effects like these can be avoided with good inhaler technique.

Its also important to rinse your mouth out and gargle after using your inhaler.

Im worried about osteoporosis

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Ask The Doctor: Can Allergies Cause High Blood Pressure

Q. I have allergies. Could they be the reason I have high blood pressure?

A. Although allergies don’t usually directly increase blood pressure, they can contribute indirectly to high blood pressure in two very different ways.

If your allergies cause nasal congestion at night, they could interfere with your breathing when you sleep. This can promote, or worsen, the type of gasping-for-breath snoring known as sleep apnea, which can raise blood pressure. If you often wake up at night, or if your sleeping partner has noticed that you snore and sound like you choke or gasp for air every so often, talk with your doctor about being checked for sleep apnea.

Thomas Lee, M.D.

Will Aspirin And Other Pain Relievers Make My Asthma Worse

Aspirin and other drugs called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may be harmful for people who have asthma. Ibuprofen and naproxen are a few examples of NSAIDs. If you are allergic to aspirin, ask your doctor or pharmacist to make sure any new medicine you might take is not related to aspirin.

People who have asthma can usually take acetaminophen safely. This medicine is typically used to relieve fever and pain. Very rarely, even acetaminophen may make asthma worse, which has prompted further studies to explore the link between acetaminophen and asthma. If acetaminophen makes your asthma worse, tell your doctor. He or she can help you find another type of pain reliever.

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Links Between Asthma And High Blood Pressure

Apparently, I am not the lone asthmatic with high blood pressure. A whopping 41% of people who completed our annual Asthma In America survey said they also have hypertension.

Various studies have also confirmed a link between these two diseases. They show an increased prevalence of high blood pressure in the asthma community. People with severe asthma had higher rates of hypertension and cardiovascular disease.3,4 They also show that asthmatics with high blood pressure are more likely to have severe asthma.3,4

Preventer Medication For Children With Asthma

Can Asthma Cause Pulmonary Hypertension?

Some children with asthma need to take a regular preventer. This can be an inhaled corticosteroid .

There is also non-steroid medication available, including a tablet.

Talk to your doctor about the best type of medication for your child this usually depends on the childs symptoms and age, as well as how easy it will be to give properly.

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Why Asthma Management Is Important

Medication is essential to manage asthma well. Good asthma care also involves treating other conditions that can affect asthma, such as hay fever.

A healthy lifestyle can help you stay in control of your asthma symptoms and feel well.With good asthma management, you can lead a normal, active life. Following your personal written asthma action plan, developed with your doctor, is the best way to keep your asthma under control.

An action plan provides simple instructions for routinely managing your asthma, plus advice on what to do if your asthma symptoms flare up.The main aims of asthma treatment are to:

  • keep symptoms under control
  • keep lungs as healthy as possible
  • stop asthma from interfering with school or work
  • help you or your child enjoy a full and active life.

Asthma Medicine To Blame For High Blood Pressure

  • May 24, 2013

Dear Dr. Roach I use Advair every day, two times a day, and I now have high blood pressure. I have heard there is a connection between the two. What can be done about it? Will this be a long-term problem? Thanks. E.G.

Answer Advair is a combination inhaled medication for asthma. It consists of two medicines: the inhaled steroid fluticasone, and the long-acting bronchodilator salmeterol a bronchodilator helps to open constricted airways . The steroid fluticasone, like cortisone or prednisone, can have many side effects, including high blood pressure. However, the amount that is absorbed from the airways when it is taken as an inhaler is very small, and high blood pressure is only a rare side effectwith Advair.

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The Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure does not usually cause any major symptoms, at least until it becomes very severe. Symptoms usually begin to show up once high blood pressure has progressed to a more serious condition like coronary artery disease .

Those who do experience symptoms of high blood pressure usually only notice mild symptoms like headaches and minor shortness of breath. If you suffer from COPD, these symptoms are easily obscured by the more severe symptoms of the disease.

Once high blood pressure has progressed to more serious cardiovascular disease, additional symptoms may appear. Unfortunately, the symptoms often don’t become significant enough to notice until after your heart and blood vessels have sustained serious damage.

However, it is helpful to know what symptoms of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease that you can look out for. The main early signs are headaches, shortness of breath, and feeling lightheaded or dizzy.

Here are some more signs and symptoms of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Headaches
  • Weakness, numbness, pain, or swelling in your extremities

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should see your doctor right away. The sooner you get diagnosed for your heart problem, the sooner you can get proper treatment and take steps to prevent it from progressing into a more serious disease.

What Else Do I Need To Know About Diabetes And Asthma

Common medication for heart failure patients does not ...

Before closing, I just wanted to provide you with some statistics regarding diabetes and asthma. For diabetes, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that in 2013, there were 27.3 million visits to doctor offices, in the United States, with the primary diagnosis of diabetes. Also, in 2013, there were 11.9 million emergency room visits, in the United States, with the primary diagnosis of diabetes. For asthma, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that in 2015, there were 18.4 million adults in the United States, who currently have asthma.

So, the bottom line here is that if you have diabetes and asthma, the key to controlling both conditions is consistent physical activity, reduce stress levels and eat a healthy diet.

TheDiabetesCouncil Article | Reviewed by Dr. Sergii Vasyliuk MD on September 11, 2018


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Common Flu Shot Side Effects

Repeat: The flu vaccine won’t give you the flu, but you can experience mild symptoms because of how the vaccine works.

“The flu vaccine is designed to stimulate your immune system to build antibodies to the virus. That stimulation can cause a low-grade fever, a decrease in appetite, loose stool, mild fatigue or myalgia and even a scant cough,” Teague says.

According to Teague, these symptoms usually resolve after a few days and are no cause for alarm. You may also experience some redness, swelling or soreness where the shot was injected, which is also normal.

The CDC says you can experience “flulike” symptoms after getting the vaccine, such as:

  • Soreness, redness, and/or swelling at the injection site
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Muscle aches

The symptoms listed above should resolve in a few days. Also, keep in mind not everyone has symptoms, but those are the most common. When it comes to other symptoms, or symptoms that last longer, it’s important to keep in mind that you can still catch a cold, or other virus, right after you get the flu shot.

So if you experience other symptoms that seem like the flu, it could be another illness and it doesn’t mean the shot made you sick. The flu shot also takes about two weeks to become effective at protecting you from the flu, so you could technically catch the flu within that two-week window.

Preventer Medication For Asthma

Preventer medication makes the airways less sensitive and reduces inflammation and swelling. It needs to be taken as prescribed, over the long term, to be most effective in reducing the risk and severity of any flare-ups.Most preventer medication for asthma is inhaled corticosteroid. Because the medication goes straight to your lungs where it is needed, the risk of side effects from taking inhaled steroids is very low.

Most adults with asthma can achieve good control of their asthma symptoms with a low dose of inhaled corticosteroid.

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Medicines Can Trigger Asthma

Sometimes a medicine or supplement can trigger asthma symptoms. Be sure to tell your health care provider about all medicines, herbs, supplements and vitamins you take.

Make sure all the health care providers you see know you have asthma. Talk with your health care provider before starting any of the following:

  • Aspirin
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, like ibuprofen and naproxen
  • Beta-blockers, which are usually used for heart conditions, high blood pressure and migraines

For example: :

  • Corgard®, nadolol
  • Visken®, pindolol
  • Trandate®, labetalol hydrochloride

ACE inhibitors, which are used for heart disease and high blood pressure, can cause a cough which could be mistaken for an asthma symptom.

For example: :

  • Accupril®, quinapril
  • Vasotec®, enalapril
  • Zestril®, lisinopril

Never stop a medicine before talking with your health care provider. If you currently take any of these medicines, call your provider to discuss the medicine and your asthma.

What Is The Connection Between Asthma And Hypertension

WARNING: High Blood Pressure Causes Erectile Dysfunction (ED) & Impotence

According to published research, there does seem to be a connection between asthma and hypertension in adults, yet very little research supports this connection in adolescents. Although the link between hypertension and allergic disease is suspected, more research needs to be done to establish a definite explanation for the correlation. There is some evidence suggesting a relationship between asthma and hypertension in pregnancy, yet only theories exist for the possible cause. Various correlations have been made which associate medications for asthma and hypertension to the development of one or the other conditions, yet further research must be conducted to provide definite proof the correlations exist.

Asthma is a disease of inflammation to the airways of the lungs, causing symptoms of coughing and shortness of breath. When this aggravation continues to occur, it places unneeded stress on the body, inducing higher states of excitement in the nervous system. Any form of stress that occurs to the body which induces physical excitement causes blood pressure to escalate. If this form of excitement continues, blood pressure levels can increase to undesirable levels and lead to a diagnosis of hypertension. This is usually seen in poorly managed asthma conditions that result in a struggle to maintain healthy airway flow.

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Asthma And Blood Pressure Medication Can Aggravate Your Condition

It is no longer rare for an individual to have asthma and blood pressure medication is being taken at the same time. Though it presents a difficult situation at times, careful monitoring and well designed planning can ensure that the medications for these diseases cause very minimal side effects on your body.

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that inflames your airways, ultimately affecting how you breathe. High Blood pressure narrows your blood vessels which can also affect how you breathe.

Knowing the warning signs of your attack, staying away from what causes an attached and following your doctor’s orders is very beneficial to you. And, know that they are specific hbp medications that do not conflict with your asthmatic medications.

Asthma Medications’ Effect On Blood Pressure

Your healthcare provider will treat your asthma with the medication that is most likely to control your breathing issues.

In most cases, blood pressure isn’t really a major consideration when it comes to selecting an asthma treatment, and your healthcare provider can select from the range of available asthma medications. The most common ones are corticosteroids, beta-2 agonists, leukotriene modifiers, anticholinergics, and immunomodulators.

Most of the time, medications used for treating asthma are inhaled, so they have a concentrated effect on the lungs and don’t have significant systemic action. The effect of asthma inhalers on blood pressure is not measurable except in certain circumstances when people have severe health risks.

Even if you develop hypertension while you are being treated for asthma, your high blood pressure is more likely primary essential hypertension than a side effect of your asthma medication.

In general, steroids and beta-agonists are the asthma drugs most associated with hypertension. The doses and types used for treating this condition tend not to cause hypertension for most people, though the possibility exists.

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Links To High Blood Pressure And Asthma Medicines

While some research has shown that asthma can heighten the likelihood of cardiovascular disease and related symptoms such as high blood pressure, the scientific consensus is that more research is needed. However, a direct link has been clearly identified between asthma medicines and high blood pressure. Perhaps even more surprisingly, the reverse has also been found to be true. Some high blood pressure medicines such as beta-blockers have been found to trigger asthma symptoms.


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