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Can Fitbit Measure Blood Pressure

Does Fitbit Measure Blood Pressure

Can fitbit measure blood pressure?

As of now, Fitbit wearables do not measure blood pressure because it does not have the sensor or software to measure the blood pressure. However, according to a new report, Fitbit is about to release a blood pressure monitoring feature to its premium smartwatch, Fitbit Sense. Before its release for all, Fitbit has started to invite eligible Fitbit Sense users in the USA to participate in the beta Fitbit blood pressure monitoring program.

If you are in a hurry for a blood pressure tracking smartwatch or fitness tracker, you can check our latest article on the best blood pressure monitoring smartwatch in 2021.

According to the CDC, more than 45% of Americans suffer from hypertension. Blood pressure smartwatches will be convenient for them to track monitor blood pressure conveniently by themself.

Can An Apple Watch Take Blood Pressure

Currently, Apple watches themselves cannot take blood pressure readings by simply wearing them on your wrist. However, the Apple Watch is compatible with a range of blood pressure monitors which can sync together and give you an accurate reading.

One example is the Qardio application which is approved by the FDA. All you need to do is slide the Qardio device onto your upper arm and begin the blood pressure measurement, and the results are then synced with the Apple watch you are wearing and recorded. It is hard to take a blood pressure reading without stopping blood flow from an inflatable device.

Apple reportedly has a patent for a smartwatch with a strap that can be inflated, constricting the blood supply temporarily and allowing for an accurate blood pressure measurement to be taken. Its something we may see in the near future.

How To Find The Best Fitbit For Blood Pressure

Since Fitbit doesnt have blood pressure monitoring capabilities yet, we chose products from several brands that would, by the colloquial use of the word, be called Fitbit. Where blood pressure monitoring is present, its limited by how you wear the watch. Without sufficient compression and only locking around the wrist, most blood pressure readings are tantamount to estimates based off of your pulse information.

This buyers guide has information on the features and properties you should look for in your watches, from heart rate and blood pressure monitors to sleep monitoring, fitness features, smartphone connectivity, screen and construction, and battery life.

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Can I Monitor My Sleep Habits With The Fitbit

Your Fitbit can keep tabs on your sleep.

The Fitbit app will show you your sleep pattern, which includes your time spent awake, your restless, and your time asleep.

Fitbit models that can track heart rate will be able to track your sleep stages as well.

In order to see your sleep info, you will need to sync your Fitbit every morning in order to see the previous nights sleep stats which include your sleep score either in the Fitbit app or on your wrist.

Fitbit Researching How To Measure Blood Pressure With Its Smartwatches

Fitbit Watch: Unisex Smart Blood Pressure Monitor Watch

Interpret data shows that Fitbit owners in the US are more concerned about hypertension and other health issues than Apple Watch owners.

In April, Google-owned Fitbit opened a study to Fitbit Sense owners in the USto investigate how pulse arrival time can be used to measure blood pressure. Fitbit devices already measure heart rate via a sensor over the wrist, and PAT takes a look at how quickly a pulse of blood reaches the wrist after each heartbeat. Fitbit says that PAT can be correlated with blood pressure, but the company is still figuring out the best way to achieve this with real-world data from average Fitbit users.

Partially spurred by the pandemic, people have been exercising at home more frequently, and generally thinking about their health. This has created a significant opportunity for fitness apps and services, and manufacturers of smartwatches like Apple, Fitbit, and others. Accessible and user-friendly AI in smartphones, smartwatches and other consumer electronics have the potential to revolutionize medicine for both patients and medical professionals.

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Can Fitbit Measure Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the force that carries blood throughout our body.1 It is made up of two different numbers and presented as a fraction.1 The top number is known as systolic pressure and the bottom number is known as diastolic pressure.1 Normal blood pressure is defined as having a systolic blood pressure under 120 and a diastolic blood pressure under 80, which is written as 120/80 and spoken as 120 over 80.1

The systolic reading represents the maximum blood pressure that occurs when the heart contracts and pumps blood through the body.1 The diastolic reading indicates the pressure just before the heart contracts and when it is resting.1 Both numbers are recorded using a unit of pressure known as millimeters of mercury or mmHg.1 Since blood pressure is what keeps our organs alive and active, it is critical to keep the systolic and diastolic measurements within normal limits of around 120/80.1 To detect changes, the standard blood pressure cuff may be used at home, but can smart devices like the Fitbit also measure blood pressure?

How To Have Healthy Heart Numbers

Its obvious, that for all your body parts to function there must be the heart and the heart must be healthy.

For that reason, it is always important to ensure that your muscles are kept prime and healthy.

For anyone regardless of age to have healthy heart numbers good diet and frequent exercise must be considered.

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Combining Data From Different Sensors Is The Key To Innovative Health Tracking

Fitbit Sense includes numerous sensors. We already mentioned the EDA one for measuring stress, but the smartwatch also includes Pletysmophtography and others to measure the current circulating within the body during heartbeats.

No need for an inflatable cuff or a dedicated Blood Pressure sensor, the combination of different measurements can help unravel new medically relevant data. Even if Fitbit still does not offer Blood Pressure Tracking, we look forward to the ongoing study results and a potential update.

Numerous companies are eyeing the hypertension market. For example, Samsung released an update for the Galaxy Watch based on pulse wave analysis. In addition, Apple filed a patent for blood pressure monitoring using the sensors of the Apple Watch.

With Fitbit also entering the race, the future will undoubtedly be connected and safer for the many people suffering from hypertension.

Making Sense Of The Data

How accurate is fitbit blood pressure monitor?

The Estimated Oxygen Variation is presented as a chart that tells you how much variation occurred in the hours you were asleep. This is how your body is distributing oxygen in your bloodstream. Youll notice Fitbit is choosing to generalize the data presented by indicating whether there is a big or small variation in your blood oxygen level.

If you notice consistent, big variations in your sleep, talk to a medical professional to get further testing done. Underlying causes could be anything from depression, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, or just a very tiring week so before you freak out about seeing those big variations, monitor your levels for a few weeks before talking to your doctor.

Fitbit Charge 3

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Will Wearables Ever Accurately Measure Blood Pressure

Consumer wearable manufacturers have sought for years to find a way to measure blood pressure at the wrist to a clinical standard.

ByNatalie Healey

Every year, 9.4 million people die from complications related to high blood pressure, according to the World Health Organization. But many people with hypertension arent even aware they have it.

You only know whether your numbers are on the high side if you get your blood pressure checked regularly. Doctors do this with a traditional arm cuff reader and similar products are also available for home use but such devices have limitations.

Research published in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine suggests at-home blood pressure cuffs can lead to errors due to ill-fitting bands and improper arm positioning. In a medical setting, white coat syndrome is a common problem.

The arm cuff device is also not well designed for larger patients. Many health tech companies are now exploring more convenient ways for people to measure their blood pressure using wearable technology.

In April 2021, Fitbit announced a trial to determine whether its smartwatches can accurately detect hypertension. Preliminary research suggests the device can be used to measure blood pressure from the wrist, but the new study will extend those findings to a larger population.

Benefits Of Having Blood Pressure Monitoring In Smartwatches

As you may already know, hypertension or high blood pressure is Americans leading cause of heart disease and stroke. The best way to manage or prevent high blood pressure is to detect or manage it early. Since hypertension or high blood pressure does not show symptoms, it is often called the silent killer.

But with regular blood pressure monitoring, you can easily detect hypertension or high blood pressure in the early stages and take corrective measures to manage it. This is where wearable devices such as smartwatches and fitness trackers can play a vital role.

Since smartwatches and other wearables are easy to carry and use, you can easily monitor your blood pressure regularly, and you can see your doctor at the earliest if you detect any increase in your blood pressure.

In addition, elevated stress, a leading cause of hypertension, can also be detected early with modern smartwatches from Fitbit, Apple, Samsung, etc. These smartwatches can track your heart rate and stress level using their built-in sensors and give you a warning if they detect any increase in your stress level.

So, with regular blood pressure monitoring with these smartwatches, you can easily manage or prevent hypertension and other related diseases.

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The Future Of Blood Pressure Monitoring

Valencells technology has been validated in a clinical study to demonstrate it meets the relevant ISO standard, says LeBoeuf. The company is now getting the paperwork ready to pursue clearance from the FDA. We need the industry to adopt it and agree this is extremely valuable for public health and for medical use, he explains.

Healthcare professionals may need convincing though. A recent report by Forrester Research found physicians are sceptical about the value of wearable devices in assisting clinical decisions.

However, LeBoeuf believes the wearable health market will change rapidly over the next five to ten years with digital diagnostics becoming more popular.

Passive blood pressure monitoring would allow individuals to see how their lifestyle affects their readings, he says. It could help people make more informed choices about their diet and daily activities and ultimately help them reduce the risk of serious illness.

Theres a mortality rate difference between those who monitor their blood pressure and those who dont because you can address things before they become deleterious to the body, says LeBoeuf. We strongly believe this can be democratised through wearables which will have a substantial public health outcome.

Related Companies

How Accurate Is Fitbit Heres The Fitbit Accuracy Research

Smart Band Blood Pulse Fitness Tracker Intelligent Bracelet FitBit ...

The study looked at 50 adults and tested four devices: the Fitbit Charge HR, If you need accurate blood pressure data, In some instances, Our IP68 Waterproof Fitness Tracker actually tracks running or jogging with accurate metrics about Bottom line, A reasonable point,Blood Oxygen, your tracker assumes youve fallen asleep, but other types of pressure changessuch as a gust of wind, If you dont move at all, this ultraportable blood pressure monitor provides the user with clinically accurate readings, We reviewed 10 of the best different models of the Fitbit blood pressure monitor for your consideration here.So, The New Fitbit Sense is capable of giving an ECG reading as well as measuring your body temperature read hereV ernon Ross, there is no Fitbit that tracks blood pressure, no matter whether you are on the go or in the office, and the Fitbit Surge, I could find just 3 that I would have trust to give me this information and those are: 1.

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Do Fitbit Watches Track Blood Pressure

Fitbit Sense is the current companys flagship smartwatch. It comes with numerous fitness and health tracking features. Among them, we can cite the possibilities to record skin temperature, detect stress , record an ECG and measure the blood oxygen saturation.

With nearly half of the Americans suffering High Blood Pressure, having the possibility to monitor the systolic or diastolic blood pressure while on the go is an interesting feature. A handful of smartwatches offer it. Check our selection of what we think are the current best BP monitoring watches on the market. But what about Fitbit? Do they offer reliable blood pressure monitoring?

If you are in a hurry, the simple answer is No. But continue reading, and you will understand why it is not a definitive No but more a Not yet.

Gideatech Smart Watch With Full Touchscreen

The square display on the GideaTech Smart Watch has a full-screen touch design, as well as a high-resolution and illuminated monitor, making it incredibly easy to read. Ideal for those with an active lifestyle, the carbon case has excellent impact resistance and comes with both leather and nylon straps for comfort and style. Not only does it track your sleep and movement, but it also monitors your heart rate and blood pressure.

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How Can A Smartwatch Measure Blood Pressure

As of right now, there are different ways of detecting your blood pressure on a smartwatch.

The first one that comes to mind is a cuff-less method called PTT .

PTT is the time it needs to travel from the heart to another point in the body, which in this case is the wrist because the watch is measuring from there.

The watch is going to need two sensors to measure your blood pressure: a PPG sensor to detect your pulse and an ECG sensor for detecting when the pulse has left the heart.

Secondly is a smartwatch with an inflatable wristband that takes an oscillometric measurement.

Smart Watch Popglory Smartwatch With Blood Pressure Blood Oxygen Monitor Fitness Tracker With Heart Rate

Fitbit adds blood glucose tracking
  • Monitor Blood Pressure and Blood Oxygen: Adopting advanced sensors, the watch can detect your blood pressure and blood oxygen while record the data in its companion app HeroBand, which help you know body changes better. NOTE the data cannot be used as a medical-grade test.
  • Full-touch Screen & Exclusive Wallpapers: Easily switch your look from one to another with the latest collection of watch faces, also you can customize the watch face and create your style. Full touch screen brings you a better interactive experience, offering quick access to workout data.
  • Perfect Personal Partner: Stay connected with call, text and other app notifications, and convenient tools like timer, stopwatch, wrist sense, DND mode, find phone, sedentary reminder, music control and weather display.
  • Life and Fitness Companion: The smart watch with 7 sport modes records your all-day activities including steps, distance, calories, sleep status and heart rate. It shows your periods of deep sleep, light sleep and waking time. Note: Walking, Running, Cycling, Skipping, Badminton, Basketball, Football.
  • Wider Compatibility and Long Battery Life: The sport watch is compatible with iOS 9.0, android 4.4 and above smartphones. Up to 10 days using time and 30+ days standby can keep you organized and productive all day. Understand your fitness, sleep quality and heart health with the app HeroBand now.

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Does The Versa 3 Offer A Lot Of Health Tracking Benefits

With its distance, real-time, pace-tracking, and integrated GPS, the Versa 3 is ideal for athletes and workout enthusiasts who are sick of carrying smartphones around with them to track their progress.

Unlike the Fitbit Sense, the Versa 3 cannot track irregular heartbeats, use skin temperature detection, or use stress tracking to keep tabs on your health.

Still, the batterys life can be stretched out to about six days, which is quite impressive.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 & 3

Another giant company that understood the importance of ECG and implied it, is Samsung with its new Galaxy watch Active 2.

The new watch looks almost identical to its predecessor, but the AMOLED screen has grown slightly, to 1.2 inches in body 40 millimeters in diameter and 1.4 inches in body 44 millimeters in diameter.

The resolution is 360 × 360 pixels in both sizes. In addition, the frame now supports touch so that the One UI Run interface can be run on Samsungs Tizen OS with gestures on the screen.

Galaxy Watch Active 2 received nearly the same hardware as Galaxy Watch, the companys standard watch: it carries Exynos 9110 dual-core chip at 1.15 GHz, 768 MB standard RAM, and 1.5 Gb 4-byte version with fourth-generation connectivity, and 4 GB internal storage.

Connectivity includes Bluetooth, WiFi b / g / n, and NFC, and as mentioned above, the watch can be purchased with independent 4G connectivity, which does not require a phone to make calls and the like.

The battery stays at a capacity of 247 millimeters/hour in the smaller edition and 340 millimeters/hour in the larger version, with Samsung ensuring they are sufficient for a working day.

The pulse sensor has also been upgraded and an ECG sensor was added.The ECG feature has just got FDA approval and has just started working on the new Galaxy Watch 3 and the Galaxy Watch 2.

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Fda Clearance Vs Fda Approval

Some blood pressure monitor watches are marketed as FDA-cleared medical devices. FDA clearance isnt the same thing as FDA approval.

Unlike class III medical devices that support or sustain life, wrist monitors are categorized as class I or class II low risk medical devices. Low risk medical devices dont require FDA approval to be marketed. The FDA doesnt guarantee the results of the watch you buy.

However, these watches still have benefits. They may give accurate or near-accurate results that provide valuable information for example, if you have high blood pressure during pregnancy. They may also provide information about how your blood pressure responds to exercise.

Just dont rely on watches as your sole blood pressure monitoring device. This may be especially important if you have hypertension or take medications that make you prone to hypotension .


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