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Can High Cholesterol Cause High Blood Pressure

Hdl Cholesterol Or Good Cholesterol

HBO 015- How is High Cholesterol linked to High Blood Pressure

HDL cholesterol is sometimes called good cholesterol. It helps return LDL cholesterol to your liver to be removed from your body. This helps prevent cholesterol plaque from building up in your arteries.

When you have healthy levels of HDL cholesterol, it can help lower your risk of blood clots, heart disease, and stroke.

High Blood Pressure Statistics

The CDC also states that high blood pressure affects an estimated 75 million American adults, which is 29% of the American population. Thats one in every three American adults.

High blood pressure greatly increases the risk of heart disease and stroke, the first and third leading causes of death in the United States. This is why it is so important to get your blood pressure checked regularly.

According to the American Heart Association, when high blood pressure is left untreated, it can cause the following:

  • Heart disease or heart failure
  • Stroke
  • Angina
  • Peripheral artery disease

Angina Definition: Chest discomfort or pain from the condition where the heart muscles dont obtain the right oxygen-rich blood volume

As you can see, the dangers of prolonged and/or untreated high blood pressure can cause an array of health problems.

In addition, health conditions, such as overt hypothyroidism , can also cause high blood pressure. When this occurs, it is referred to as secondary hypertension.

How can thyroid conditions affect your blood pressure? We will explain more about high blood pressure and hypothyroidism in the following sections.

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Cholesterol Deposits On Your Skin

Some people with high cholesterol develop cholesterol nodules or deposits on their skin called xanthomas. The most common locations for xanthomas are on the inner corners of the eyelids near your nose and are only cosmetic problems. Xanthomas can also form on your elbows, knees, arms, and legs.

You can get xanthomas removed, but they can grow back.

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How Are Thyroid Conditions Treated During Pregnancy And While Breastfeeding

Many medicines used to treat thyroid conditions during pregnancy are safe for your baby. Thyroid medicines can help keep the right level of thyroid hormones in your body. Your provider gives you blood tests during pregnancy to check your TSH and T4 levels to make sure your medicine is at the right amount . T4 is a hormone made by your thyroid.

If youre taking medicine for a thyroid condition before pregnancy, talk to your provider before you get pregnant. Your provider may want to adjust or change your medicine to make sure its safe for your baby. If youre already taking thyroid medicine when you get pregnant, keep taking it and talk to your provider about it as soon as possible.

Treating hyperthyroidism. If you have mild hyperthyroidism, you may not need treatment. If its more severe, you may need to take an antithyroid medicine. This medicine causes your thyroid to make less thyroid hormone.

Providers sometimes use radioactive iodine to treat hyperthyroidism. Pregnant women shouldnt take this medicine because it can cause thyroid problems in the baby.

Antithyroid medicines are safe to take at low doses while youre breastfeeding.

If you had hypothyroidism before getting pregnant, you most likely need to increase the amount of medicine you take during pregnancy. Talk to your health care provider about your medicine as soon as you find out youre pregnant. Your provider can check to make sure youre taking the right dose by checking your TSH levels during pregnancy.

Can High Cholesterol Cause A Stroke

What Can High Blood Pressure And High Cholesterol Cause ...

Yes, if you have high cholesterol, youre at risk of stroke due to the excess cholesterol circulating in your blood, according to the AHA.

LDL builds up in your arteries, where it slows or blocks the flow of oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood to your body, including your brain. As arteries narrow and stiffen, blood clots may form a blockage, which can cause a stroke if it travels to the brain.

Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in the United States and one of the main causes of disability, according to the American Stroke Association. But it can be mostly preventable keeping your cholesterol levels down is one way to cut your risk.

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High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol Early In Life Tied To Heart Problems Later

By Lisa Rapaport

4 Min Read

– People with high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol before age 40 are more likely to have a heart attack later in life than other adults, a new analysis suggests.

The analysis pooled data from six studies involving a total of 36,030 people. Starting when participants were 53 years old on average, researchers tracked them to see who had heart attacks, strokes, or heart failure.

The upper limit of normal blood pressure is 120/80. Younger adults who had high systolic blood pressure – the top number – were 37% more likely to develop heart failure later in life. And young adults who had elevated diastolic blood pressure – the bottom number – were 21% more likely to develop heart failure later on.

Many young adults feel OK, or theyre willing to think–Im OK now, I will make healthful choices later when Im older, said Dr. Andrew Moran, senior author of the study and a researcher at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City.

This study shows that healthy choices matter even in young adults, Moran said by email. This means not smoking, eating a healthful diet, and exercising regularly.

And for some high risk young adults, starting medication to manage risk factors at a younger age – something that currently isnt done as a matter of course – may be worthwhile, Moran added.

During follow-up, 4,570 participants had events like heart attacks, 5,119 had heart failure events, and 2,862 had strokes.

How Can You Prevent High Cholesterol

Its important to maintain a healthy cholesterol level. A healthy cholesterol level depends on your level of HDL cholesterol ratio with your level of LDL cholesterol. Its essential to take into account risk factors for heart disease, age, activity and current health conditions when considering your healthy cholesterol level.

Healthy life-style changes for the prevention of high cholesterol can include:

  • Eating a low sodium diet which emphasizes vegetables, fruits, and whole grains
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Exercising and engaging in daily physical activity
  • Managing stress
  • Quitting smoking

Boston Medical Group offers a comprehensive set of treatment options for patients with erectile dysfunction stemming from high cholesterol. Boston Medical Group offers treatment options thatwont interfere with current lipid lowering medications our physicians recommend the best course of treatment for erectile dysfunction after a comprehensive assessment. Give us a call and we can help you set up an appointment today!

This Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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Leading Risk Factors Of High Cholesterol

While there is no single cause for high cholesterol, there are some leading risk factors for developing it. These include:

  • Smoking – Cigarette smoke damages the walls of your blood vessels, which makes them more prone to accumulate fatty deposits. Smoking can also lower your level of HDL cholesterol.

  • Diabetes – High blood sugar can damage the lining of your arteries. It also contributes to higher levels of dangerous cholesterol called very-low-density lipoprotein and lower HDL cholesterol.

  • Obesity – Having a body mass index of 30 or greater puts you at risk of high cholesterol.

Is Cardiovascular Disease A Cause Of Erectile Dysfunction

High Blood Pressure And Cholesterol: What Women Need To Know- Dr. Kahlon

You may have heard there is a link between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease now you are wondering if it is true.

The answer to that question may scare you. Especially if you suffer from ED.

Research shows there is a strong link between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease. The results of several studies show men who have ED have a greater risk of cardiovascular disease.

In fact, you may be surprised to learn men who have ED face a similar level of risk as men who smoke or have a history of heart disease in their family.

Of course, ED doesnt cause heart problems, it just indicates a problem may be imminent or already there.

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What Ed Treatment Options Are Available

In many cases, diagnosing erectile dysfunction requires little more than a physical exam and a review of your symptoms. If your doctor suspects that an underlying health problem may be at play, however, they may request additional testing. Once youve determined the cause for your ED, you and your doctor can decide on a form of treatment.

Here are some of the options:

When choosing an erectile dysfunction treatment, you should take your time. There are many options available, and while none of them are perfect, some may be a better fit for you than others. Before you start a course of treatment, be sure to tell your doctor about any drugs or supplements you may be taking and keep an eye out for side effects.

It Can Result From Diabetes And Diabetes Causes Nerve Damage

Cholesterol is a waxy substance found in the bloodhigh levels of which can make it difficult for blood to flow freely through arteries in the body. There are two types of cholesterol: high-density lipoprotein , which is often referred to as good cholesterol, and low-density lipoprotein which is the type that can clog artery walls and put your health at risk.

According to the Mayo Clinic, people with type 2 diabetes have increased triglycerides, decreased HDL cholesterol, and higher LDL cholesterol.

Refined carbohydrates and sugar syrups have been shown to increase LDL and triglycerides and lower the favourable HDL cholesterol levels, says Tricia Pingel, N.M.D., a naturopathic physician in Phoenix, AZ. In addition, these high-sugar diets also induce further cardiovascular disease risk and impair insulin utilization .

Diabetes, meanwhile, can lead to a condition known as peripheral neuropathy. This is a common nerve issue that causes numbness and is often seen in the hands and feet, though it can affect other areas.

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The Importance Of Screening

There are no early warning signs for high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Theyâre pretty sneaky when it comes to doing damage. The only way to find out your numbers is to get screened with a painless blood pressure measurement and a simple blood test.

Because these conditions are starting at earlier ages than in the past, the American Heart Association recommends everyone 20 years or older get screened and work with their doctor to rein in high numbers.

Need another reason? High blood pressure and cholesterol levels in young adults may increase heart disease risk later in life, even if those levels are brought under control later on.

Research shows that high LDL in early adulthood is linked with a 64% increase in heart disease risk later on, compared to a healthy LDL level. High systolic and diastolic blood pressure are linked with 37% and 21% increased risks, respectively, for heart failure.

Screening not only saves lives, but also helps you avoid the costs and emotional toll of medical care to treat advanced conditions.

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Symptoms Of High Cholesterol

Highcholesterollevels Can Cholesterol Tablets Cause High ...

Often, there are no specific symptoms of high cholesterol. You could have high cholesterol and not know it.

If you have high cholesterol, your body may store the extra cholesterol in your arteries. These are blood vessels that carry blood from your heart to the rest of your body. A buildup of cholesterol in your arteries is known as plaque. Over time, plaque can become hard and make your arteries narrow. Large deposits of plaque can completely block an artery. Cholesterol plaques can also break apart, leading to formation of a blood clot that blocks the flow of blood.

A blocked artery to the heart can cause a heart attack. A blocked artery to your brain can cause a stroke.

Many people dont discover that they have high cholesterol until they suffer one of these life-threatening events. Some people find out through routine check-ups that include blood tests.

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When Should My Cholesterol Levels Be Tested

Your GP may recommend that you have your blood cholesterol levels tested if you:

  • have been diagnosed with coronary heart disease, stroke or mini stroke , or peripheral arterial disease
  • have a family history of early cardiovascular disease
  • have a close family member who has a cholesterol-related condition
  • are overweight

Can I Live Long With High Cholesterol

Untreated or undertreated high cholesterol is associated with a lower life span due to the risk of heart attack and stroke, but its still possible to live a long life with high cholesterol, provided you follow a heart-healthy lifestyle and take medication if needed. According to a study published in April 2018 in the journal Circulation, a healthy lifestyle defined as not smoking, doing moderate exercise, maintaining a healthy weight, and following a healthy diet was associated with an average of 14 more years of life for women and 12 for men.

Additional reporting by Erica Patino

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How To Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

If you have high cholesterol, there are ways to lower your levels and reduce your risk of further complications. The first approach is typically making lifestyle changes before retesting again. This includes changes to your diet, stopping smoking, and increasing exercise. If lifestyle changes are not working or not appropriate for you, medication is usually prescribed. The most common type of cholesterol-lowering medications is called statins. They lower the level of LDL cholesterol in your blood and help to reduce your chance of further issues.

Lowering Cholesterol Through Diet

British Heart Foundation – All about high blood pressure and cholesterol

To help you achieve and maintain healthy cholesterol levels, your doctor may recommend changes to your diet.

For example, they may advise you to:

  • limit your intake of foods that are high in cholesterol, saturated fats, and trans fats
  • choose lean sources of protein, such as chicken, fish, and legumes
  • eat a wide variety of high fiber foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains
  • opt for baked, broiled, steamed, grilled, and roasted foods instead of fried foods
  • avoid fast food and sugary, pre-packaged options when possible

Foods that are high in cholesterol, saturated fats, or trans fats include:

  • red meat, organ meats, egg yolks, and high fat dairy products
  • processed foods made with cocoa butter or palm oil
  • deep-fried foods, such as potato chips, onion rings, and fried chicken
  • certain baked goods, such as some cookies and muffins

Eating fish and other foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids may also help lower your LDL levels. For example, salmon, mackerel, and herring are rich sources of omega-3s. Walnuts, almonds, ground flaxseeds, and avocados also contain omega-3s.

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Why Thyroid And Cholesterol Are Linked

Thyroid hormones have several jobs. One is controlling how your body uses cholesterol and other lipids . Another is helping your liver produce fatty acids, which store energy for you to use later.

When thyroid hormones are out of whack, it affects all these processes. Getting them in balance helps things work right again.

Verywell / Emily Roberts

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Assessing Your Cardiovascular Health

Your GP may assess your cardiovascular health. Narrowed blood vessels are a common cause of erectile dysfunction and linked with cardiovascular disease .

Your GP may:

As well as helping to improve your erectile dysfunction, these changes can also improve your general health and may help to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease .

Read more about preventing cardiovascular disease

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Familial High Cholesterol May Cause Fat Deposits In The Body That Put Pressure On Nerves

Why is my blood pressure high? Today I got my blood test ...

Familial hypercholesterolemia is caused by an inherited mutation in the gene for the LDL cholesterol receptor. This gene oversees the removal of LDL from the body.

Unlike regular high cholesterol which may be caused by smoking, a sedentary lifestyle, and a diet filled with foods high in saturated and trans fats, people with this mutated gene are born with high LDL levels that lead to atherosclerotic plaques and continue to rise if left untreated.

One of the symptoms of familial high cholesterol is cholesterol deposits that build up in the Achilles tendons or hand/elbow tendons. Overtime, these piles of cholesterol deposits can put pressure on the nerves in the hands, feet, elbows, and ankles, and lead to tingling.

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