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How Does Potassium Affect Blood Pressure

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What Will Lower The Blood Pressure

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Conclusions And Future Perspectives

Our brief exploration of meta-analyses showed that lowering sodium and increasing potassium intake would exert convincing blood pressure lowering effects, especially in hypertensive patients. The maximum extent of systolic blood pressure lowering was approximately in the order of 8 to 9 mmHg, which roughly equals a monotherapy with an antihypertensive drug . This reflects the significant importance of healthy nutrition, in this case salt reduction and increase of dietary potassium intake, on blood pressure. Our summary of meta-analytic reviews also suggests that higher magnesium intake may exert beneficial effects on blood pressure, although the results were rather moderate. However, in some hypertensive patients higher magnesium intake might result in larger effects. So, increasing/optimizing dietary magnesium intake could also be a helpful recommendation in patients with hypertension. Furthermore, there is convincing evidence that increasing/optimizing calcium intake can lower the risk for gestational hypertension, especially in women with initial low calcium intake.

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Other Medications That Upset Potassium Balance:

In people whose kidneys dont work efficiently, an ACE inhibitor drug all by itself could lead to high potassium . So can NSAID pain relievers such as diclofenac, ibuprofen, meloxicam or naproxen. When doctors prescribe spironolactone or an ARB blood pressure pill such as losartan, they should monitor potassium to make sure it doesnt get too high.

Potassium isnt the only potential problem. Vitamin and mineral interactions with some medicines can be life threatening. We are sending you our Guide to Drug and Nutrient Interactions. It tells which prescription drugs can provoke nutritional deficits and alerts you to problems that may occur if you take supplements with your medications.

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Potassium Sodium And High Blood Pressure

How do sodium and potassium affect blood pressure?
  • Increasing your potassium intake can decrease your blood pressure if you have high blood pressure.4
  • Consuming too much sodium can raise your blood pressure.1 This means that, on average, the more sodium you consume, the higher your blood pressure will be, especially if you already have high blood pressure, also known as hypertension.
  • Consuming too little potassium in your diet and too much sodium can raise your blood pressure.5,6

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What Kind Of Medicine Helps With Low Blood Pressure

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Potassium And Your Nerves And Brain

Potassium helps your nerves fire properly so that they respond to stimulation. Again, this happens via electrical signals that travel from cell to cell.

As part of the nervous system, your brain also needs potassium. The mineral allows brain cells to communicate, both with each other and with cells that are farther away. Changes in potassium levels have been linked to learning, the release of hormones, and metabolism.

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Does Calcium Lower Blood Pressure

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Blood Pressure And Cardiovascular Disease

How does Potassium lower blood pressure? (HYPERTENSION)

Blood pressure is responsible for approximately 50% of deaths from coronary heart disease and over 60% of those from stroke, the two leading causes of preventable death, morbidity, and disability in the world.31 The risk of these cardiovascular diseases increases progressively with increasing blood pressure and there is a graded relationship between blood pressure and CVD, down to or even below 115/75 mmHg.32 When high blood pressure is lowered with drugs, there is a reduction in both CHD and stroke events of the magnitude consistent with observational studies.33 However, the majority of CVD events attributable to blood pressure occur at around 130/80 mmHg or less, because there are so many more individuals in the population with this normal blood pressure.34 Since we would not treat with drugs the majority of individuals with a blood pressure of 130/80 mmHg,35 a population-based approach through non-pharmacological measures is the only feasible option. Achieving a small downward shift in the distribution of blood pressure in the whole population would achieve a surprisingly large CVD reduction .

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How Potassium Affects How Much Insulin You Make

Weight gain is the main cause of type 2 diabetes. The hormone insulin moves sugar from your blood into your cells, to use for energy or put into storage. When you have extra fat, insulin can’t move sugar into your cells as well, so your blood sugar rises.

If your potassium levels are too low, your body may make less insulin. That could lead to high blood sugar. Studies show that people with low potassium levels release less insulin, have higher blood sugar levels, and are more likely to get type 2 diabetes than those with normal potassium levels.

There isn’t enough evidence to prove that low potassium directly causes diabetes. Still, it might be a good idea to have your doctor check your potassium level if you’re already at risk for diabetes.

Worse Blood Pressure Meds

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Good Sources Of Potassium

Youve probably heard at some point that bananas are the best source of potassium, but Dr. Makam cautions against relying on a single fruit as a staple for your daily potassium requirement.

Since a medium banana contains about 422 milligrams of potassium, you would have to eat more than 10 bananas a day to get the recommended daily amount of potassium, which is obviously not a wise choice given the additional calories it adds to the diet, he says.

So while bananas can be one source, its important to make sure youre using other fruits and vegetables to maintain that potassium intake. Other foods Dr. Makam recommends for healthy amounts of potassium include:

  • Cantaloupe.
  • Spinach.
  • Avocados.

Besides making sure your diet is well-balanced, Dr. Makam recommends factoring in other components, like sugar and starch contents, when choosing foods.

How Is Hyperkalemia Treated

Pin on Chronic kidney disease

If your potassium level is very high, or if there are dangerous indications such as changes in an electrocardiogram, emergency treatment is needed. That may involve supplying calcium to the body through an IV to treat the effects on muscles and the heart or administering glucose and insulin through an IV to decrease potassium levels long enough to correct the cause. There are also medicines that help remove the potassium from your intestines and in some cases, a diuretic may be given.

Emergency treatment may also include kidney dialysis if kidney function is deteriorating medication to help remove potassium from the intestines before absorption sodium bicarbonate if acidosis is the cause and water pills, or diuretics.

A doctor may also advise stopping or reducing potassium supplements and stopping or changing the doses of certain medicines for heart disease and high blood pressure. Always follow your health provider’s instructions about taking or stopping medicines.

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Potassium And Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is influenced by the dietary potassium intake, both in normal subjects and hypertensive subjects. The international cooperative INTERSALT study showed that blood pressure tends to be related to urinary potassium excretion and to the ratio of urinary sodium excretion to potassium excretion. Earlier, more localized studies, for example, in Evans County, Georgia, showed that African American subjects consumed less potassium than Caucasian subjects and that high blood pressure in African American subjects is associated with low potassium intake . The increased prevalence of high blood pressure in the African American subjects does not appear to be related to greater dietary intake of sodium chloride, as the intake of sodium appears similar in African and Caucasian Americans . Dietary potassium depletion raises blood pressure in normal humans , and this is associated with a blunted ability to handle an acute sodium load and sodium retention . In borderline hypertensive patients, a low-potassium diet for 10 days increases systolic and diastolic pressures by 7 and 6 mmHg, respectively, relative to 10 days on a high-potassium diet .

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People Who Should Avoid High Amounts Of Potassium

Dr. Makam notes that angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors, Angiotensin receptor blockers and Aldosterone antagonists, which are some of the common medications designed to lower blood pressure, already help your body retain potassium. If youre taking one of these medications and include extra potassium on top of that, there are risks of complications.

He also points out that people with kidney disease should also avoid excess potassium. Damaged kidneys cant remove excess potassium from your blood, so the amount can build to dangerous levels, if not monitored correctly.

The key is balance, says Dr. Makam. Your healthcare provider will know your specific health conditions, your current medications and latest blood levels, which will help come up with the right approach for you.

Should I Take Potassium Supplements

Potassium VS. Blood Pressure

Unless there is a medical reason, doctors do not advise you to take potassium supplements. Taking too much potassium can upset your stomach and weaken your muscles. In rare cases, it can even cause serious problems.

However, if you’re taking some types of diuretics , your doctor may want you to take a potassium supplement. Some diuretics flush potassium, water, and other minerals out of your body. There are other diuretics, however, that do not cause your kidneys to get rid of extra potassium.

You need to be especially careful about taking potassium supplements or getting too much potassium in your diet if either of these statements is true.

  • You take medicines that limit your kidney’s ability to flush out potassium. This would include medicines such as ACE inhibitors, angiotensin II receptor blockers , or certain diuretics.
  • You have health problems such as diabetes or severe kidney disease. These conditions may limit your kidney’s ability to flush out excess potassium.

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