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How To Check Blood Pressure At Home Without Equipment

What Is High Blood Pressure

How to Check Blood Pressure Without Equipment (In Just 1 Minute)

In order to maintain blood circulation, it is necessary to have blood pressure in the circulatory system, this pressure is called blood pressure.

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension in English, is a major cause of heart attack and stroke, but many people are not aware of many facts about it.

How To Check Blood Pressure At Home Without Equipment

Work has become an integral part of the world in which we live. Most people work very hard, so regular visits to the doctor for a full health check are a thing of the past.

However, it is important to monitor vital body functions. So today were going to look at one of the vital signs, blood pressure, what it means and how you can check it at home without equipment. Youve probably heard a lot about blood pressure and the importance of keeping it at a normal level.

Knowing that your body is functioning properly is one of the most important thing you have to pay attention to.

Keep A Blood Pressure Diary

Keep a blood pressure diary. Your records may help explain changes in your blood pressure readings and help your doctor make sure you get the right treatment.

Everyone’s blood pressure changes from day to day and even from minute to minute sometimes. Blood pressure tends to be higher in the morning and lower at night. Stress, smoking, eating, exercise, cold, pain, noise, medicines, and even talking can affect it.

Record your blood pressure numbers with the date and time. You might use a home blood pressure log or a spreadsheet on your computer. Your monitor might have a feature that will record your numbers for you. Some monitors can transfer this information to your computer.

Also record your daily activities, such as the time you take medicine or if you feel upset or feel stressed.

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Current Drawbacks Of Cuff

Several limitations pertain to the currently available cuff-less BP technology.

Second, the current measurement methods based on PTT and tonometry are sensitive to motion artifact and loss of signal upon movement. In several of the aforementioned studies on cuff-less PTT-based devices, researchers encountered a high rate of measurement errors and calibration errors . Tonometry-based cuff-less devices need to be tightly coupled to the underlying artery usually with an adhesive tape to prevent loss of coupling and loss of measurements .

Additionally, the software and data transfer on the back end of most of the cuff-less BP measurement modalities is critically underdeveloped. This is a clinically relevant concern, since frequent BP self-measurement without a co-intervention from a healthcare provider does not seem to affect BP control much .

Finally, for all of the current cuff-less BPT technologies, it is presently unclear how the measured values in real life will relate to clinical or cuff-based home BP measurements. Because cuff-less methods make it much easier to perform measurements on the go, it is likely that these measurements are substantially different from resting BP values. Prospective clinical studies would need to assess how these measurements compare to conventional BP measurements, and what values or trends are ultimately associated with adverse outcomes. This would provide a scientific basis for medication adjustments using cuff-less BPT.

When To See The Doctor

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The doctor should check your monitor at least once a year. This ensures that the measurements are accurate.

Only a doctor can diagnose you with high blood pressure. Contact your doctor if you have high readings for several days. Be sure to take your blood pressure log with you to the visit.

Hypotension is low blood pressure. This occurs when your systolic pressure is consistently below 90 or is 25 points below your normal reading. Contact your doctor if you have low readings. Hypotension can be a sign of shock, which is life threatening. Call your doctor right away if you are dizzy or lightheaded.

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Multiple Linear Regression Analyses

The results of multiple linear regression analyses using brachial ln MAP, ln SBP, and ln DBP as independent variables and using ln HR and ln mNPV derived using only the smartphone as dependent variables are summarized in Table . The same analyses replacing data from the smartphone with data from the dedicated photoplethysmograph are shown in Table .

Table 2 Multiple linear regression analyses of ln =a×ln +b×ln +constant using data from the smartphone and the dedicated photoplethysmograph .

Remember That This Reading Is Normally Accurate

You should know that electronic blood pressure monitors are highly accurate at measuring BP. The most significant variable that can impact your readings is your current set and setting. If you are stressed out while watching a movie, for example, it can raise your heart rate. This is why it is so important to be relaxed while doing readings.

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Using An Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Sit with your arm slightly bent and resting comfortably on a table so that your upper arm is on the same level as your heart.
  • Wrap the blood pressure cuff around your bare upper arm. The lower edge of the cuff should be about 2.5 cm above the bend of your elbow.
  • Press the on/off button.
  • Wait until the ready-to-measure “heart” symbol appears next to zero in the display window.
  • Press the start button. The cuff will inflate.
  • After a few seconds, the cuff will begin to deflate. The numbers on the screen will begin to drop.
  • When the measurement is complete, the heart symbol stops flashing. The numbers tell you your blood pressure and pulse.
  • Before Checking Your Blood Pressure

    How to Check Your Blood Pressure At Home [Dr. Claudia]
    • Find a quiet place to check your blood pressure. You will need to listen for your heartbeat.
    • Make sure that you are comfortable and relaxed with a recently emptied bladder .
    • Roll up the sleeve on your arm or remove any tight-sleeved clothing.
    • Rest in a chair next to a table for 5 to 10 minutes. Your arm should rest comfortably at heart level. Sit up straight with your back against the chair, legs uncrossed. Rest your forearm on the table with the palm of your hand facing up.

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    How Can I Check My Blood Pressure At Home

    Checking your blood pressure at home is easier than youd expect. You first need to buy the right equipment. Talk to your doctor about the best home monitors to buy to check your blood pressure. You want to make sure you get the right size cuff. Once you have your device, heres how to get started:

    • Avoid tobacco, alcohol, exercise, and caffeine a half hour before you take a reading.
    • Find a quiet place and sit in a comfortable chair. Rest for at least five minutes.
    • Follow your monitors instruction booklet to position the cuff properly and inflate it. For manual monitors, this means squeezing the bulb. For automatic ones, its simply a press of a button.
    • Check the readings. Write down the top number and the bottom number .
    • Finally, establish a routine for checking your blood pressure at home. This enables you to notice trends in your numbers, which is helpful.

    Feel free to share your blood pressure records with your doctor, especially if youre at a higher risk for developing heart disease.

    How Can I Check My Blood Pressure At Home A Step

    3 Minute Read

    Many people with high blood pressure check their own blood pressure at home. However, you dont need to have a high blood pressure diagnosis to do so yourself.

    Your blood pressure is the amount of force placed on the walls of your blood vessels as your heart pumps blood. What you learn from taking your blood pressure can improve your lifestyle and may prevent a future, life-changing diagnosis.

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    How Blood Pressure Is Tested

    Fingertip Oximeter Heart Rate Monitor Blood Pressure Oximetry Without ...

    Blood pressure machines vary, but they’re all a type of measuring device, which often have an arm cuff attached to it.

    The cuff is usually wrapped around your upper arm and filled with air until it feels tight. This can feel uncomfortable but it only lasts a few seconds.

    It’s important to relax and not talk during this time, because this is when your blood pressure is measured.

    If a healthcare professional is doing this for you, they may also use a stethoscope to record your blood pressure.

    An automatic device usually picks up the measurements from sensors in the arm cuff, which are sent to a digital display.

    You should get the results straight away.

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    Whats A Normal Blood Pressure

    For most patients, a normal blood pressure reading is less than 120 for systolic and less than 80 for diastolic .

    At the doctors office, a systolic measurement of 120 to 139 and a diastolic of 80 to 89 are considered prehypertension for most patients. Anything above 140/90 is considered hypertension.

    Away from the doctors office, a reading above 135/85 is considered to be high often, people are more relaxed during readings that dont occur at the doctors office.

    Aside from white coat hypertension, other factors can cause your blood pressure to read higher at the doctors office. When a patient has to use the restroom, his/her blood pressure can increase slightly. Likewise, if a patient has to walk up a flight of stairs to reach the doctors office or is frustrated by a long wait to see the physician, his/her blood pressure may increase.

    Consider monitoring your blood pressure at home if youre concerned that your regular check-ups dont provide an accurate view of your blood pressure.

    If your at-home readings are higher than your target range, request an appointment with your doctor to make sure youre measuring correctly at home, and to rule out another health condition.

    How Do Health Care Professionals Measure My Blood Pressure

    First, a health care professional wraps an inflatable cuff around your arm. The health care professional then inflates the cuff, which gently tightens on your arm. The cuff has a gauge on it that will measure your blood pressure.

    The health care professional will slowly let air out of the cuff while listening to your pulse with a stethoscope and watching the gauge. This process is quick and painless. If using a digital or automatic blood pressure cuff, the health care professional will not need to use a stethoscope.

    The gauge uses a unit of measurement called millimeters of mercury to measure the pressure in your blood vessels.

    If you have high blood pressure, talk to your health care team about steps to take to control your blood pressure to lower your risk for heart disease and stroke.

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    Look For Femoral Artery

    It is excreted from the stomach through the thigh. See the diagram above. This gives a light sensation to the centre of the thigh and both sides of the abdomen.

    You can equally palpate yours by placing your index and middle finger between the abdomen and the thigh as shown in the diagram above.

    Note: Blood pressure here is relatively low. In most patients with palpable femoral pulse, the minimum systolic blood pressure is 70-80 mm Hg.

    What Do The Results Mean

    Do You Really Need To Check Your Blood Pressure at Home?

    Your results, also known as a blood pressure reading, will contain two numbers. The top or first number is the systolic pressure. The bottom or second number is the diastolic pressure. High blood pressure readings are also labeled by categories, ranging from normal to crisis. Your reading may show your blood pressure is:

    Blood Pressure Category
    and 120 or higher

    If youâve been diagnosed with high blood pressure, your provider may recommend lifestyle changes and/or medicines to control your blood pressure. Your provider may also recommend that you regularly check your blood pressure at home with an automated blood pressure monitor. An at-home blood pressure monitor usually includes a blood pressure cuff and a digital device to record and display blood pressure readings.

    Home monitoring is not a replacement for regular visits to your provider. But it can provide important information, such as whether treatment is working or your condition may have worsened. Also, home monitoring may make the test less stressful. Many people get nervous about getting their blood pressure taken at a providerâs office. This is called âwhite coat syndrome.â It can cause a temporary rise in blood pressure, making the results less accurate. For more information about home monitoring of blood pressure, talk to your provider.

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    How To Check Blood Pressure With No Cuff

    This article was co-authored by Erik Kramer, DO, MPH. Dr. Erik Kramer is a Primary Care Physician at the University of Colorado, specializing in internal medicine, diabetes, and weight management. He received his Doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine from the Touro University Nevada College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2012. Dr. Kramer is a Diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine and is board certified.There are 9 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 90,879 times.

    Your blood pressure measure the force your blood exerts on the sides of the blood vessels as it moves around your body and is an important indicator of your health. Blood pressure monitoring should be done with a cuff and a stethoscope instruments that most people do not have at home, but are necessary for an accurate reading. If you want to check if your systolic blood pressure is normal, you can use your pulse for a rough estimate. Diastolic blood pressure must always be done with an arm cuff or stethoscope.XResearch source

    Whats Considered A Normal Or Healthy Blood Pressure Range

    Blood pressure is a very individualized vital sign, which means it can be very different for each person. Some people have naturally low blood pressure all the time, while others may run on the higher side.

    In general, a normal blood pressure is considered anything less than 120/80 mm Hg. Your own personal blood pressure will depend on your:

    Hypertensive crisis higher than 180 higher than 120

    When determining the category you fall into, its important to remember that both your systolic and diastolic numbers need to be in the normal range for your blood pressure to be considered normal.

    If one number falls into one of the other categories, your blood pressure is considered to be in that category. For example, if your blood pressure is 115/92, your blood pressure would be considered high blood pressure stage 2.


    If your blood pressure ever goes over 180 systolic or over 120 diastolic after a repeat reading, seek emergency medical care right away.

    Monitoring your blood pressure can help you and your doctor identify any issues early on. If treatment is needed, its better to start it early before damage has occurred in your arteries.

    Treatment may involve lifestyle changes, such as:

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    Before You Measure Your Blood Pressure

    • Avoid things that can raise your blood pressure in the short term. Dont measure your blood pressure within half an hour of eating, smoking, drinking caffeinated drinks such as coffee, or exercising. These can all raise your blood pressure temporarily. If you need to use the toilet, go before you measure your blood pressure.
    • Wear loose-fitting clothes. Wear a short-sleeved t-shirt or something with sleeves you can push up easily, nothing tight. This is so that you can fit the cuff around your arm.
    • Rest for five minutes before you take your reading. Sit down somewhere quiet, ideally at a desk or table. Have your back supported with your arm resting on a firm surface and your feet flat on the floor. Stay in this position while you take your blood pressure.
    • Make sure your arm is supported and at the same level as your heart. Position yourself so that your arm is resting on a surface and is at the same height as your heart. Keep your arm and hand relaxed, not tensed.
    • Make sure you are relaxed and comfortable. If you are anxious or uncomfortable, your blood pressure will rise temporarily.

    Conflict Of Interest Statement

    Blood Pressure Machine heartbeat Measuring LCD Digital Screen

    JJ is a founder, equity owner, and has received research support from RTM Vital Signs, LLC, a company developing non-invasive and long-term implantable vital sign monitoring systems. RTM Vital Signs is not associated with any devices discussed in this manuscript.

    The remaining authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest.

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