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What Vitamins Are Good For High Blood Pressure

Magnesium Supplements For Kids

Vitamins for high blood pressure

You should always talk to your childrens pediatrician before giving them any supplements, but magnesium can, in many cases, be a safe option for kids with ADHD or restless legs syndrome.

Magnesium L-threonate comes in a kid-friendly powder and may have brain benefits that can help with ADHD, says Dr. Patterson. Magnesium oxide or citrate can be used for kids with restless legs syndrome or kids who just need help settling down at night.

Per theMayo Clinic, the recommended dietary allowance for children up to age 3 is 40 to 80 mg per day, while children between the ages of 4 and 6 can take 120 mg and kids between 7 and 10 can take 170 mg. Your pediatrician, however, may recommend a higher or lower dosage based on your childs overall health and symptoms.

Dr. Patterson, for example, usually suggests parents of older children start with 300 mg of magnesium and slowly increase the amount if needed. However, dosages of 500 to 600 mg may cause loose stool . If your child doesnt like drinking magnesium supplements, many are available in chewable or even gummy formulations.

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Magnesium To Lower Blood Pressure

Generally, magnesium is important in helping regulate your blood pressure levels. Although the NIH has not found magnesium deficiency among the wider population, it notes older adults are likely to be at risk. A decrease in magnesium absorption due to aging is a primary cause for an increased risk. Because of this, further studies have tried to find specific links between magnesium and heart health.

For example, a published analysis in Hypertension looked at clinical trial results involving magnesium supplementation. Overall, researchers found significant results for people who consumed about 350 mg per day of magnesium. This group significantly reduced systolic BP by 2.00 mm Hg and diastolic BP by 1.78 mm Hg.

An easy way to naturally increase levels naturally is through diet. The usual suspects of leafy green vegetables, whole grains, low-fat milk and lean meats are good sources of magnesium. Cooper Complete Multivitamins are also a great way to ensure your body receives daily magnesium. In addition to a well-balanced diet, a Basic One Multivitamin provides 200 mg of magnesium and the Original provides 660 mg per daily serving. The Magnesium Oxide supplement provides 300 mg elemental magnesium per capsule for those who need additional magnesium in their diet.

Vitamin D For High Blood Pressure

Vitamin D regulates calcium metabolism and can improve blood pressure control through effects on the renin-angiotensin hormone system, parathyroid hormone, and arterial stiffness.

Food sources of vitamin D include oily fish, fish liver oils, animal liver, fortified margarine, eggs, butter and fortified milk. Mushrooms, beans and green leaves also provide small amounts, while sensible sun exposure allows vitamin D synthesis in the skin when the UV index is greater than 3.

Eight studies, involving 55,800 people, show that those with the lowest blood levels of vitamin D are 30% more likely to have hypertension than those with the highest levels.

This may explain why 19 other studies, involving almost 66,000 people, found that having a low vitamin D level increased the risk of coronary heart disease by 38% and of experiencing a stroke by 64% more than those with the highest blood levels of vitamin D.

However, trials involving vitamin D supplements have produced disappointing results.

In 8 clinical trials, involving people with hypertension, taking vitamin D supplements reduced blood pressure by 3.6/3.1 mmHg. Although only the diastolic reduction was significant compared with placebo, this is the figure Ive used in the above table. Some trials used calcium as the placebo, which has its own blood pressure lowering action and may have blunted the results.

NB Taking a vitamin D supplement is especially important if you are on a statin drug, as these lower vitamin D levels.

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Stop Smoking To Lower Blood Pressure

It can be difficult to do, but its worth it: Stopping smoking is good for your all-around health. Also ssmoking causes an immediate but temporary increase in your blood pressure and an increase in your heart rate .

In the long term, the chemicals in tobacco can increase your blood pressure by damaging your blood vessel walls, causing inflammation, and narrowing your arteries. Also the hardened arteries cause higher blood pressure.

The chemicals in tobacco can affect your blood vessels even if youre around secondhand smoke.

A study showed that nonsmokers who were able to go to smoke-free restaurants, bars, and workplaces had lower blood pressure than nonsmokers in areas that had no smoke-free policies affecting public places .

A Fast & Easy Solution For Healthy Blood Pressure

5 Nutrients to Lower Your Blood Pressure

There are a few important ways for having healthier blood and exercise being the two important factors.

Unfortunately, they take time and most people are either NOT patient or need faster results, with less effort…This is the exact problem I ran into with my own parents.

Because of this, I needed to find a simple, easy and fast solution for naturally supporting healthier blood pressure levels in only 30 days, without the use of harmful prescription drugs or following a restrictive diet.

If this is something you’re also interested in, you can easily copy my parent’s “proven formula”, implement it and start seeing and feeling results within days

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What Are Good Dietary Sources Of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is found in many foods, and a number of common food products are enriched with vitamin D. Milk, cereal, and baking flour is all products that contain added vitamin D. Some good sources of vitamin D include:

  • Salmon 3oz: 447 IU
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    Do Meditation Or Yoga To Lower Blood Pressure

    Mindfulness and meditation, including transcendental meditation, have long been used and studied as methods to reduce stress.

    Yoga, which commonly involves breathing control, posture, and meditation techniques, can also be effective in reducing stress and blood pressure.

    A 2013 review on yoga and blood pressure found an average blood pressure decrease of 3.62 mm Hg diastolic and 4.17 mm Hg systolic when compared with those who didnt exercise.

    Studies of yoga practices that included breath control, postures, and meditation were nearly twice as effective as yoga practices that didnt include all three of these elements .

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    Magnesium Helps Your Heart Keep The Beat

    Magnesium is central to a healthy heart rhythm because its involved in transporting other electrolytes, such as calcium and potassium, into cells. Electrolytes are all-important for nerve signals and the muscle contractions of a normal heartbeat. Research shows that magnesium deficiency, or restricted magnesium intake, increases irregular heartbeats known as arrhythmias.

    In a review published in May 2019 in Cardiology Research and Practice, researchers found that a low level of magnesium in the blood may increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. In addition, the review showed that a low magnesium level is associated with atrial fibrillation , the most common heart rate disorder. Afib occurs when a malfunction in the hearts electrical system causes the upper chambers of the heart to quiver.

    Sesame And Rice Bran Oils

    High Blood Pressure & Vitamin C

    People who cooked with a blend of the two oils saw a drop in blood pressure almost comparable to the decrease that results from taking medication, according to research presented at the American Heart Associations Scientific Sessions. Researchers believe the effect is due to the oils fatty acids and antioxidants.

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    Supplements To Lower A High Blood Pressure Conclusion

    High blood pressure is one of the most important heart disease and stroke risk factors your doctor will even screen you for. Controlling blood pressure down to, ideally, less than 130/80 mmHg is vital for long-term circulatory health. While medication is often needed, diet and lifestyle changes can improve your blood pressure control and help to limit the number and dose of medicines you need.

    I have a website dedicated to controlling blood pressure at

    If your blood pressure is raised, self-monitoring is key to maintaining good control.

    Potassium For High Blood Pressure

    Potassium is the main positively charged ion found inside cells, where it is present in concentrations that are 30 times higher than in the fluid surrounding each cell. This is because potassium is actively pumped into cells in exchange for sodium ions, which are pumped out to make room for it.

    Within the kidneys, these sodium-potassium exchange pumps mean that good dietary intakes of potassium help to flush excess sodium into the urine for excretion. As excess sodium in a high salt diet is linked with high blood pressure in at least one in two people, following a diet that is relatively high in potassium and low in sodium is linked with a lower risk of hypertension and stroke.

    Good food sources of potassium include fruit , vegetables, beans and whole grains.

    The results of 15 trials, involving 917 people with either normal blood pressure or untreated hypertension, show that, overall, taking potassium supplements lower blood pressure by an average of 4.7/3.5mmHg and this is the figure Ive selected for the above table. In those with untreated hypertension, potassium supplements reduced blood pressure by an average of 6.8/4.6 mmHg.

    The researchers concluded that people with raised blood pressure may benefit from increased potassium intake along with controlled or decreased sodium intakes.

    In one study, for example, over 80% of people taking antihypertensive medication were able to halve their dose by just increasing their dietary intake of potassium.

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    Red Reishi For High Blood Pressure

    A Japanese study found that taking Red reishi extracts for 6 months lowered average blood pressure by 19/10 mmHg. This has not been followed-up in English-language publications so cannot be confirmed, but Reishi is widely used in Asia to maintain good health and remains a useful supplement for anyone with prehypertension as it may improve other cardiovascular disease risk factors, such as insulin resistance, triglyceride and HDL-cholesterol levels.

    A study involving people with stress-related symptoms, also showed that reishi improved overall well-being significantly more than placebo. The effects of Reishi are enhanced by vitamin C which increases absorption of the active components.

    A typical dose is 500 mg reishi extract, two to three times daily.

    No serious side effects have been reported but check for interactions with any medicines you are taking.

    Safe Vitamin D Levels Remain Unclear


    Vitamin D is an essential vitamin. Your body synthesizes vitamin D from exposure to natural sunlight. Most foods dont contain significant amounts of the nutrient. So there may be a rationale to take some vitamin D, especially during times of year with less sunlight.

    This may be true, but be aware theres no clear consensus on exactly how much vitamin D we ultimately need, and more importantly what levels could cause harm, Dr. Nissen says. That spells problems for anyone taking large amounts of vitamin D in the hope of boosting their health. Thats like treating yourself with a blindfold on.

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    What Is The Best Peanut Butter For High Blood Pressure

    Not all peanut butter is suitable or healthy for consumption. Some peanut butter contains hydrogenated vegetable oil that prevents the peanut butter from separating at room temperature. The saturated fat creates terrible cholesterol that causes plaque in your arteries leading to high blood pressure.

    The best types of peanut butter brands are organic peanut butter, as recommended in the article. You may also identify unhealthy brands by looking at the food label to ensure no saturated fat.

    The Complications Of High Blood Pressure

    High blood pressure represents the leading factor of death and disability globally, including stroke, heart failure, chronic kidney disease, and death from heart disease. Family history and lifestyle choices can affect high blood pressure. These include high salt intake, obesity, excess alcohol consumption, medications like ibuprofen, stimulants, decongestants, and even illicit drugs. Diseases that affect other organs like the kidneys, adrenals, and thyroid gland can also lead to high blood pressure.

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    Cherry Juice Lowers Blood Pressure

    Sour, or tart, cherries are a rich source of antioxidant polyphenols which reduce arterial stiffness, improve arterial stiffness and promote blood vessel dilation.

    A pilot trial involving 20 healthy adults with normal blood pressures showed that a single 300ml serving of cherry juice produced significant reductions in blood pressure of 5.5/5.5 mmHg.

    In 15 men classed as having early hypertension drinking 60ml concentrated Montmorency tart cherry juice lowered systolic blood pressure by 7 mmHg more than a similar tasting fruit-flavoured placebo .

    No significant differences were seen in diastolic pressures . The blood pressure lowering effects of cherry juice occurred within one hour and persisted for at least 8 hours afterwards.

    Consider adding cherry juice to your daily menu. Cherry supplements are also available.

    Preventing High Blood Pressure With Vitamin D

    4 supplements to help lower Blood Pressure

    Vitamin D is an important nutrient that regulates several of the bodys metabolic actions. Vitamin D is produced in the deep layers of the skin using energy from sunlight. Because the body can make vitamin D, it is not considered to be an essential nutrient, though a significant portion of the vitamin D needed by the human body does come from the diet.

    Vitamin D, working with parathyroid hormone, is primarily responsible for regulating the amount of calcium and phosphorus in the blood. Vitamin D also encourages the formation of bone tissue and is known to stimulate the production of cells in the immune system.

    A growing body of research suggests that vitamin D may also play a role in blood pressure regulation and heart health. It is known, for example, that cases of high blood pressure increase during the winter and in places that are further from the equator — both are situations where a decrease in available sunlight leads to lower vitamin D production.

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    Beetroot Juice Supplements For High Blood Pressure

    Beetroot juice lowers blood pressure partly due to its potassium and magnesium content, but mostly due to its high content of nitrates. When consumed, beetroot nitrates are rapidly converted into nitrites by bacteria that live in the mouth. When absorbed into your circulation, these nitrites form nitric oxide a cell-signalling molecule which lowers blood pressure by allowing blood vessels to dilate.

    In healthy volunteers with normal blood pressure, taking a beetroot juice supplement every day for 4 weeks lowered blood pressure by an average of 7.7/5.2 mmHg compared with placebo when assessed by 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.

    Benefits start within one hour, reach a maximum after 4 hours, and are still evident 24 hours later, making it at least as effective as many prescribed antihypertensive medications.

    Include beetroot in your diet as much as possible. Eating 100g cooked or grated raw beetroot provides the same level of nitrates as 250ml beetroot juice.

    If you dont like the taste of beetroot, supplements are available.

    NB Concentrated beetroot can turn urine pink this may be alarming but is harmless.

    What Is High Blood Pressure

    Your blood vessels and heart pump blood throughout your body by pressure gradients. Fluids, like water, tend to flow from areas of high pressure to low pressure areas. This principle works the same way in the body, where the vessels that carry blood away from your heart have higher pressure than vessels that carry blood to your heart . High blood pressure occurs when the pressure in the arteries elevates higher than considered normal. Narrow blood vessels will cause more resistance leading to higher pressure. Your heart will then continuously work harder to pump against a higher pressure. High blood pressure takes years to develop. Usually, you will not have any symptoms hence why high blood pressure gets the nickname the silent killer.

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    Fruits That Combat High Blood Pressure

    Eating fresh foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals result in a significant reduction in blood pressure.

    You can enjoy fruits raw or incorporated in smoothies or juice form. But eating fruits raw is highly recommended due to the fiber content present in them.

    These fibers offer other benefits to health in addition to lowering blood pressure.

    Why Is This Balance Important

    What food to eat to reduce high pressure

    Potassium naturally works with sodium create energy for the body to send signals along our nerves. More importantly, when the body is low in potassium it tries to hoard it, which also means hanging onto sodium. Water goes with the sodium and the body holds more water and increases blood pressure. Knowing this, can increasing potassium intake lower blood pressure?

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    Eat Some Dark Chocolate To Lower Blood Pressure

    Dark chocolate has been shown to lower blood pressure.

    But the dark chocolate should be 60 to 70 percent cacao. Also review of studies on dark chocolate has found that eating one to two squares of dark chocolate per day may help lower the risk of heart disease by lowering blood pressure and inflammation.

    The benefits are thought to come from the flavonoids present in chocolate with more cocoa solids. Also the flavonoids help dilate, or widen, your blood vessels .


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