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When To Take Blood Pressure Tablets

Erectile Dysfunction And High Blood Pressure: How Are They Linked

Blood Pressure Medications

An erection is the result of a chain of chemical reactions in your body that begins when you become sexually aroused. Enzymes transmit signals to the blood vessels in your penis, causing them to relax and expand so that blood can flow in. As a result, your penis becomes firm and ready for sexual activity.

When you have high blood pressure, however, this puts a strain on your circulatory system. Over time, the lining of your blood vessels can be damaged and your arteries can harden and become narrow, restricting blood flow. This then prevents enough blood entering your penis to achieve a hard, lasting erection.

Research has found that men suffering from ED are 38% more likely to have high blood pressure, so theres a good chance that tackling your high blood pressure could help your erections too.

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When Should You Not Take Blood Pressure Medication

The upper limit of the range is 120 to 129/less than 80 . Although your blood pressure is higher than you want, it is not at a full-blown high. The doctor will probably tell you that you do not need drugs at this time unless you have another health condition, such as kidney disease or heart disease.

Yes This Information Is For You If

  • Your doctor has suggested you take one of the following heart, blood vessel, blood pressure, cholesterol, or blood thinner medicines. These are called cardiovascular medicines.
  • Blood pressure medicines like ACE inhibitors, ARBs , beta-blockers, calcium channel blockers, and diuretics
  • Medicines that help make the pumping of your heart stronger, like Lanoxicaps® or Lanoxin®
  • Medicines that help control your cholesterol and triglyceride levels, like statins or fenofibrate
  • Blood thinners like warfarin
  • Aspirin or other antiplatelet medicines like Plavix®, Brilinta®, or Pradaxa®
  • Medicines to treat or prevent chest pain from your heart, like nitrates such as Isordil®
  • You are taking or thinking about taking one or more dietary supplements in addition to your CV medicine. Dietary supplements studied in the research for this summary include:
  • Niacin
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    For How Long Can I Use It

    As discussed, if symptoms worsen or do not improve after 4 weeks, a doctor or a qualified healthcare practitioner should be consulted.

    If you take more Kalms tablets than you should If you take too many tablets, consult your doctor or qualified healthcare practitioner as soon as possible.

    Do not attempt to take a double dose to make up for any missed dose if you forget taking your Kalms tablets.

    Also, if you are unsure about this medication, consult your doctor or qualified healthcare practitioner for advice.

    Example: Two Men Two Risk Levels

    The Best Time to Take Blood Pressure Medication

    Imagine two men: John and Henry. Both of them are 60 years old, and both have slightly high blood pressure levels of 142/93 mmHg.

    John has

    • no other risk factors.
    • The probability that he will have a heart attack or a stroke within the next ten years is 11%. That means that 11 out of 100 men with the same risk as John will have a heart attack or stroke in the next ten years.

    Henry, on the other hand,

    • smokes,
    • poor .
    • The probability that he will have a heart attack or stroke within the next ten years is three times as high as the likelihood that John will: It is 33%.

    This risk calculation shows that although the two men have the same blood pressure levels, their individual risk of cardiovascular disease is very different.

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    What Is The Best Drink To Drink For High Blood Pressure

    In addition to following a heart-healthy diet, some types of drinks may also be helpful when it comes to lowering your blood pressure. According to research, several types of fruit and vegetable juices, as well as skim milk and green tea, may help to control your blood pressure, without any side effects.

    Know The Possible Side Effects Of Your High Blood Pressure Drugs

    Each type of high blood pressure drug has possible side effects. Some side effects may be temporary some may be more lasting. Some side effects are bothersome some may be potentially dangerous. Ask your doctor or pharmacist these questions about each of your medications:

    • What side effects might occur? Which are common and which are rare?
    • What should I do if I notice side effects?
    • Are there medicines, food, or beverages that can interact with this drug?
    • What are serious side effects that I need to be aware of?

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    Make A Habit Out Of Taking Your High Blood Pressure Drugs

    It’s easier to take your high blood pressure drugs exactly as prescribed when you make it a part of your daily routine. Try some of these ideas to help you remember to take your medication:

    • Link taking your medicine with another daily routine, such as brushing your teeth or fixing your morning coffee.
    • Every time you take your medication, mark it down on a calendar or in a notebook. This also gives you a record you can show your doctor so you can both determine how well the medicine is working.
    • Place reminders in key spots. Sticky notes are great — they come in a variety of colors and shapes to get your attention. Put reminder notes in places you’re likely to see them, such as on your bathroom mirror or by the kitchen sink.
    • Have a family member or friend call or email you to remind you to take your medicine.

    What To Do If You Miss A Dose

    Is Taking Blood Pressure Medications at Night Really Better?

    The answer depends on the type of medication youâre taking. For some drugs, your doctor may tell you to take your medication as soon as you realize you missed a dose. For other drugs, you may be told to just to skip past the missed dose and pick up with the next one.

    If you donât know what to do, first call your doctor or pharmacist. If you canât get a hold of them, the information that came with your medication may have answers.

    There are also some general rules that apply to missed doses:

    If itâs been less than 2 hours since your missed dose, go ahead and take it. Then keep taking later doses as usual.

    If itâs been more than 2 hours since your missed dose, the answer depends on how often you take your medication:

    • If you usually take it once or twice a day, itâs probably safe to take it as long as your next dose isnât for another few hours. Donât do this with insulin.
    • If you take it three or more times a day, itâs usually safe to wait and take your next dose at the regular time.

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    Where Does The Information In This Summary Come From

    Researchers funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality , a Federal Government research agency reviewed 70 studies published through September 2011 on the effects of taking dietary supplements along with CV medicines. The report was reviewed by clinicians, researchers, experts, and the public. You can read the report at

    Who Can And Cannot Take Enalapril

    Enalapril can be taken by adults and children.

    If you have diabetes, check your blood sugar more often, particularly in the first few weeks. This is because enalapril can lower the sugar level in your blood.

    Enalapril isn’t suitable for everyone.

    To make sure it is safe for you, tell your doctor or other health professional if you:

    • have had an allergic reaction to enalapril or any other medicine in the past
    • are trying to get pregnant, are already pregnant, or you’re breastfeeding
    • are having dialysis or any other type of blood filtration
    • have heart, liver or kidney problems
    • have unstable or low blood pressure
    • have diabetes
    • have a blood problem such as a low white blood cell count

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    When Treatment Is Recommended

    Everyone with high blood pressure is advised to make healthy lifestyle changes.

    Whether medicine is also recommended depends on your blood pressure reading and your risk of developing problems such as heart attacks or strokes.

    Your doctor will carry out some blood and urine tests, and ask questions about your health to determine your risk of other problems:

    • if your blood pressure is consistently above 140/90mmHg , but your risk of other problems is low you’ll be advised to make some changes to your lifestyle
    • if your blood pressure is consistently above 140/90mmHg and your risk of other problems is high you’ll be offered medicine to lower your blood pressure, in addition to lifestyle changes
    • if your blood pressure is consistently above 160/100mmHg you’ll be offered medicine to lower your blood pressure, in addition to lifestyle changes

    Does Cbd Interfere With Blood Pressure Medicine

    High blood pressure may increase dementia risk

    If you are lucky enough to not deal with high blood pressure issues, you probably know at least one person that does. In todays hectic world, more people than ever are experiencing hypertension. Sometimes high blood pressure is caused by poor eating habits. It may be a hereditary condition. However, too much stress and anxiety are also contributors to high blood pressure. Many people are using Cannabidiol to help themselves stay calm and relaxed. However, if they take blood pressure medicine, using CBD could be an issue.

    Even though most researchers believe CBD is safe to use on its own, there have been concerns raised about how it may interact with some medications. Blood pressure medicines are some of the most commonly prescribed. While studies are not yet conclusive, it is thought that CBD could interfere with how blood pressure medicines work. Blood pressure medicines could also interfere with how well CBD works.

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    Does High Blood Pressure Lead To Weight Gain

    Some high blood pressure medications can, in fact, lead to weight gain. Common offenders include older beta-blockers such as propranolol and atenolol . There could be several reasons for this — including the fact that the medications can make patients feel tired and thus less likely to exercise.

    • Minoxidil tablets — used only when other antihypertensive medications have failed — can also cause weight gain.
    • Weight gain is also listed as a common side effect of doxazosin . Diuretics are more likely to cause weight loss.

    When Is Taking Medication For High Blood Pressure A Good Idea

    Over time, high blood pressure increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Medication can lower blood pressure effectively. The higher the blood pressure, the greater the benefit. But the risk of long-term health consequences also depends on many other factors.

    A decision to take medication for high blood pressure is a long-term decision. So it’s worth considering the pros and cons of the various treatment options. If you would like to know about the advantages and disadvantages of different treatments, doctors are obliged to describe them to you and everyone has the right to decide for themselves whether or not to take medication to lower their blood pressure .

    Slightly high blood pressure can often be reduced by losing weight, eating less salt and getting more exercise. If that isn’t effective enough, treatment with antihypertensive medication is considered. Some people may opt for medication right away.

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    Can Oral Ed Drugs Improve Sexual Satisfaction

    Besides the fact that there are men suffering from high blood pressure, and other conditions, who should not take Viagra due to their health, or the drugs side effects, there is also a common misconception about how these drugs work.

    Viagra and related oral ED medications can help a man get an erection. However, they do nothing to increase sensitivity, sexual satisfaction, or increase penis size.

    In fact, a recent study of sexual satisfaction conducted in the UK found that while men between 55 and 87 who had used Viagra and similar drugs reported higher levels of sexual activity than men without an ED issue, they also were more likely to be dissatisfied with their sex lives. This basically means that just being able to perform more often, does not necessarily mean you are engaging in better, or more satisfying sex.

    Having hypertension, in general, does not mean the patient cannot take PDE5 inhibitors if the patient has good blood pressure control. There is no contraindication for these medications. However, if the patient is taking nitrates or calcium channel blockers with controlled or low blood pressure, there is an absolute contraindication. Feel free to contact us today, and ask about some of the latest drug-free treatments for ED we have available.

    Can A Drug Overdose Be Treated At Home

    The Best Time to Take Blood Pressure Meds

    Home care and home remedies should not be done without first consulting a doctor or poison expert. Call Poison Control 800-222-1222 even if the person has no symptoms but overdose is suspected.

    For some accidental drug overdoses, the local poison control center may recommend home therapy and observation. Because of the potential for problems after some overdoses, syrup of ipecac or other therapies should not be given unless directed by a medical professional.

    • Most people have telephone access to a local poison control center. The phone number 800-222-1222 will get you through to a poison specialist.
    • Anyone who has small children at home should have the poison line telephone number readily available near the telephone.
    • People who take a drug overdose in an attempt to harm themselves generally require psychiatric intervention in addition to poison management. People who overdose for this purpose must be taken to a hospitals emergency department, even if their overdose seems trivial. These people are at risk for eventually achieving a successful suicide. The sooner you intervene, the better the success of avoiding suicide.

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    Are Blood Pressure Medications Right For You

    When youre first diagnosed with high blood pressure you might not need to take medications. Your doctor or nurse might suggest you make healthy changes to your lifestyle first, which could be enough to lower your blood pressure to a healthy level, but if thats not enough on its own, they may suggest you take medications as well.

    The role of blood pressure medicines is to lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, and other health problems. So, whether you would benefit from them depends not only on your blood pressure, but on your overall health and risk of disease. Your doctor will consider a number of things, including:

    • what your are
    • your age, ethnicity, family history and lifestyle
    • any which raise your risk of heart attack or stroke, such as high cholesterol, being overweight, diabetes, kidney problems and diseases of the blood vessels such as coronary heart disease
    • if members of your family have high blood pressure, strokes or heart attacks, or have done in the past
    • any other illnesses you may have and medications youre taking, and any side effects

    How high does your blood pressure need to be before starting medications?Your doctor will consider your when deciding whether to prescribe medications.

    Your doctor will want to bring your blood pressure down to a target level, for example around 140/90mmHg.

    What Are Dietary Supplements

    Dietary supplements are vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other substances that supplement the vitamins and minerals you get from foods. These products come as pills, powders, drinks, and bars. They are sold at pharmacies, grocery stores, vitamin stores, and health food stores and on the Internet.

    Many supplements are advertised for specific health problems, like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or CV disease. Some supplements that have been sold for these CV problems include:

    • Vitamins and minerals, such as:
    • Niacin
  • Herbs or supplements made from plants, such as:
  • Ginseng
  • Omega-3 fatty acids/fish oil
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Dietary supplements are very popular. You may have seen them advertised on TV, on the Internet, in newspapers, or in magazines. Or, you may have heard about supplements from a friend. One to two out of every three adults with CV problems takes a dietary supplement because they think it will give them some health benefit.

    More information on dietary supplements is available at:

    How are dietary supplements different from prescription and over-the-counter medicines?

    Unlike prescription or over-the-counter medicines, dietary supplements do not have to be approved by the FDA.

    Can dietary supplements be harmful?

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    What To Do If You Accidentally Took Double Dose Of Losartan

    Losartan, sold under the trade name Cozaar among others, is a medication mainly used to treat high blood pressure. It is also used for diabetic kidney disease, heart failure, and left ventricular enlargement. It is taken by mouth. It may be used alone or in addition to other blood pressure medication.

    The most common error people make with their medicines is taking or giving a double dose. Or, someone gets distracted and takes a prescription medicine once and then again. For some medicines, an extra dose can cause problems. For example, too much blood pressure medicine could make you light-headed. Too much diabetes medicine can cause low blood sugar. And, you could run out of a medicine too soon.

    What to do if you accidentally took double dose of Losartan

    The tablets should be swallowed with a glass of water. You should try to take your daily dose at about the same time each day. It is important that you continue to take Losartan tablets until your doctor tells you otherwise.

    If you take more Losartan tablets than you should or you accidentally take too many tablets, or a child swallows some, contact your doctor immediately. Symptoms of overdose are low blood pressure, increased heartbeat, possibly decreased heartbeat. If you forget to take Losartan tablets or you accidentally miss a daily dose, just take the next dose as normal. Do not take a double dose to make up for a forgotten tablet. If you have any


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