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Which Medicine Is Best For High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure Medications

Safest BLOOD PRESSURE Medications in 2022

Treating high blood pressure will help prevent problems such as heart disease, stroke, loss of eyesight, chronic kidney disease, and other blood vessel diseases.

You may need to take medicines to lower your blood pressure if lifestyle changes are not enough to bring your blood pressure to the target level.


Most of the time, your health care provider will try lifestyle changes first and check your BP two or more times.

If your blood pressure is 120/80 to 129/80 mm Hg, you have elevated blood pressure.

  • Your provider will recommend lifestyle changes to bring your blood pressure down to a normal range.
  • Medicines are rarely used at this stage.

If your blood pressure is equal to or higher than 130/80 but lower than 140/90 mm Hg, you have Stage 1 high blood pressure. When thinking about the best treatment, you and your provider must consider:

  • If you have no other diseases or risk factors, your provider may recommend lifestyle changes and repeat the measurements after a few months.
  • If your blood pressure remains equal to or higher than 130/80 but lower than 140/90 mm Hg, your provider may recommend medicines to treat high blood pressure.
  • If you have other diseases or risk factors, your provider may be more likely to recommend medicines at the same time as lifestyle changes.


Most of the time, only a single drug will be used at first. Two drugs may be started if you have stage 2 high blood pressure.

Can High Blood Pressure Lower Blood Sugar

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How Is High Blood Pressure Diagnosed

It is not uncommon for your blood pressure to go high occasionally however, it is persistently high blood pressure that is a concern. For this reason, if a doctor or nurse takes your blood pressure and it is high but you dont have any risk factors or symptoms, then at least two other separate measurements should be taken before you are diagnosed with high blood pressure.

Before getting your blood pressure taken you should avoid the following for at least an hour before the measurement:

  • Strenuous exercise
  • Stressful situations.

Sit down for at least five minutes before the reading is taken and dont talk while it is being measured.

Other tests may be ordered if your doctor concludes you have high blood pressure. These may include blood tests, an electrocardiogram, and sometimes a chest x-ray.

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What Diet Helps Control High Blood Pressure

  • Eat foods that are lower in fat, salt and calories, such as skim or 1% milk, fresh vegetables and fruits, and whole-grain rice and pasta.
  • Use flavorings, spices and herbs to make foods tasty without using salt. The optimal recommendation for salt in your diet is to have less than 1,500 milligrams of sodium a day. Don’t forget that most restaurant foods and many processed and frozen foods contain high levels of salt. Use herbs and spices that do not contain salt in recipes to flavor your food. Dont add salt at the table.
  • Avoid or cut down on foods high in fat or salt, such as butter and margarine, regular salad dressings, fatty meats, whole milk dairy products, fried foods, processed foods or fast foods and salted snacks.
  • Ask your provider if you should increase potassium in your diet. Discuss the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension diet with your provider. The DASH diet emphasizes adding fruits, vegetables and whole grains to your diet while reducing the amount of sodium. Since its rich in fruits and vegetables, which are naturally lower in sodium than many other foods, the DASH diet makes it easier to eat less salt and sodium.

What Are The Benefits And Risks Of Blood Pressure Medicines

Best Blood Pressure Medications 2016

The benefits of blood pressure medicines are clear: Blood pressure medicines can help you keep your blood pressure at healthy levels and therefore greatly reduce your risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke.

In general, the risks of taking blood pressure medicines are low. However, all medicines have risks. Talk with your doctor or health care professional about the risks of high blood pressure medicines.

Do not stop taking your current medicine without talking to your doctor or health care professional first.

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What Questions Should I Ask My Provider

  • Are there supplements or non-prescription medicines that I shouldnt take?
  • Can I keep taking these medicines if I get pregnant?
  • What kinds of exercise should I do?

A note from Cleveland Clinic

If you dont treat high blood pressure, it can put you at risk for developing serious illnesses later in life such as heart attack, kidney failure and stroke. But if you follow your providers instructions, you can control your blood pressure. Be sure to take any medicines your provider ordered as instructed. Keep taking them even if your blood pressure numbers begin to fall into the normal range. Living a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy foods, watching your weight and getting regular exercise is also a great way to help control your blood pressure.

Last reviewed by a Cleveland Clinic medical professional on 09/21/2021.


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Readings Of High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is divided into two numbers, namely systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Systolic blood pressure is the number at the top of a blood pressure reading. It denotes the pressure by which your heart is beating and pumping out blood into the body.

Diastolic blood pressure is the number at the bottom of a blood pressure reading. It denotes the pressure in the walls of your blood vessels in between two beats.

As you got an idea of the readings of blood pressure, Now you will be able to understand the categories of high blood pressure.

There are five categories of blood pressure readings in adults.

Allium Sativum: For High Blood Pressure With Elevated Cholesterol Levels

Top 5 Most Common Blood Pressure Medications


High blood pressure issues due to an unhealthy diet that leads to heart conditions such as arteriosclerosis can be treated with Allium Sativum.

The patient may feel heavy pulsations in his head. The patient will experience darting pain in the chest.

This remedy can treat high blood pressure when the symptoms match the description given here.

Dosage & Potency:

Use Allium Sativum in 30ch potency thrice daily till improvement occurs.

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Pain Relief For People With High Blood Pressure: What Analgesic If You Are On Antihypertensives

Has your blood pressure been too high meaning you have a systolic pressure of 140 or higher if youâre under 60 and of 150 or higher if youâre over 60, and a diastolic pressure of 90 or over for a while?

Your doctor may first recommend certain lifestyle changes, like cutting way down on salt, being more physically active, and quitting smoking, if you have been diagnosed with hypertension. Should those steps not lower your blood pressure to safe and healthy levels, however, your physicianâs next step will be to prescribe you some antihypertensives .

I got my own prescription for hypertension drugs about a decade ago. While I was vaguely familiar with the kinds of blood pressure meds on the market because my parents were on them too, the fact that not all antihypertensives work quite right for everyone means Iâve since become acquainted with nearly the whole âwhoâs whoâ of blood pressure drugs, all in a process of trial and error.

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What Else Should I Do To Help Control My Blood Pressure

You can help yourself by doing the following:

  • have regular medical checkups
  • take all your medicines as instructed, even if you are feeling fine
  • follow your healthcare provider’s recommendations about diet and exercise
  • stop smoking, if you are a smoker
  • avoid drinking more than one ounce of alcohol a day
  • get your whole family involved in your care plan

Don’t hesitate to talk to your healthcare provider if you have any questions or problems. If you cooperate with your treatment plan, you can keep your blood pressure controlled and help to prevent serious complications.

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With Which Drugs Do Antacids Interact

  • When antacids are taken with acidic drugs , they cause the absorption of the acidic drugs to be decreased, which causes low blood concentrations of the drugs, which ultimately results in reduced effects of the drugs.
  • Antacids are taken with drugs such as pseudoephedrine , and levodopa , increase absorption of the drugs and can cause toxicity/adverse events due to increased blood levels of the drugs.
  • Antacids that contain magnesium trisilicate and magnesium hydroxide when taken with some other medications will bind to the drugs, and reduce their absorption and effects.
  • Sodium bicarbonate has a strong effect on the acidity of the urine, and this can affect the elimination of some drugs by the kidney. Thus, sodium bicarbonate inhibits the excretion of basic drugs such as quinidine and amphetamines, and increases the excretion of acidic drugs such as aspirin.

Rise Slowly To Prevent Falls And Fainting

Top 20 Best Blood Pressure Supplements 2016

A potential complication of drug treatment is a sudden drop in blood pressure, which can cause you to faint or fall. This may happen after meals, or when getting up after sitting or lying down. This problem is one reason that drug treatment is started at low doses and increased slowly and carefully. While you are taking medications to lower your blood pressure, make sure to get up from a lying or sitting position slowly. This will let your body adjust.

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What Are The Most Common Side Effects Of High Blood Pressure Medications

Side effects vary with the class of high blood pressure medication. In general, when you lower your blood pressure, side effects such as dizziness and lightheadedness are possible.

Some classes have very specific side effects. For example, diuretics can increase urination, while ACE inhibitors can cause a dry cough.

If you notice any new or unusual symptoms after starting a new medication, contact your doctor.

The Most Successful Medications For High Blood Pressure

If individuals suffer from hypertension, more commonly known as high blood pressure, it can be challenging to choose the right medication. As patients make essential lifestyle changes, such as dietary changes, reducing salt in their diet, regularly exercising, and quitting smoking, they may require medications to better control their blood pressure and reduce their risk of complications. The most successful medication for a single patient will depend on several factors, including their current blood pressure reading and their overall health.

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Can High Blood Pressure Affect Pregnancy

High blood pressure complicates about 10% of all pregnancies. There are several different types of high blood pressure during pregnancy and they range from mild to serious. The forms of high blood pressure during pregnancy include:

Chronic hypertension: High blood pressure which is present before pregnancy.

Gestational hypertension: High blood pressure in the latter part of pregnancy.

Preeclampsia: This is a dangerous condition that typically develops in the latter half of pregnancy and results in hypertension, protein in the urine and generalized swelling in the pregnant person. It can affect other organs in the body and cause seizures .

Chronic hypertension with superimposed preeclampsia: Pregnant people who have chronic hypertension are at increased risk for developing preeclampsia.

Your provider will check your blood pressure regularly during prenatal appointments, but if you have concerns about your blood pressure, be sure to talk with your provider.

What Are Dosages Of Hydrochlorothiazide

3 BEST Blood Pressure Supplements | Naturally Lower Blood Pressure

Adult and pediatric dosage

  • 12.5-50 mg orally once daily

Pediatric dosage

  • Children younger than 6 months of age: 1-3 mg/kg/day orally divided every 12 hours not to exceed 37.5 mg/day
  • Children 6 months-2 years: 1-2 mg/kg/day orally in single daily dose or divided twice daily not to exceed 37.5 mg/day
  • Children 2-12 years: 1-3 mg/kg/day not to exceed 3 mg/kg/day


  • 25-100 mg orally once daily or twice daily not to exceed 200 mg/day

Pediatric dosage

  • Children younger than 6 months of age: 1-3 mg/kg/day orally divided every 12 hours not to exceed 37.5 mg/day
  • Children 6 months-2 years: 1-2 mg/kg/day orally in single daily dose or divided twice daily not to exceed 37.5 mg/day
  • Children 2-12 years: 1-3 mg/kg/day not to exceed 3 mg/kg/day

Dosage Considerations Should be Given as Follows:

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Which Antacids Are Safest To Take Our Conclusion

We believe you should discuss these medications with your doctor or nurse practitioner on a regular basis, at least once a year. Only a qualified, licensed medical professional can give you sound, serious medical advice.

However, if you need relief immediately and are not sure of which antacids are safe to take, all sources we have checked appear to agree that the H2 Interceptors are safe and reliable acid reducers.

You may be able to purchase safe antacid medicine from Amazon. We have selected some products for you below. If you are using an ad blocker then follow this link to Amazons page for the Kirkland Acid Controller, a highly effective generic brand of Famotidine.

What Is High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the measurement of the pressure or force of blood pushing against blood vessel walls. When you have hypertension , it means the pressure against the blood vessel walls in your body is consistently too high. High blood pressure is often called the silent killer because you may not be aware that anything is wrong, but the damage is still occurring within your body.

Your blood pressure reading has two numbers. The top number is the systolic blood pressure, which measures the pressure on the blood vessel walls when your heart beats or contracts. The bottom number is the diastolic blood pressure, which measures the pressure on your blood vessels between beats when your heart is relaxing.

For example, a blood pressure of 110/70 is within the normal range, but a blood pressure of 135/85 is stage 1 hypertension, and so on .


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Risk Factors For High Blood Pressure

Some conditions can put you at a higher risk for the development of high blood pressure.

Age: Older age comes with many health challenges, and this can be a risk factor for high blood pressure, especially if you have diseases, for example, heart problems, kidney diseases, etc.

Genetic Factors:This plays an important role as some abnormal genes responsible for the high blood pressure may get transferred from your parents to you.

Obesity: Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle are also included in the risk factors. Excess body fat means your heart will have to exert more pressure to pump blood into your body. This creates stress and damage to the heart walls and vessels.

High salt intake: This can disturb your salt and fluid balance of the body and causes your blood pressure to rise.

Unhealthy Diet: Eating saturated fats will become a cause of several heart diseases such as arteriosclerosis, and this will make your heart unhealthy and disturb its ability to pump blood.

Alcohol and Smoking: These are health deteriorating factors which also responsible for causing high blood pressure. While smoking, the nicotine present in it will damage your heart vessels and increase your blood pressure.

It will also reduce the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.


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