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Can Fitbit Track Blood Pressure

How Fitbit Measures Blood Pressure

Fitbit adds blood glucose tracking

According to a Fitbit Blog post, Fitbit Labs are about to launch a non-cuff Blood pressure monitoring technology on their upcoming Fitbit blood pressure monitoring smartwatches and fitness trackers.

Instead of using a traditional B.P. cuff, they are trying to calculate the blood pressure by calculating the pulse arrival time from the heart to the wrist. The 3-week internal study was a success, and now they are trying to get data from a large group of people from different age groups and demographics to ensure the accuracy of the findings.

If they succeed in their studies, it will be a blessing for people who suffer from high blood pressure and people vulnerable to high blood pressure. The detection of blood pressure at the earliest helps people to control it more effectively.

Best For Smart Features: Fitbit Versa 3

The Fitbit Versa 3 allows a user to track their steps and heart rate and monitor the oxygen levels in their blood. It also has built-in GPS to track a users pace and distance when exercising.

The Active Zone feature means that the Fitbit buzzes when the person enters their personalized target heart rate zone.

The Fitbit Versa 3 also has various functions that a person can use during sleep. It can measure the duration of light, deep, and rapid eye movement sleep, as well as skin temperature and breathing rate.

This model is also water-resistant up to 50 meters and offers call, text, and app notifications. The device has a 6-day battery life. A person can listen to music on apps, and they can load credit and debit cards to the Fitbit and make payments with it.

This model also allows people to take Bluetooth calls hands-free from their wrist if their smartphone is nearby.

The Fitbit Versa 3 costs $229.95.

Do Other Smart Watches Measure Blood Pressure

In the United States, no smart watch has access to FDA-approved blood pressure monitoring features. Because the technology behind reading blood pressure is so complex, FDA clearance is hard to come by.

Blood pressure-monitoring software has been highly sought-over, with interest shown by both Fitbit and Apple.

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Pulse Arrival Time As A Surrogate Marker For Blood Pressure

Fitbit is now part of the Google empire, and things are moving fast. In a small 3 weeks internal study, the company found a correlation between Blood Pressure and Pulse Arrival Time or PAT for short. In a nutshell, after each heartbeat, it will take a bit of time for the blood to reach the watch positioned on the wrist. These milliseconds delays correspond to the PAT.

If clinically validated, this discovery could offer a lot of potential to numerous people who do not check their blood pressure regularly. Hence, they are not aware that they suffer from what is known as the silent killer.

According to Helten Yuen, Principal Scientist at Fitbit, If high blood pressure was easier to measure, people could manage it earlier, which might help avoid preventable deaths from heart disease and stroke. We could not agree more.

Your Fitbit Can’t Tell When You’re Angry Yet But It May Soon Know When Your Blood Pressure Spikes

Top 10 Best Track Blood Pressure Fitbit

The company is launching a new study in the US

Fitbit has been expanding the range of its tracking sensors since well before its acquisition by Google. Just last month, the company added support for monitoring blood oxygen saturation and skin temperature to the Charge 4, but now it’s looking to expand beyond surface-level information. In an effort to combat high blood pressure, Fitbit is launching a study to determine if its devices can track changes in your heart, right from your wrist.

This month-long study conducted by Fitbit Labs aims to discover whether its wearables could measure Pulse Arrival Time. PAT is the amount of time it takes for your blood to reach your wrist after a heartbeat, which could track and monitor your blood pressure over time. Fitbit says that being able to view and measure blood pressure without a cuff would be a significant step in health tracking. Considering the average person doesn’t have access to blood pressure cuffs outside of a doctor’s office, alerting users to possible changes in their body could help deter heart disease and strokes.

If you’re interested in participating in this study, you’ll need to have a Fitbit Sense on hand, be at least 20 years old, and live in the US. If you’re eligible, you should receive a notification on your tracker to sign up.

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Morepro Fitness Tracker For Women

The More Pro Fitness Tracker For Women is an affordable fitness tracker that helps you keep your health and fitness on track. This sleek fitness tracker costs approximately $39.99, meaning its great for all budgets. You can also choose between black and pink, so customers can match their watch to their style.

This fitness tracker measures the wearers blood pressure, heart rate, sleep quality, and more to help them live a healthy and active lifestyle. You can pair the tracker to an app on your smartphone to have all of your fitness data at your fingertips! The MorePro tracker even tracks female menstrual health to help women get a comprehensive picture of their health,

  • Users get a choice of two colors
  • Tracks a range of health and fitness metrics, including female health
  • Its an affordable watch option

Can I Monitor My Sleep Habits With The Fitbit

Your Fitbit can keep tabs on your sleep.

The Fitbit app will show you your sleep pattern, which includes your time spent awake, your restless, and your time asleep.

Fitbit models that can track heart rate will be able to track your sleep stages as well.

In order to see your sleep info, you will need to sync your Fitbit every morning in order to see the previous nights sleep stats which include your sleep score either in the Fitbit app or on your wrist.

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Should You Buy A Fitbit Without Blood Pressure Monitor

Fitbit watches are made to push your fitness goals forward. Although you cant measure blood pressure on Fitbit but using advanced features in it, you can lower blood pressure.

You can set daily goals on your Fitbit that allow you to improve your overall health and fitness. Like Active Zone Minutes in Fitbit watches measure the time spent in any fat-burning activity, cardio, etc. So the more fats you burn, the more control will be your blood pressure.

Similarly, sleep is also an important factor that contributes to blood pressure. If you can improve your sleep quality, your blood pressure will also be controlled.

Moreover, Fitbit will get different sports tracking apps that allow you to measure your outdoor and indoor sports. These apps help you to achieve your fitness destination.

Diet and nutrition play an important role in controlling blood pressure. You can sync your Fitbit watch with tons of nutrition apps.

So you dont need to worry if your Fitbit doesnt have blood pressure tracking tools. Instead, you should use other fitness tools in your Fitbit to improve your health and control your blood pressure.

Why Does Measuring Blood Pressure Matter

Can fitbit measure blood pressure?

Two numbers define blood pressure: a high one called systolic blood pressure which refers to the pressure of the blood against the walls of the blood vessels when blood is expelled by the heart, and a lower one, the diastolic one, that is the steady pressure of the blood when the heart is at rest.

According to the NIH, When the systolic pressure is between 120 and 129 and the diastolic pressure is less than 80, it is considered elevated blood pressure. High blood pressure or hypertension is described as having a first number of 130 or higher, or the second number of 80 or higher, in any case.

Blood pressure monitoring is critical and is often one of the first health metrics checked when going to the doctor. The CDC estimates that 47% of Americans suffer from hypertension. Yes, it means one in two Americans presents high blood pressure. We do not have to tell you why. We all know that fast food, sodas, and most delicious food we like are bad for our health.

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A blood pressure monitoring smartwatch is valuable because hypertension is classically referred to as the silent killer, meaning that we do not feel it. Still, it can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

After all, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and other smartwatches allow for blood pressure readings, so why are Fitbit and Apple behind and still do not have blood pressure monitoring capabilities.

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Why Should Your Fitness Tracker Measure Blood Pressure

Heres the thing, knowing your blood pressure is important. High blood pressure is known by many doctors as the silent killer as it is extremely difficult to know whether or not you are affected by it.

High blood pressure can lead to heart attacks and stroke and one in three adults in the U.S. suffer from it. The good news is, if you realize you have high blood pressure early on, i.e. through a fitness tracker, it can be quite easy to treat.

While a fitness tracker such as the Fitbit Luxe is a great tool to monitor your stress, sleep, physical, and heart patterns, as you now know, it is, unfortunately, missing the very helpful blood pressure measurement feature.

Does Fitbit Track Blood Pressure

Fitbits cannot track your blood pressure. This technology is incredibly hard to perfect and is only offered on a small selection of smartwatches. While it can be helpful to have, it would likely not be as accurate as the blood pressure cuff in your doctors office or even your at-home device.

For those of us who have high or low blood pressure and have to monitor it, having a smartwatch as a backup to our at-home blood pressure monitors which are considered medical devices can be a helpful tool.

But it is a technology that manufacturers of fitness trackers and smartwatches have yet to perfect.

There are a lot of aspects of your health that the Fitbit can track, but this will vary between the different models.

Ill give you some info on what the Sense, Charge 5, and the Versa 3 since they are the most current and popular Fitbit models on the market right now.

Time to find out what the Fitbit can do as far as health tracking goes.

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Morepro Fitness Tracker With Blood Pressure Monitor

First, Morepro fitness trackers are simple, relatively low-cost activity trackers which monitor your heart rate and movement throughout the day. This specific MorePro Model could also motivate you to stay fit and active.

The blood pressure and oxygen level monitor arent to be confused as a medical device and are there to help you monitor and assist your health, but thats it. Sleep tracking will analyze how you sleep, and the alarm clock is helpful for most people.

  • 1.3 bright, high quality display, comes in three different colors
  • Activity tracking, sports tracking with 10 modes including walking, running, spinning, and more
  • Features both heart rate tracking and blood pressure monitor.
  • Up to seven days battery life
  • IP68 waterproofing excellent for swimming
  • Good compatibility with both iPhone and Android
  • Simple watch at a good price
  • Takes blood pressure measurements
  • Not enough sport modes compared to others
  • A simple approach but generally a good choice among BP watches at this price level

Best Fitbit Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood Pressure And Heart Rate Monitor PPG ECG Fitness Tracker Fitbit

How Accurate Are The Fitbit Blood Pressure Reading?

A study published in the Journal of Personalized Medicine found that Fitbit blood pressure readings were, on average, 11.6mmHg higher than systolic and 9.3mmHg higher than diastolic readings taken with a mercury sphygmomanometer.

Another study published in the journal Hypertension found that Fitbit blood pressure readings were, on average, 5.8mmHg higher than systolic and 3.1mmHg higher than diastolic readings taken with a mercury sphygmomanometer.

So, while there is some evidence that Fitbit blood pressure readings may not be completely accurate, the jury is still out on just how accurate they are.

Does A Fitbit Measure Blood Oxygen Levels?

No, a Fitbit does not measure blood oxygen levels. However, there are other devices that can measure blood oxygen levels, such as pulse oximeters. Pulse oximeters use sensors to detect the amount of oxygen in your blood. While a Fitbit cannot measure blood oxygen levels, it can track other health metrics, such as heart rate and steps.

How Do Fitbit Smartwatches Work?

Fitbit smartwatches use a combination of sensors and software to track your activity levels and sleep patterns. They also use GPS to track your location and distance traveled.

The software in a Fitbit smartwatch uses this data to provide you with real-time feedback on your progress towards your fitness goals. It also stores this data so you can track your progress over time.

What Can A Fitbit Smartwatch Do?

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Why Is The Blood Pressure Study Important

According to the CDC and Prevention, over half of all adults in the United States have elevated blood pressure. Hypertension can also increase the risks of Stroke and heart disease.

This disease was a primary or leading factor of up to 500,000 deaths in 2018.

There has been a push in recent years to move away from conventional arm cuff readers. Plus more demand for remote continuous tracking systems and wearables. Ill-fitting bands or poor arm placement usually cause common errors in blood pressure measurements. Increased patient stress from being in a medical environment can also be a factor.

Shelten Yuen, principal scientist over at Fitbit who led the research, commented on Twitter saying

if elevated blood pressure was easier to spot, people could control it earlier. Which could potentially reduce avoidable deaths from heart failure and stroke.

Adding that

its a difficult scientific undertaking, and theres already a lot more testing to be done to figure out the right approach to do it. But, Fitbit is confident in its tradition of advancing technologies to make previously unavailable fitness indicators available to its users from their wrist. So its a task theyre excited to take on.

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Popglory Smart Watch Fitness Tracker With Blood By Weixun Eu

  • Movement is under your controlPopglory smart watch has 7 sports modes, which makes your training more scientifically. And it can track your daily activity data like Steps, calories, distance and minutes active and generate data. People who are prone to allergies, please buy with caution.
  • 24 hours health monitoringPopglory smart watch has heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen monitor functions, always paying attention to your physical health, but the data is just used for reference. This smart watch can also measure your sleep automatically, which helps you know awake, light, and deep sleep data.
  • Custom wallpaper & Smart notification functionPopglory smart watch supports custom wallpaper, you can also set the time position and colour according to the picture. Messages and calls well-informed, raise wrist visible, which you can set on the HeroBandIII APP.

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The New Blood Pressure Monitoring Study Led By Fitbit Labs

Traditionally, blood pressure is measured using a blood pressure cuff which requires sitting still and correct placement of the cuff around the upper arm.1 In critically ill patients or ambulatory settings, blood pressure may be more accurately measured using invasive methods such as inserting a small tube into an artery.1,2 However, for a relatively healthy person who may not have a blood pressure cuff at home, it may be difficult to keep track of blood pressure. This is where a new study focused on monitoring changes in blood pressure, led by Fitbit Labs, comes in.3

Can Fitbit measure blood pressure? Since Fitbits own study was just launched in April 2022, there are no results available yet. However, the Fitbit devices will estimate blood pressure using pulse arrival time, which does have some available data.

So Except For Fitbit What Is Then The Best Wearable Blood Pressure And Ecg Monitoring Devices In 2022

How to track blood glucose with Fitbit

Like I have mentioned, there arent too many good options when it comes to a wearable blood pressure monitor.However, there are quite a few devices that are able to give accurate ECG readings.

Check out this post that I had recently wrote regarding the best 5 Android smartwatches with ECG sensors.Here are some of the most successful Smartwatches with an ECG sensor:

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How Accurate Is Fitbit Blood Pressure

Wearables that can measure blood pressure have recently been in demand. 62% of American residents who suffer from blood pressure measure their blood a few times a month.

With a Fitbit like X, this would be solved because pressure measurements will be taken countless times a month.

In 2020, Fitbit was able to show an 89% accuracy in identifying hypertension.

Blood Pressure Watches Faq

What Is Blood Pressure?

Your blood pressure reading signifies how easy it is for blood to flow around your body. Hypertension develops when the blood pressure, which is the force of the blood pushing against the walls of the blood vessels is consistently higher than normal Basically, the higher your blood pressure, the harder it is for blood to flow. For the most part, high blood pressure is caused by blocked, narrowed, or damaged arteries.

High blood pressure can lead to blood clots, and damage to the blood vessels and major organs like the heart, kidney, brain, and eyes.

Do I Need to Track My Blood Pressure?

Interestingly, studies show that monitoring blood pressure at home helps to empower stroke victims.

But we should all keep an eye on eye on our blood pressure even fitness junkies. This is because studies show that exercising doesnt necessarily protect us from high blood pressure. So, its not just senior citizens and stroke survivors that should track their BP its everyone.

WhatCauses High Blood Pressure?

The exact cause of essential high blood pressure is not fully understood but the following are considered risk factors for the development of this condition play a role:

  • Eating too much salt
  • Family history of high blood pressure
  • Certain conditions like diabetes, kidney disease, sleep apnea

What are the Benefits of Blood Pressure Watches?

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