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Does High Blood Pressure And Diabetes Go Hand In Hand

How Diabetes Impacts Your Heart Health

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Diabetic patients are more likely to have other conditions that raise the risk for heart disease. In particular, high blood sugara result of diabetesmay damage the nerves and blood vessels that control the heart. Conditions to be concerned about include:

  • An excess of LDLor badcholesterol in the bloodstream. This can result in an excess of plaque build-up and may further damage artery walls.
  • High blood pressure can be the result of both conditions, and increases the way blood is transported throughout the body. When blood pressure is high, the excess force can damage artery walls. High blood pressure, in combination with diabetes, greatly increases a patients risk for heart disease.
  • High triglycerides and low HDL cholesterol or high LDL cholesterol is thought to contribute to hardening of the arteries. Often these conditions dont have symptoms. Your doctor can check your blood pressure and do a simple blood test to see if your LDL, HDL, and triglyceride levels are high.

Dont Have Time To Read

  • Blood sugar refers to the amount of glucose or sugar in your blood at a given time. Blood pressure is defined as the force exerted by the flowing blood on the walls of your arteries. Blood sugar and blood pressure are different yet connected parameters.
  • Diabetes and hypertension can occur together. They share a number of common risk factors and causes. If you have one condition, you may be at an increased risk of developing the other. Further, one condition may worsen the effect of the other on your body.
  • Having diabetes can contribute to the development of hypertension. Further, hypertension may not cause diabetes directly, but it can increase the risk of an individual developing diabetes.
  • If left untreated, the combined effect of diabetes and high blood pressure may lead to serious complications, such as eye problems, kidney failure, heart attack, and stroke.
  • To prevent hypertension and diabetes, maintain a healthy weight, follow a balanced diet, indulge in regular physical activity, limit your alcohol consumption, and avoid smoking.
  • Use the Phable Care App to consult Indias leading diabetologists and cardiologists, order medicines, book lab tests, integrate blood sugar monitoring, BP monitors, and other devices to get real-time remote care from the comfort of your home. Also, check out our Diabetes Management Program and Hypertension Management Program which provides 360º care. Lets treat diabetes and blood pressure problems together.

How Do I Stop Pins And Needles In My Feet Fast

Here are 5 steps to try: Take the pressure off. Taking pressure off of the affected nerve allows it to regain normal function. Move around. Moving around could improve circulation and relieve the uncomfortable sensations youre experiencing. Clench and unclench your fists. Wiggle your toes. Rock your head side to side.

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Trigger Finger Risk Factors

Trigger finger is more common in people with diabetes, possibly due to chronically high blood sugar levels that cause glycosylation of the connective tissue. People who do work that requires repetitive gripping movements, people with gout or arthritis, people between the ages of 40 and 60, and women are at higher risk of developing this condition.

Benefits And Risks Of Potassium

Diabetes: Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

Potassium is readily available in the diet, and eating too many foods rich in this mineral, such as bananas, tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli, legumes and fish, doesnt cause hyperkalemia. Potassium is needed to regulate your heart beat, blood pressure and to keep your bones healthy. Getting potassium from foods may also help prevent stroke, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. While potassium is important to health, too much of it can have severe health consequences, including tingling in hands and feet and an irregular heart beat. Excess potassium in the body is most often a result of potassium supplements.

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Q What Can Cause Low Blood Pressure

  • Your blood pressure can vary throughout the day. It depends on your body position, breathing patterns, stress levels, physical activities, medications, what you eat or drink, and the time. Some of the main medical conditions that can cause low blood pressure are:

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    See Your Diabetes Educator

    Work with a diabetes care and education specialist for help avoiding health complications such as heart disease. Youll get support and solutions and hear about the latest advances in managing diabetes. Find out more about how diabetes education can help you take the best care of yourself. And be sure to ask your doctor for a referral if you dont already have a diabetes educator.

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    Testing For Heart Disease

    Your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and weight will help your doctor understand your overall risk for heart disease. Your doctor may also recommend other tests to check your heart health, which could include:

    • An electrocardiogram to measure your hearts electrical activity. Your heartbeat is the result of an electrical impulse traveling through your heart.
    • An echocardiogram to examine how thick your heart muscle is and how well your heart pumps.
    • An exercise stress test to see how well your heart functions when its working hard.

    High Blood Pressure: Symptoms And Tests

    How To Take A Blood Pressure Manually | Clinical Skills | Lecturio Nursing

    Your heart pumps about 2,000 gallons of blood throughout your body each day. The force at which the blood is pumped through your arteries is called blood pressure.

    High blood pressure rarely has symptoms. The only way to know if you have it is to have your blood pressure checked by your doctor.

    Elevated blood pressure doesn’t usually have symptoms. This is why itâs nicknamed the “silent killer.”

    According to the American Heart Association, nearly half of Americans over the age of 20 have high blood pressure. Half of those with high blood pressure do not know they have it.

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    Arkansans Lead The Nation In Deaths Linked To Both Diseasesdont Become A Statistic

    Arkansas residents are first in the nation for heart disease-related deaths and number four in diabetes-related mortalities. These alarming statistics make it more important than ever to be mindful of your lifestyle and incorporate any changes you may need to help you or your loved ones avoid these life-altering conditions.

    What Is The Link Between Diabetes Heart Disease And Stroke

    High blood glucose from diabetes can damage your blood vessels and the nerves that control your heart and blood vessels. Over time, this damage can lead to heart disease.1

    People with diabetes tend to develop heart disease at a younger age than people without diabetes. Adults with diabetes are nearly twice as likely to have heart disease or stroke as adults without diabetes.2,3

    The good news is that the steps you take to manage your diabetes also help lower your chances of having heart disease or stroke.

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    Why Can Beta Blockers Be Bad For Someone With Diabetes

    Diabetics monitor their blood sugar levels on a routine basis, often taking a reading multiple times a day. In order to stay on top of their insulin needs, its crucial to receive an accurate reading of their blood glucose levels. Beta blockers may interfere with daily diabetes management in the following ways:

    • Symptoms of having low blood sugar is a rapid heart beat, however, beta blockers actively work to lower the heart rate, potentially masking a key tell of dropping blood glucose levels.
    • Beta blockers may be made less effective by certain foods or drinks, like orange juice, which many diabetics use to regulate blood sugar in a pinch.
    • Someone without diabetes but who is taking beta blockers has a 28% higher chance of developing diabetes.
    • A side effect of beta blockers is an increase in overall weight gain. This may worsen diabetes while also increasing the possibility of a coronary condition like a heart attack, arrhythmia or heart disease.

    Diabetes And Your Heart

    High Blood Pressure Changing Medication Side Effects: How Does Gobi ...

    You can lower your risk for heart disease with lifestyle changes.

    Diabetes and heart disease often go hand in hand. Learn how to protect your heart with simple lifestyle changes that can also help you manage diabetes.

    Heart disease is very common and serious. Its the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. If you have diabetes, youre twice as likely to have heart disease or a stroke than someone who doesnt have diabetesand at a younger age. The longer you have diabetes, the more likely you are to have heart disease.

    But the good news is that you can lower your risk for heart disease and improve your heart health by changing certain lifestyle habits. Those changes will help you manage diabetes better too.

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    Regular Blood Pressure Checks For Over Over 40’s

    The only way to find out whether you have high blood pressure is to have your blood pressure checked regularly. Ask your GP when you are next due for yours to be checked.

    Blood pressure checks are usually available on request at most GP surgeries and health clinics. Some surgeries have home monitoring devices available, which you may be able to use at the time of blood pressure medication start up or change. Many also have a policy of arranging regular checks for you.

    Adults who are over 40 and have not been diagnosed with high blood pressure should have their blood pressure checked at least once every five years. However, your blood pressure should ideally be checked more frequently, particularly if you have any contributory risk factors.

    Regular Blood Pressure Checks If Diagnosed With High Blood Pressure

    If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, your blood pressure will need to be closely monitored until it is brought under control.

    After your blood pressure has been controlled, your GP or practice nurse will measure your blood pressure at agreed regular intervals .

    It is important you attend these appointments to ensure your blood pressure is being maintained within an acceptable range.

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    The Peoples Pharmacy Perspective:

    Dozens of other drugs, including statins and diuretics, can also interfere with blood glucose control. You can learn more about these in our eGuide to Preventing & Treating Diabetes.

    We also discuss nondrug approaches such as cinnamon, vinegar, curcumin and coffee or supplements like selenium, bitter melon, fenugreek or nopal cactus. You will find it in the Health eGuides section.

    Physicians should alert patients to the possibility that a medication could raise blood glucose when they prescribe it. There is a clear connection between prednisone and diabetes.

    No should ever discontinue prednisone suddenly! If it becomes necessary to stop this corticosteroid, it should only be done under medical supervision. A gradual tapering is essential to prevent other serious complications.

    Q How Do I Know If I Have Low Blood Pressure

    Dizziness, balance problems, and blood pressure swings can be from upper cervical instability
  • If you suffer from any of the symptoms of low blood pressure as listed above, such as frequent palpitations, irregular breathing, instances of loss of consciousness, skin that is often cold and clammy to the touch, you may be suffering from low blood pressure. It is best to check with your doctor before implementing any low blood pressure diet or lifestyle change.
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    Diabetes May Contribute To Hypertension

    Elevated blood sugar stresses the blood vessels. Damage to the vessels causes them to narrow and accumulate plaque. Plaque is composed of different substances like cholesterol, fats, and waste products. Plaque buildup narrows the vessels even more and forces the heart to work harder to pump blood.

    When the heart has to work harder, the force at which the blood pumps through the body increases. This leads to high blood pressure.

    Plaque formation and buildup cause atherosclerosis. This condition can increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, and peripheral arterial disease . PAD can include any number of diseases that impact the arteries that carry blood to distant parts of the body.

    Why Does Sugar Affect The Kidneys

    Your kidneys contain millions of tiny blood vessel clusters that filter waste from your blood. Severe damage to these blood vessels can lead to diabetic nephropathy, decreased kidney function and kidney failure.

    Damage to the kidneys puts stress on these vital organs and prevents them from working properly. When this happens, the body starts to lose protein through the urine, the kidneys cannot remove waste products from the blood and the kidneys cannot maintain healthy fluid levels in the body.

    Patients with diabetes and microalbuminuria who progress to macroalbuminuria are more likely to progress to endstage renal disease.

    However, it is difficult to determine if a diabetic patient will develop diabetic nephropathy, but there are some risk factors that increase the risk of its occurrence, namely:

    • Type 1 diabetes diagnosed before the age of 20
    • Uncontrolled diabetes, meaning that the patient suffers from high or low blood sugar levels
    • Uncontrolled hypertension.
    • Family history of diabetes and chronic kidney disease.

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    Diabetic Stiff Hand Syndrome Risk Factors

    DSHS is more likely to occur in people who have had diabetes for a long time. Why does this occur? Its possible that constant high blood sugars cause glycosylation, the process by which glucose molecules attach to protein , causing stiffness. Besides glycosylation, diabetic neuropathy and diabetic microangiopathy can also contribute to DSHS.

    Can High Blood Pressure Affect Pregnancy

    Does diabetes put me at an increased risk of heart disease or stroke?

    High blood pressure complicates about 10% of all pregnancies. There are several different types of high blood pressure during pregnancy and they range from mild to serious. The forms of high blood pressure during pregnancy include:

    Chronic hypertension: High blood pressure which is present before pregnancy.

    Gestational hypertension: High blood pressure in the latter part of pregnancy.

    Preeclampsia: This is a dangerous condition that typically develops in the latter half of pregnancy and results in hypertension, protein in the urine and generalized swelling in the pregnant person. It can affect other organs in the body and cause seizures .

    Chronic hypertension with superimposed preeclampsia: Pregnant people who have chronic hypertension are at increased risk for developing preeclampsia.

    Your provider will check your blood pressure regularly during prenatal appointments, but if you have concerns about your blood pressure, be sure to talk with your provider.

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    What Is High Blood Pressure And Who Should Care

    High blood pressure is common in the United States. In 2019, the American Heart Association reported that nearly half of all American adults have high blood pressure.

    But what is high blood pressure? And who needs to be aware of it? High blood pressure is when the pressure in your blood vessels is frequently higher than normal. It tends to run in families. Depending on the cause it can affect people of any age, but its more common in older folks. Its also more common in people:

    Here well explain some symptoms of HBP, when to get medical help, and what you can do to monitor your own blood pressure and stay healthy.

    What Are Clinical Trials For Diabetes Heart Disease And Stroke

    Clinical trialsand other types of clinical studiesare part of medical research and involve people like you. When you volunteer to take part in a clinical study, you help doctors and researchers learn more about disease and improve health care for people in the future.

    Researchers are studying many aspects of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, such as

    • risk factors for heart disease and stroke in specific populations, such as Black Americans with diabetes
    • improved imaging techniques and tests to help diagnose and treat conditions that lead to heart attacks and stroke
    • the role of genetics in diabetes, heart disease, and stroke

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    How Your Body Regulates Blood Pressure

    A similar set of processes apply to maintaining a healthy blood pressure level. In many ways, keeping your blood pressure in a good range is even more critical than keeping your blood glucose in a good range. Your body has a myriad of ways to make more blood sugar as well as making alternative sources of energy like ketones. But we dont have any way to make more blood pressure. The body can protect blood glucose levels much better than it can protect blood pressure. If we are experiencinglow blood volume, we cant add more instantly. If we dont have enough blood, we will pass out and this is very dangerous to the brain and body long term.

    With limited options for raising blood pressure, the body relies on the same hormones that get activated when blood glucose is lowcatecholamine, or adrenalin, hormonesto affect this change. Catecholamines tighten up our blood vessels, making it harder for the heart to pump the blood through our arteries, which raises blood pressure.

    People with, a condition in which blood pressure is elevated, dont lack the ability to control their blood pressure. But like the person with diabetes, their sensors are impaired and their response to high or low blood pressure isnt always on the mark.

    Best Ways To Lower Blood Pressure For Youhngmen

    How to Lower Your Blood Pressure with a Simple Exercise from James Nestor

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