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Do Garlic Supplements Lower Blood Pressure

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Can Eating Garlic Lower Blood Pressure

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How Can I Prevent Or Manage High Blood Pressure

One of the easiest ways to manage your blood pressure is simply making healthy life choices such as eating low-sodium diet, committing to a regular exercise routine, and avoiding alcohol. Smoking is one of the worst things that you can do to your cardiovascular system, and its important that you take steps to quit as soon as possible to avoid hypertension, even if you dont yet suffer from it yet.

Ensuring that your diet is high in good fats and fiber, getting adequate sleep, and managing stress levels can go a long way to supporting better cardiovascular health. And if you are on medication for our blood pressure, be sure to take it as directed and consult your doctor regularly if you notice any health changes.

Beyond this, there are a number of supplements that are completely safe, inexpensive and effective when it comes to managing hypertension here are some of our top choices.

1. Magnesium

Magnesium deficiency is the second most common deficiency in developed countries, and returning your intake to normal levels has been proven to regulate blood pressure.

Be sure to take magnesium supplements with food for optimal absorption and to avoid digestive discomfort.

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2. Omega-3 fatty acids

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3. PQQ

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4. Vitamin D

5. Folate / Folic Acid

6. Coenzyme Q10

7. L-Citrulline

How Garlic Works On Hypertension

Garlic has sulfur-containing compounds such as allicin, dially1 disulfide, dially1 trisulfide and many others. Allicin is mainly responsible for the strong smell of garlic. Some products are made without odor by aging the garlic but make the garlic less effective. Raw garlic provides powerful medical effects.

A fresh clove of garlic weighs approximately 4 grams and contains 1 per cent allicin.

Garlic supplements are available in several forms, which include pills, powders, oil and extracts ranging from 100mg up to 500mg. Since some supplements have little to no allicin, it is advisable to check the label for adequate allicin level.

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Medicine To Reduce Heart Rate

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Can Hydralazine Cause Tachycardia

Best Supplements for Heart Disease

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Mechanisms For Blood Pressure

Several mechanisms of action for the BP-lowering properties of organosulfur compounds in garlic have been postulated, including mediation of intracellular nitric oxide and hydrogen sulfide production as well as blockage of angiotensin-II production, which in turn promotes vasodilation and thus reduces the BP.

The strongest evidence of and insights into the mechanisms of the BP-lowering effect of garlic supplementation involve endothelium-dependent vasodilation, and thus, this review will focus on the current knowledge of the physiological and biochemical processes within blood vessels.

Supplements To Lower Blood Pressure

Its not always easy to be sure that youre getting all the nutrients you need from your diet, particularly when you take into account modern farming methods and how far foods have traveled before they reach your plate.

If you suspect you have high blood pressure, you may want to consider taking supplements to lower blood pressure and maximize your nutrition so that your body gets all the nutrients it needs to be healthy.

Remember, before adding any specific supplements to your diet, see your doctor if you have an existing health condition or take any medications. Some supplements are known to interfere with blood pressure medications such as beta-blockers and ACE inhibitors.

So, which are the best supplements to lower blood pressure?

As you get older, your body finds it harder to absorb magnesium and if you have a magnesium deficiency, you are more likely to have hypertension. The good news is that magnesium supplements are widely available and affordable.

Studies have shown that bringing your magnesium levels back to normal can stabilize your blood pressure.

The recommended daily allowance is 400 milligrams.

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Garlic And Vitamin C Are Proven To Reduce Blood Pressure

Together, garlic and Vitamin C can help you in reducing blood pressure significantly.

If you have recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure , then it may not be too late to heal your body with a helping hand from garlic and vitamin c.

Several studies show that when using garlic and Vitamin C together can bring back blood pressure levels to normal for people experiencing the onset of hypertension.

As soon as the researchers removed the Vitamin C and garlic from the diet, blood pressure levels increased again.

Interestingly, adding these two ingredients in your diet isnt too difficult, and we will tell you how.

How Garlic Works Its Health Magic

How to Lower Your Blood Pressure with Garlic Pills

One possible mechanism for these happy cardiac effects is that garlic boosts nitric oxide production. Increased nitric oxide production helps to protect the inner lining of blood vessels from inflammation and oxidative injury caused by free radicals.

Garlic may also help with vasodilation by causing the body to produce hydrogen sulfide, which acts to relax and open blood vessels, possibly in conjunction with nitric oxide.

In addition to keeping vessels clear by reducing inflammation and free radical damage, garlic can lower LDL and total cholesterol by the same mechanism as statins. It reduces the amount of cholesterol made by the liver.

The cholesterol-lowering effect, however, may only persist if you continue to eat garlic every day or take daily supplements.

Some studies show that garlic can also lower blood pressure by as much as medications although results are mixed. One study found a reduction of systolic blood pressure as much as 11 mm Hg while another found it lowered diastolic blood pressure by only 3.8 mm Hg. According to the Linus Pauling Institute Micronutrient Information Center at Oregon State University, blood pressure medications drop systolic blood pressure 9.1 mm Hg and diastolic blood pressure 5.5 mm Hg on average.

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What Is High Blood Pressure

Your blood pressure is the rate at which your blood pushes against the walls of your arteries as it is pumped by your heart. High blood pressure happens when the pressure is considered to be too high to be healthy.

Blood pressure is measured with two numbers, diastolic and systolic pressure:

  • Diastolic pressure is the pressure on your arteries in between heartbeats: 80 and above is considered high.
  • Systolic means the pressure on your artery walls during a heartbeat: 120-130 is considered elevated and 130 and above is considered high.

Over time, high blood pressure can cause damage to the blood vessels and lead to serious health conditions such as heart disease, atherosclerosis, chronic kidney disease, stroke, and possibly vascular dementia.

The Effect Of Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract On Gut Microbiota Inflammation And Cardiovascular Markers In Hypertensives: The Gargic Trial

  • 1National Institute of Integrative Medicine, Melbourne, VIC, Australia
  • 2Discipline of General Practice, The University of Adelaide, Adelaide, SA, Australia
  • 3Faculty of Health Science and Medicine, Bond University, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Background: Previous research suggests Kyolic-aged-garlic-extract to be effective in reducing blood pressure in a large proportion of hypertensive patients similar to first-line standard antihypertensive medication. High blood pressure has been linked to gut dysbiosis, with a significant decrease in microbial richness and diversity in hypertensives compared to normotensives. Furthermore, gut dysbiosis has been associated with increased inflammatory status and risk of cardiovascular events.

Objective: To assess the effect of Kyolic aged GARlic extract on Gut microbiota, Inflammation, and Cardiovascular markers, including blood pressure, pulse wave velocity and arterial stiffness.

Methods: A total of 49 participants with uncontrolled hypertension completed a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trial of 12-weeks, investigating the effect of daily intake of aged-garlic-extract or placebo on blood pressure, pulse wave velocity and arterial stiffness, inflammatory markers, and gut microbiota.

Trial Registration: Australian New Zealand Clinical Trial Registry ACTRN12616000185460

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Treats Stomach Cancer And Ulcers

High concentrations of black garlic may kill cancerous cells in patients with stomach cancer.

One study, conducted on mice, found that treating cancers with black garlic reduces the size of stomach tumors. It also stimulates the production of two vital enzymes, which prevent oxidative damage caused by the cancerous cells .

How To Lower Blood Pressure And Blood Sugar Fast


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Summary of this chapter The audit basis is the criterion used to measure the merits of the 30 for 10 audited blood pressure medicine recall matter, and is the basis for proposing audit opinions and making audit decisions.

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Garlic: A Healer In The Eastern And Western Medical Traditions

Because garlic seems to interact and fortify many body systems, it is sometimes regarded as an adaptogen. On his website, herbalist and acupuncturist Christopher Hobbs, Ph.D., describes garlic as one of the few herbs that was and still is used in all three great healing systems of the world Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traditional European Medicine.

Garlic, or Da Suan, has been known and used in TCM for about 2,000 years. Eastern healers continue to choose it for detoxification, circulation and energy, promotion of breastfeeding and ridding the body of parasites.

Dr. Hobbs explains that garlic has special influence on the TCM organs, such as thespleen and the kidney, which stores vital energy and sends it out to other organs and tissues and the stomach, which ripens and rots food to get it ready for the spleen.

Where Did The Story Come From

Dr Karin Reid and colleagues from the University of Adelaide carried out this research. The study was funded by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, and the Australian Government Primary Health Care Research Evaluation Development Program. It was published in the open-access peer-reviewed medical journal: BMC Cardiovascular Disorders.

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What Kind Of Scientific Study Was This

This was a systematic review and meta-analysis looking at the effects of garlic preparations on blood pressure. The researchers searched electronic databases of scientific and medical literature in October 2007 to identify any relevant studies. They also looked at other systematic reviews and meta-analyses to identify other potentially relevant studies. From the studies they identified, they selected only randomised controlled trials looking at the effects of garlic on blood pressure for inclusion in their review. They included studies written in English or German. The researchers only included studies that compared garlic-only preparations with inactive dummy pills . Blood pressure measurements consist of two readings: systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure , and studies that gave either or both of these readings were included.

How Can Garlic Lower Blood Pressure

Unlock Garlic Superfood For Lower Blood Pressure

First, garlic reduces high blood pressure because it increases the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a molecule which can reduce high blood pressure. It protects the heart and improves endothelial function. Also, it has antidiabetic effects.

Oral bacteria play a key role in the synthesis of nitric oxide. As mouthwash kills these beneficial bacteria, you better use it only occasionally.

On the contrary, foods rich in arginine or nitrate, such beetroots, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, arugula, celery, cress, and parsley, enhance the synthesis of nitric oxide.

Moreover, garlic is beneficial for gut microbiota. Low diversity or population of gut microbiota has been lead to hypertension! Garlic can restore the microbiota biofilm and mucus production, due to its prebiotic properties and hydrogen sulphide production.

Actually, garlic compounds when interact with red blood cells produce hydrogen sulphide, which relaxes blood vessels, lowering high blood pressure and protecting from cardiovascular disease.

Furthermore, there are dietary supplements containing aged garlic extract. Fresh garlic is fermented, enhancing its bioactivity. Additionally, fermented garlic extract has no odor.

For instance, Kyolic aged garlic extract has extensively been researched with great results. It can increase beneficial bacteria in the gut, such as Lactobacillus and Clostridia species, within 3 months.

You can find a wide variety of aged garlic extracts on Amazon.

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Does A Glass Of Red Wine Lower Blood Pressure

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